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Lords approve EU Constitution

The House of Lords have approved the ratification of the EU not-a-constitution.

The Illiberal Eurocrats supported Liebour in pushing through the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty even though it cannot legally be brought into force and in defiance of their manifesto promise to support a referendum.

Fucking traitors.

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West Mercia Police taking an interest in Common Purpose?

I know it must seem like I’m a stat-obsessed glory hunter but I’m not, really!

It’s interesting to know who is visiting and how they get here.  Seeing a visit from Common Purpose was interesting, of course, and there are a lot of universities and colleges that appear on the list.  Don’t think these lot have visited before though:

Why would the police be searching for Common Purpose in Google?  Are they investigating Common Purpose’s infiltration into all aspect of the establishment and their indoctrination of our leaders with their “lead beyond your authority” doctrine?  Do they suspect Common Purpose of conducting a clandestine coup d’état?

Sadly, I very much doubt that this is the case because Common Purpose has its agents in the police as well, just waiting for the word to put in place their “new world order” where they – the unelected “leaders” – control our lives.  It’s all there on Common Purpose’s website for anyone to read, they’re quite open about their ambitions to take over the running of our country.

More than likely, this is someone who wants to go on a Common Purpose training course so they can be one of the ruling elite when the revolution comes or a Common Purpose agent building up intelligence on those that expose them ready for the aforementioned revolution.

Still, we live in hope.

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60 soldiers killed because of “crap equipment”

Frederick Forsyth, the author of a Conswervative commission on UK armed forces policy, has said that up to 60 servicemen have died because the British government failed to provide them with adequate kit.

Years of underinvestment and billions wasted during El Gordo’s reign at the Treasury on stupid schemes that came to nothing has resulted in the military becoming severely overstretched and short of essential equipment such as body armour, decent boots and guns that work.

In defiance of the fact that the armed forces are already stretched beyond capacity, the Goblin King has pledged even more troops to Afghanistan,

Forsyth doesn’t pull any punches in summing up the problem:

What has angered me is to see fine young men coming home in boxes draped in a flag who should never have died at all and died because they were required to go in harm’s way with crap equipment

Thousands of soldiers have been sent – poorly equipped and ill prepared –  into two illegal wars which will never be won and many soldiers have dies unneccessarily.

Bliar and Brown should hang their heads in shame … preferably with a length of hemp around their necks.

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Battle of the Browsers

Looking at the browser stats for Wonko’s World, it seems that the newly released Firefox 3 is proving pretty popular – 124 visitors have used Firefox 3 so far despite the first release candidate being available for only a month.

By way of comparison, only 88 people have visited using Opera since I started using eXTReMe Tracking 6 weeks ago, 199 used AOHell 9 and 216 used Safari.  I also had 4 visits from a Playstation 3.  Which is nice.
I’ve downloaded Firefox 3 to give it a bit of a test drive and although it’s noticeably faster than IE7 and Flock, I don’t think I’ll be switching from Flock.  The good people at Flock have already release their first beta of Flock 2 which is built on Firefox 3.
My advice?  If you’re using Firefox 2 or below then upgrade.  It’s faster and the default interface is a bit more modern and cleaner looking.  If you’re using IE7 then consider swapping – it’s even quicker compared to IE7 and if it’s as reliable as Firefox 2 then it’ll be infinitely more reliable than IE.  If you’re a blogging, social networking or media fiend then use Flock.

firefox.png  flock.png

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Liebour asks members to bail them out

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  Even LiebourHome is indulging in a spot of schadenfreude at the expense of their party.

Apparently, El Gordo has invited members to underwrite Liebour’s debts after getting confirmation that he and the other 32 members of the National Executive Council are liable for Liebour’s debts, including the £12m that needs paying this year.

I’m not laughing.  Honest.

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Those who would give up Essential Liberty …

I’ve been debating internment and the Terrorism Act with my councillor, George Ashcroft, over at his place. Despite being a Conswervative, he supports the detention without trial of “terrorism” suspects for a month and a half.

I’ve pointed out some serious flaws in the Terrorism Act such:

  • Section 3 says that if you use a gun to endanger a persons life then that’s an act of terrorism whether it’s for what we would consider terrorism or not.
  • Section 54 says that if you give or receive weapons or explosives training then it’s an act of terrorism whether it’s for legitimate purposes (such as a job) or not.
  • Section 58 says that holding or publishing any information that may be useful to a terrorist such as a newspaper telling people the Queen is going on a trip to Wonkoville tomorrow is an act of terrorism.

