Police force EDP to remove English flags

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  1. Bob Anglorum (86 comments) says:

    The English democrats are whimps if they comply with this sort of anglophobic bullying. Tell these police dick heads that under international law, England is the country of the English nation, the truth is that the British state police have no de jure authority in England.

    It is about time we began to issue our own threats, and warn police dick heads that under English law and under international law the English nation in their country have full rights and powers to make their defence against this sort of genocidal action, even by force of arms if necessary and as allowed by law.

    The police are making a big and stupid mistake by obeying a political party, elected or otherwise, to make an attack against the symbol of the national community, I guess some of these police must be a bit dim if they assist such actions. What are they going to do if they provoke the whole nation into armed conflict, hide behind Millibands chair.

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