Red Audi L311 XPV, you’re a wanker

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About 4 weeks ago, I was walking #2 to cubs with #4 in tow when some wanker in a red Audi, registration number L311 XPV, came tearing round the perimeter road at 60mph+.  The speed limit – on account of the road being around the outside of a housing estate with houses and junctions on both sides of the road – is 30mph and has those stupid speed blisters.  If this kidney donor had hit one of the speed bumps at the wrong angle at that speed he could have been off the road and up the pavement and if he didn’t kill himself doing it, I’d have ripped him a new arsehole.

I heard him coming up the hill and got my phone out to record him.  From cresting the hill to disappearing round the corner took 4 seconds.  This is an unbelievably dangerous speed.

To my amazement, the Police have said that they won’t do anything about it because they can’t see the number plate on the video, even though I read it out on the video as he screamed past.  You can’t see the number plate because he was driving too fast for the camera to catch it.

Anyway, seeing as how it won’t be used as evidence, here’s the video on YouTube.

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    also, because your camera is not calibrated, it is inadmissable in court.

    Pesky, court processes, protecting naughty people, eh?

  2. Kev (10 comments) says:

    It’s so much easier to write parking tickets.

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