It’s a shitty, shitty piece of legislation and defines terrorism so loosely that it would be quite easy to abuse it and lock someone up for a month and a half without charge on terrorism charges even if they’re not a terrorist.

I’ve pointed this out to George thinking that he’d see sense, that his distrust of socialists and knowledge of history and politics (he’s studying for a degree in it) would make him realise that you can’t just give such sweeping, illiberal powers to the British government when they can quite easily be abused.

I asked him if he thought it would be a legitimate use of the Terrorism Act to treat an armed robber as a terrorist and lock them up for a month and a half and to my surprise, he does. The threat of terrorism is apparently so severe that we have to give up our rights, freedoms and liberty to protect us from the terrorists who want to deprive us of our rights, freedoms and liberty. We’re so at risk from terrorists that we have to submit ourselves to increasingly draconian legislation which is written so loosely and left so open to interpretation that it can be twisted to make a terrorist out of almost anyone.
The trouble is, once you establish a precedent that the British government can take away your rights, freedoms and liberty when they decide that it’s expedient to do so, they are no longer rights – they are then privileges that you can have for as long as the British government says. Those fundamental rights are no longer fundamental, no longer sacrosanct but a footnote in party policy. I’ve tried to get him to understand this but all he does is give the same spiel about how there’s a masked terrorist in everyone’s airing cupboard and a suicide bomber in every school just waiting for the message from Osama Bin Laden (a slight exaggeration).
I’ll leave you with a quote from Benjamin Franklin which has been completely lost on Goerge:

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety

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Federal Europe says “Fuck EU” to voters

Federal Europe is in a bit of a quandary at the moment.  That pesky Irish constitution won’t let them impose their constitution on an unwilling populace so what can they do?

Well, the Romanian social-democrat group gives us a clue in the European Weekly:

The referendum in Ireland has demonstrated that direct democracy (by way of referendum) cannot ensure the progress of the European process.

The security, liberty and prosperity of hundreds of millions of European citizens ask for complex leadership actions, which cannot be appreciated by heterogeneous populations, from the point of view of the information level and the education one.

European integration is a process that must be conducted politically by the elected representatives of the European citizens.

Translation from eurobabble into English:

The paddy’s have stitched us up, we need to stop them from asking silly questions.

To try and get the European integration project past the plebs we’ve have to make it as complicated and as hard as possible to understand so you’ve got to be a fucking PhD to get past the first page of stuff like the Lisbon Treaty and lets face it, most of them are thick as pig shit.

What we need to do is stop asking people to give us permission to do this stuff and leave it to us politicians.

God, how I despise those eurofederalist traitor scumbags.

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Cub Scouts

Just under 9 months after #1 got invested as a Cub Scout, #2 got himself invested last night.

pict1625.JPG pict1622.JPG

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Bob Spink and 42 days

Sarah asked in the comments to this post if UKIP’s MP, Bob Spink, had voted against UKIP party policy and what UKIP members think about it.

Well, the answer is yes, he voted against UKIP policy and what do members think about it?  Well, I for one am not happy that he voted for 42 days internment, not because it’s against UKIP policy but because I disagree with internment.

Obviously I can’t speak for all members but I know that the ginger one was generally pissed off with the whole thing and will be less than pleased with Bob voting for it.  Someone I spoke to today was of the same opinion as me – he voted the wrong way, he voted against party policy but we’d rather he voted with his conscience and how he believed his constituents would want him to vote than how his party told him to.  I detest the whip system no matter which party is operating it.  That said, I don’t think his constituents would want him to vote for it so he was still wrong.
I don’t know if Nigel knew that he was going to vote in favour or not (I don’t have a direct line to him!) but I don’t think it would have made any difference.

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(Hollow) Victory for Democracy

The Irish have rejected the EU not-a-constitution by 53.4% to 46.6%.

merkel.pngMost constituencies rejected the not-a-constitution but there were some very close calls – one constituency had a majority “No” vote of only 132.

This will be a blow to Federal Europe because now they have to throw sufficient cash and thinly veiled threats at the Irish so they’ll vote “Yes” in the next referendum and because they’re going to have to try and figure out a way of justifying ignoring the “No” votes of three of the most pro-EU states without coming across as illiberal, undemocratic facists.

