Liebour coward criticises David Davis

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Tony McNulty, the Liebour Home Office minister who helped bully and bribe the recent “anti-terrorism” legislation through the British Parliament, has criticised David Davis for resigning and forcing a by-election to give the electorate their only chance to have a vote on the abolition of civil liberties.

McNulty says that David Davis should have made his arguments in Parliament instead of allowing voters to have a say.  He went on to say “It does not need David Davis to give the country permission to have a debate on the issues”.  No, so whose permission do we need?  David Davis and many other MPs made arguments against the legislation in the British Parliament but Liebour bullied their own MPs and bribed others into backing their illiberal constitutional abortion.  The country certainly hasn’t been allowed a debate on the issues – we’ve been dictated to by power-mad facists desperate to abolish civil liberties and human rights to secure their Orwellian dictatorship.

McNulty says that while No Mandate Brown can be likened the dashing romantic hero of sorts, Heathcliffe from Wuthering Heights, David Davis is more like Homer Simpson.  I don’t have a particularly high opinion of David Davis after his shameful abandonment his principles for political gain – just like so many Liebour politicians have done over “anti-terrorism” measures – but Home Simpson?  Actually, that might not be quite the insult McNulty intended.  Homer Simpson always ends up doing the right thing after all.

On the Simpsons theme, who would you compare the Liebour cabinet to?  El Gordo would have to be Mr Burns of course, the despotic old man whose brain is on another planet.  Harriet Harperson would have to be Mrs Krabappel, the deperate old trout and what about McNulty?  Nelson Muntz perhaps?

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    no el gordo is principle skinner, a patheitic lying scum bag of a person, with no authority or respect of anyone, who still lives at home

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