Happy St Georges Day

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Happy St Georges Day

Happy St Georges Day

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  1. Trisha (7 comments) says:

    And a Happy St George’s Day to you!!!

    Thought it might warm your heart to know that I have just returned home from a St George’s Day celebration right here in Auckland City.

    I am a member of a Morris Dancing side (sorry) and we were greeted with wild enthusiasm and took the chance to tell interested passersby that we represented English culture and pride. No one objected, in fact they were very keen to know more.

    We were also geeted with what I can only describe as affection by many English backpackers and ex-pats who were delighted to see us.

    Does this meen that you have to be somewhere else to suddenly see that your ENGLISHNESS is worthwhile?

    Who cares really, the main point is that some of us are keeping the faith.

    Bless you all and bless St George and England!

    Love and blessings from Trish

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Thanks! Glad to hear you’re spreading some culture to the kiwi’s. I’ve got a video of some local morris dancers on youtube – look at the video’s for wonkotsane69.

  3. axel (1214 comments) says:

    i wonder why…….

    one of the breweries does a big promo a la guiness, with an english beer?

    Taylors Landlord, no Draught cask Bass, that would rock

  4. Stan (222 comments) says:

    My brothers got a country pub and he usually does something for St Georges day (or at least the nearest sunday or bank holiday to it). There’s a local group of morris dancers and they do loads of stuff for the kids too. I went a couple of years back and it was great fun. I had a chat with a couple of the morris men who explained what the dancing was all about – I didn’t realise how complex it is or how many different types and traditions there are

    It’s a real shame that hardly anyone seems to bother.

  5. McFeagle (9 comments) says:

    Just a wee snippet from Suffolk … Suffolk Constabulary were flying the St George’s Cross to-day !

    Thats a weel done to the Suffolk Polis

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