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Question Time has “the three men who want to be the next mayor of London” going head to head.

Three men? Last time I checked there were a number of candidates, not just three. And they can’t use the argument that they’re the only three in with a chance because the Illiberal Dipshit candidate stands about as much chance as a ghost’s fart in a force 10 gale.

Got to love that BBC impartiality promoting the two and a half party system.

In response to a black woman’s question as to why the BNP weren’t on the stage to defend themselves, Ken Livingstone said they shouldn’t be there because they aren’t a legitimate party and they’re associated with violence and back in the 90’s when the BNP opened their headquarters there were 6 racist murders nearby. What an anti-democratic twat.

Update 2:
Ken Livingstone admitted to having conned the government on the Olympics, knowing that the taxpayer would end up spending billions more than he said just so he could get extra money for London.  The man’s a fucking crook!

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  1. steadmancinques (34 comments) says:

    It’s pretty fucking rich coming from Livingstone saying that the BNP aren’t a legitimate party because of violence, given his predilection for whooping it up with Sinn Fein when the IRA campaign was still intent on murdering Londoners, and with every variety of Islamic jihadist who happens to be passing through;

    And isn’t it the case that on the police’s own figures, 70% of ‘racially aggravated’ offences are against WHITE people?

  2. Aaron (72 comments) says:

    Livingstone said that earlier in the day at some point too. He’s a total cock. I don’t think that anyone will dispute that the East End needs regeneration, and that Ken wanted to do that, and that it’s hard to get money out of the Government. But this is a total face-saving exercise to try and cover his arse over the ridiculous and ever-rising costs involved. ‘Planned’ my arse. The man is a snivelling little shit.

    London 2012. The only time I wish the French had beaten us.

  3. Aaron (72 comments) says:

    Oh, and re the BNP, I see that they’ve ammended it now, but I don’t think it a coincidence that on original publication this particular article – – listed every candidate’s party except the BNP guy.

  4. Aaron (72 comments) says:

    Oh, and regarding the BNP, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that on original publication, this article – – mentioned every candidate’s part except the BNP.

  5. Scaffold (146 comments) says:

    Red Homo knows pretty well that if he tries to talk to any BNP guy – he’s in serious trouble!

    “United against BNP” campaign drives me mad! I may be not willing to vote for BNP anyway, but what does that slogan mean after all? It means that candidates are standing united against those of the electorate for whom BNP speaks. In other words, they do not allow people to think different from that they say is right. If that is a democracy, than I am a Martian!

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