Thieving Bastard Politicians

For once the lying, crooked, thieving bastard politicians in the Liebour Party have been eclipsed by an even bigger bunch of lying, crooked, thieving bastard politicians.  Unbelievable, I know, but true.

Sinn Féin’s 5 MPs have claimed £21k each for the last 4 years – a total of over £400k – in second home allowances for flats in London even though the thieving bastard terrorists refuse to take their seats in Westminster because they won’t pledge their alleigence to the Queen.

There’s only one way to stop these lying thieving bastard politicians from being such lying thieving bastards and it involves a good length of rope and a lampost.

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  1. Charlie Marks (365 comments) says:

    Interestingly, SF’s elected politicians only take the wage of an average worker, donating the rest to the party – a much better way of paying MPs and funding parties.

    Why should any representative swear allegiance to the queen? They should swear allegiance to their constituents.

  2. Joe (2 comments) says:

    Unfortunately there are not enough lamp posts in Parliament Square to hold all of the thieving so and so’s.

    In Ireland politicians, senior civil servants and quangocrats have committed to taking pay cuts in recognition that they should be sharing the pain – our lot get pay increases!

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