Labour’s hypocritical tuition fees attack on the Lib Dems

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Nick Clegg Pledge to oppose university taxThe Labour Party are asking people to share a poster on Facebook attacking the Lib Dems over their broken promise on tuition fees.

The Lib Dem manifesto for the last election promised to vote against any increase in Labour’s university tax and Nick Clegg even posed with a giant pledge card saying he would vote against it and pressure the British government for a fairer alternative. Once elected he voted to increase Labour’s university tax from £3k a year to £9k a year.

That Nick Clegg is a weak, dishonest politician goes without saying but people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and Labour really have scored an own goal with this one. Labour contested the 2001 election saying they wouldn’t introduce the university tax and had legislated to prevent it. Like the legislation Conservative supporters are currently clinging to for dear life that David Cameron has told them “guarantees” an EU referendum in 2017, the legislation preventing the introduction of the university tax was utterly worthless and shortly after they repealed it and introduced tuition fees of up to £3k in England.

The English university tax was imposed on England against the wishes of our democratically elected representatives. Since the introduction of devolved government in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland the British government only had control of education in England so in any real democracy, only MPs elected in England should have voted on the introduction of the university tax but Labour whipped their Scottish MPs to vote it through and overturned a small majority of MPs elected in England who voted against it.

We wouldn’t have the university tax in England at all if it wasn’t for Labour’s broken promise not to introduce it and Labour’s undemocratic use of their Scottish MPs to impose legislation on England that a majority of MPs elected in England voted against. Using the Lib Dems’ broken promises on the the university tax that Labour broke a promise and broke one of the most fundamental democratic principals to introduce is frankly hypocritical and I hope that it blows up in their faces.


  1. revinkevin (176 comments) says:

    We all know that Liebour is the nasty and dishonest party

  2. William Gruff (138 comments) says:

    I don’t hold anything against Labour or the Lib Dumbs for their pathological Anglophobia (it’s to be expected), however, I cannot understand why the Conservatives have not cottoned on to the fact that they are rarely likely to be out of office in an England governed by an English Parliament, or in a British Assembly in which seats are allocated according to the relative proportions of the different ‘British’ national populations.

    The tuition fees issue hits me because I am currently working to return to university, and this time I will have to pay my own way. I don’t object to that and am not complaining but the knowledge that some of my fellow Britons are not so hampered rather rankles.

  3. Bob Anglorum (86 comments) says:

    The people who ultimately pull the strings of Labour and the Libdems also pull the strings of the Conservatives, so whats the point of any of these political factions which are “unknown to the law”. Get rid of the lot of them and stop the public from being brainwashed into voting for a gang of lying idiots controlled by the Masonic Bank of England. If we all want a better future then support the Bradbury Pound campaign and a change to direct democracy under common law.

  4. Bob McMahon (14 comments) says:

    If a mere 326 MPs with English seats, regardless of party affiliation, had voted against that Bill, Blair’s decision to wheel his thugs from Scotland and Wales through the lobbies would have been completely futile. I don’t know the exact voting figures, but I suspect that quite a few MPs weren’t even in the building (what a surprise). By not voting, they betrayed the English people just as much as war criminal Bliar did. All in all, it was one of the worst pieces of legislation of a regime whose 13 years were more or less entirely marked by rank poor legislation.

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