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Drunken Failure should know better

The drunken failure, Charles Kennedy, has been caught smoking on a train.

The former leader of the Illiberal Dipshits was not given an illegal on-the-spot fine but was given a talking to by British Transport Police. The ginger whinger apaprently told officers that he thought he was allowed to lean out of the window and smoke without breaking the law.

What an utter crock of shit! Kennedy is still an MP and actually voted for the smoking ban – how could he not know what he was allowed to do under the legislation? He knew what he was doing and he should have been prosecuted. Ignorance of the law is not a valid defence.

Spot the difference

Conservative Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne, says that the Tories will carry on Liebour’s “reform” of public services.

Liebour have butchered public services, turning the country into a pseudo-socialist dictatorship.  Less well-off people are forever indebted to a “benevolent” state which taxes them to the hilt and drip feeds them just enough money to keep them ticking over.

The public sector is now over-run with unelected quangos and public-private partnerships, not quite government departments, not quite private organisations but spending inordinate amounts of our money on god knows what.

Voting for the Conswervatives is as good as voting for Liebour at the moment and Dangerous Dave is a muppet.  The Illiberal Dipshits are a complete waste of time and effort and the greens … are greens.  There’s only one solution for any self-respecting, right of centre eurosceptic – UKIP.

Lib Dums up the creek without a paddle

The Illiberal Democrats are up shit creek without a paddle.

They received a £2.4m donation from 5th Avenue Partners Ltd, a company that the High Court has ruled is entirely fraudulent and has never traded.  Electoral law says that a company must be carrying on business in the UK to be allowed to make a donation to a political party.

Unfortunately for the Lib Dums, they don’t have £2.4m to give back which means that if the Electoral Commission orders them to refund the donation they are insolvent and creditors will be entitled to petition for a Winding Up order against the party.

What a loss that would be … 🙄

Don’t Mention the War

Jenny Tonge, Lib Dum peer, has been criticised again for upsetting the Israeli’s.

Tonge was sacked from the front benches for suggesting that the only difference between a Palestinian suicide bomber and an Israeli bomber pilot is that the Palestinian gives up their life and the Israeli goes to the bar for a beer afterwards.

Clearly suggesting that the Israeli’s are terrorists just like Palestinian militants is not acceptable to the Lib Dums, especially when they have a Liberal Democrats Friends of Israel.  I wonder how long Ms Tonge would last if she tried to set up a Liberal Democrats Friends of Palestine?

She is being denounced as an anti-semite naturally.  Online dictionaries are slow to catch up with this new definition of the word anti-semitism describing it as behaviour discriminating against Jews rather than the more common definition of criticising Israel or anyone Jewish.

Careful, you might fall over

Sir Minge Campbell, the geriatric North British leader of the Lib Dums, has announced his latest lefty-liberal policy.

Not to be outdone by Dangerous McDave and his band of Lefty Conservatives with their all-women shortlists, Sir Minge has announced that local Lib Dum Associations that “positively” discriminate against white English men to field minority and/or women candidates will be given extra money from party funds.

If he leans any further to the left he’s going to fall over and at his age he’s likely to break his hip.