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Wimbledon is upon us again – another few weeks of boredom and seemingly endless coverage of some people hitting a ball at each other at 3,000mph.

Andy Murray was in the papers at the weekend telling us how terribly upset he is that people think he’s anti-English because his gran lives in Newcastle and it was only a joke when he said he was supporting anyone playing England in the World Cup and please could we not call him a Scottish wanker and support him at Wimbledon.

Haha, very funny.  Twat.


Anyone but Murray


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  1. Sarah (21 comments) says:

    I’ve seen some reports that ‘middle-England’ (whoever that is) have never warmed to Murray because he tends to throw strops.

    I was of the opinion that ‘middle-England’ supported him just fine as a ‘British’ player but that the world cup comments have put people off.

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    I believe that to be the case too Sarah, mainly thanks to the BBC with their “the hopes of the entire nation lie on his shoulders” bollocks. Sorry, the UK is four nations and the hopes of one of them lies on his shoulders. Prior to his world cup comments I wouldn’t have given a flying fu…squirrel whether he won or lost because he’s foreign but since he said he would support whoever was playing England and then had the audacity to ask English people to support him at Wimbledon then I hope he loses.

  3. Axel (1214 comments) says:

    Now that he is gone, it will become the usual dull sporting event, hooray, peace

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