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Wilkins Ice Shelf still hanging on by a thread, apparently

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS), government-funded “scientists”, have announced that the Wilkins Ice Shelf in the Antarctic is on the verge of collapsing.

Funnily enough, the BAS said exactly the same thing last year except last year the Wilkins Ice Shelf was the size of the Isle of Man and this year it’s the size of Wales.  That’s a hell of a lot of growth considering that global warming is supposed to be melting all the ice.

And there’s still no explanation from the BAS or any other global warming propagandists as to how the Wilkins Ice Shelf can collapse in 1998 and again in 2008 2009.

There is, of course, one explanation for all this: it’s another piece of outdated propaganda, invented by the author of the IPPC work of fiction on climate change (who happens to be the BAS lead “scientist”) and faithfully reproduced by lazy journalists in the mainstream media.

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Internet spying database opens for business

From today, internet service providers will have to keep a 12 month record of every email you send and website you visit for use by the Ministerium für Staatssicherheit.

Ironically, the European Empire is calling on member states to keep a closer eye on companies that monitor internet usage and carry an illegal or disproportionate amount of surveillance!

You can’t make this shit up.

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Andy Murray wins something

Andy “Anyone but England” Murray has won something.

It’s only the Miami Open but the BBC are beside themselves that the miserable jock has won something.  Imagine how unbearable they’d be if he won a grand slam?  Time to stock up on Andy Murray voodoo dolls.

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The Department for Children, Schools and Families had a full page advert in the Shropshire Star last night for their ContactPoint database.

Contact Point Advert

ContactPoint is a massive centralised database that local authorities in England are legally obliged to populate with the details of every child under the age of 18, along with details of their parents, school, GP and childrens services.  The advert says the database is secure and can only be used by people who are security clared and trained but as with every other government database, it’s not secure enough for the children of MPs to be put in it.

The advert is pure propaganda, nothing more, nothing less.  ContactPoint is an instrument of the British police state and will be abused from day one.  The advert says that children will only be on ContactPoint until they’re 18, it doesn’t say what will happen to the records.  Data Protection laws say that the records have to be kept for a reasonable amount of time after they’re no longer used and after collecting all this information, there is no way the British government will get rid of it – it will simply be moved to the adult identity database where even more information will be added to it so the authorities have a complete picture of every proles life from cradle to grave.

I refuse to accept that details of my children and myself can be put on an insecure database without my consent.  It’s a breach of our right to privacy under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act and if it’s not secure enough for Gordon Brown’s children then it’s not secure enough for mine.

I’ve just sent the following email to my local council:

Seeing the full page propaganda piece from the Department for Children, Schools and Families has done nothing to convince me that ContactPoint is simply a benign repository of information to keep children safe.

The database won’t be secure, that’s why MPs children won’t appear on it.  I cannot allow my children’s details to be entered onto an insecure database, I want them to be safe.  ContactPoint is also a breach of the right to privacy guaranteed under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act.

I forbid you from entering details of my children on the ContactPoint database.  If you do so against my express wishes I will take legal action against the council and the individual responsible for the details being entered.

My children are {censored}.

Please ensure that all relevant departments are made aware of my instructions.

Stuart Parr

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Bloggers4UKIP: Messages of Support for Stuart Wheeler

Stuart Wheeler is one of those rarities in political circles – someone who puts principles before party.

While his donation to UKIP and subsequent expulsion from the Tories is great news for UKIP supporters and eurosceptics in general, it has to be remembered that he has been stabbed in the back by the party that he’s supported so generously for so many years.

What Wheeler needs now is messages of support, not just from UKIP supporters, but from Tories as well. Send Bloggers4UKIP your messages of support and we’ll forward them on all together.

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Why do we allow terrorists on our streets?

The G20 conference kicks off today, following a massive operation to protect businesses and property in the capital.

Companies in the capital have spent millions boarding up their buildings and putting in extra security measures to try and protect themselves against the anti-capitalist, anarchist and eco terrorists that are converging on London to terrorise the city in the name of whatever problem it is they have with the world.

The cost of policing the G20 is £7.5m with officers from neighbouring forces being drafted in to help out.  The police have given out official advice to civil servants and professionals in the city telling them not to wear ID, not to wear suits, to change their route into work if it’s near a protest site and even to stay at home if necessary.

We have a constitutional right to peaceful protest in England but we don’t have a right to terrorise the 5m people who live and work in London.  These terrorists are costing us tens of millions of pounds at a time when we can least afford it.  The police and local authorities abuse anti-terrorism laws on a daily basis for things like dog fouling and car parking offences yet they are quite prepared to allow thousands of terrorists roam around the streets of London.

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