European Parliament votes for metric road signs

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A friend of mine has just got back from a week in Strasbourg and said the thing that stuck most in her mind from the whole trip was the vote on the harmonisation of road signs which would have the effect of changing all our road signs to metric.

Only 8 MEPs voted against the measure and that includes the UKIP MEPs that were present (not a full compliment on that occassion).

Don’t panic, it doesn’t mean that the signs will be changed any time soon – the bill will go to the European Commission who will figure out how they can implement it and that will take some time and we have a derogation on introducing metric road signs already.  But only 8 MEPs voted against the measure.  Where was the media coverage of our own MEPs voting to change our road signs to metric?  There was nothing – a complete blackout.

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  1. CherryPie (69 comments) says:

    Can I tell them where to stick their vote?

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    You go for it. Tell them here and I’ll pass it on to Mike Nattrass to pass on. 😀

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