Überpropagandameister Merkel (pictured right) will be working overtime to try and spin something positive out of the third rejection of the EU Constitution whilst the French Secretary of State for European Affairs simply stated that the Lisbon Treaty will “overcome” a No vote from Ireland.

Emperor Barrosso says that member states should continue to ratify the EU not-a-constitution regardless of the fact that Ireland’s “No” vote is supposed to mean that it’s dead in the water whilst other eurofederalists are running round like headless chickens trying to think of ways they can implement it without Ireland’s consent or make it more palatable to the Irish for another referendum.

The old EU constitution has been rejected twice and the new EU constitution has been rejected once. The French and Dutch didn’t reject the way in which the contents of the EU constitution would be brought in, they rejected its contents. The Irish, too, have rejected the contents of the EU constitution in its new “not a constitution because it’s got a different name and delivers its payload different way” guise. The only real difference between the EU Constitution and the Lisbon Treaty is the way in which it delivers its payload – the EU Constitution would have replaced existing treaties with one new one and the Lisbon Treaty does exactly the same things the EU Constitution would have done but by amending existing treaties instead of replacing them. The payload is the same, the method of delivery is different.

It is wrong – very wrong – for Federal Europe to continue to press for the EU not-a-constitution to be ratified and it is equally wrong for the British government to claim that a referendum is no longer needed here because they’ve changed the way the EU constitution implements the changes contained within it.

The Irish Times has had excellent coverage of the proceedings all day, well worth a read.

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“Yes” vote rallies but still looks like a “No”

The Irish Times is reporting that the “Yes” vote has rallied, particularly in Dublin where early indications showed consistent a 60/40 “No” but the result is still looking likely to be a “No”.

The “Yes” camp has already conceded defeat in Mayo and Galway West.

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EU not-a-constitution referendum results – early indication is “NO”

Early indications from yesterday’s Irish referendum on the EU not-a-constitution are that the result will be “No”.

The result looks to be very close but overall there is a trend toward a “No” vote, particularly in Dublin where all constituencies have so far returned a consistent 60-40 “No” vote.

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Who’d have thunk it?

David Davis has resigned as an MP so that he can contest a by-election on a manifesto of repealing 42 days internment, getting rid of ID cards and the database state and reducing CCTV.

Apparently, he asked David Camoron to come out and promise to repeal 42 day internment if they win the next election but Captain Flip Flop refused so he resigned.

It’s a shame DD didn’t beat Camoron in the Conswervative Party leadership contest because then, instead of the next Prime Minister being a two-faced, wishy washy cretin, we might actually have someone with principles and a backbone.  Then again, DD was the Conswervatives’ greatest advocate of an English Parliament until he realised that it would harm his prospects in the leadership contest so perhaps his principles only matter when they can be turned into the mother of all publicity stunts.  The Lib Dumb leader, Nick Clegg-over, has agreed not to field a candidate in opposition to DD which I guess DD had already agreed before taking his principled stand because the Lib Dumb candidate wasn’t far off beating him last time there was an election.

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Traitor MPs vote for internment

315 traitors assembled in the cradle of democracy to vote for the detention without trial of “terrorist” suspects for a month and a half.

They ignored the fact that it is unconstitutional and illegal and voted to deprive citizens of their constitutional right to freedom from arbitrary detention.

So what does it mean for us “normal” people?  The Terrorism Act has such an unbelievably loose definition of terrorism that most people reading this blog have probably committed an act of terrorism.  And now you can be locked up without charge for a month and a half under laws that were supposed to protect us from terrorists.
So how easy would it be for the British government to inter you for a month and a half?

If Gordon Brown was on fire, would you pour on petrol?  If you say yes, you’re a terrorist.

Are you a member of the CEP?  If I was to ask you, as a national council member, to take part in an email campaign targeting a British government department then not only have I committed an act of terrorism but the CEP could also be declared a proscribed organisation and have its assets frozen.  If you’re a member of the proscribed CEP then you would be a terrorist as well.

Ever considered wearing a t-shirt with a picture of Osama Bin Laden on it?  Best not, that would make you a terrorist.

Do you know how to make a bomb using a can of hairspray, a bag of nails and a box of matches?  I do but if I tell you that would make both of us terrorists.  Do you know how to shoot a gun?  I do but I can’t teach you because that would make us both terrorists.  There is a document that has been around on the internet for years called the Terrorists Cookbook.  It tells you how to make home made explosives and the like and was written for a laugh years ago.  I can’t give you a link to it though because that means I’m a terrorist.

