It’s not evidence, it’s data

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Last night BBC News did a piece on a Canadian Arctic mission that has released video footage of large sections of ice breaking away which the BBC describes as evidence of climate change.

Now let’s be very clear about this – it’s not evidence of climate change, it’s data. Yes, it may indicate that the climate is changing (which of course it is) but it’s just data. The ice could have broken away for a number of reasons. It may have been as a result of climate change, tidal factors or maybe even little green men from Mars. What the data shows is that large blocks of ice are breaking away from the main continent, it doesn’t provide evidence of anything other than the fact that the ice is breaking away.

The BBC went on to tell us that the oldest ice is melting and that this is a terrible thing. But the Arctic ice is an environmental anomaly – it’s a freak leftover from the last ice age and it’s only a fluke that it’s still here now. Despite the prophecies of doom and dire warnings that the permafrost is melting and the ice caps are receding, they are still a long way off where they were during the medieval warm period or the time, about 2,000 years ago, when the vikings colonised Greenland and Newfoundland when it was warm enough to support grape vines for wine productions.

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  1. Axel (1214 comments) says:

    These little green men from mars?

    Do they speak with welsh accents and have red hair too?

    I’ve just had my appendix removed :O

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