Did you know that Prince Charles and Camilla came to Shropshire for a visit today?  It was in the paper yesterday but if I’d mentioned it on my blog yesterday that information could have been useful to a terrorist and that would make me a terrorist.

For any of the above the “criminal” could be locked up for a month and a half without charge.

What is quite disgusting about this is not the fact that 315 MPs turned traitor to vote for the Counter Terrorism Act but that the DUP and other MPs were literally and quite blatantly bribed or bullied into voting for it.  The DUP were bribed with the promise of a huge wedge of cash for Northern Ireland and the proceeds of MOD land sales in the province.

Is there any depth to which these illiberal bastards won’t stoop?

Come the revolution, they will be the first against the fucking wall … whoops, there I go committing terrorism again.

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Can the Lords vote on the Lisbon Treaty?

The judges hearing Stuart Wheeler’s judicial review into Liebour’s refusal to hold a referendum on the EU not-a-constitution have reserved judgement, promising to make their judgement “as soon as possible”.

They haven’t ruled that not holding a referendum is illegal but they also haven’t ruled that not holding one is legal.  It is very unlikely that the courts will rule in Stuart Wheeler’s favour because that opens up a whole can of worms.  But have they cleverly handed him a lifeline – a stronger case on which to challenge the ratification of the EU not-a-constitution?

By reserving judgement, surely the matter is still sub judice and both the Common and Lords banned from voting on it?  Could the judges be handing Stuart Wheeler the ammunition he needs if the Lords vote in favour of the EU not-a-constitution without a referendum tomorrow?  A legal challenge on the basis that the matter was sub judice when the Lords voted on it could drag on for a long time, maybe even past the deadline for ratification?

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42 days internment

Tomorrow, British MPs will vote on the unconstitutional internment of “terrorism” suspects for up to a month and a half.

The former Atorney General, Lord Cashpoint Goldsmith says that there is no evidence to support the British government’s claim that locking someone up without charge for a month isn’t long enough.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Sir Ken Macdonald, says that there is no evidence that an increase is needed.

The Lord Advocate or Scotland, Eilish Angiolini, says there have been no cases where a month wasn’t long enough and supports the DPP’s view that an extension isn’t necessary.

The head of MI5, Jonathan Evans, has said that the security services haven’t asked for the extension.

The head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips, says that they may seek a judicial review if the bill is passed because it is a breach of our human rights.

So who wants it?  Well, the British government want it and … Sir Ian Bliar, the head of the Metropolitan Police and lifelong Liebour Party member, wants it and … erm, that’s about it really.  A handful of illiberal traitors think that it’s right to illegally deprive us of our constitutional rights in the face of opposition for almost the entire population.

When Traitor Bliar first tried to get an increase to the limit on internment from 14 days to 3 months the British government said that the police had asked for it.  It transpired – not that the papers bothered to make anything of it – that the British government had written to Chief Constables asking them for their proposals on the illegal detention of terrorists for 3 months.  Liebour will stop at nothing to turn this country into a police state – even Zimbabwean law doesn’t allow the internment of suspected criminal for a month and a half.

It has to be remembered that what you and I consider to be terrorists isn’t necessarily what the law considers to be a terrorist.  To most people, a terrorist is someone who blows up buses or shoots up a few security guards before taking over a government building.  To the British government, a terrorist is someone who carries a blank placard outside Parliament or reads out the names of dead soldiers outside Downing Street.  To the British government, a lorry driving exercising his constitutional right to free assembly outside an oil refinery is a terrorist because he is trying to disrupt the supply of fuel or food.  To the British government, anyone who attempts to get them out of power by means of a protest is a terrorist.

This is what the law says a terrorist is and anyone committing any of the above “crimes” wcould quite easily find themselves illegally detained without charge for a month and a half by the state.  Even when they’re released, without charge, the Home Secretary – using the same “anti-terrorism” laws – can order you be put under house arrest or curfew indefinately.  Even if you’ve been found innocent by a jury of your peers.

Any politician that says the “anti-terrorism” laws brought in by Liebour don’t constitute the beginnings of a police state is either a liar or terminally fucking stupid.

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Oh, the irony

I wrote to my MP, David Wright (aka Red Dave), about the increasing cost of living which is almost entirely down to his government’s climate change scam.  I sent a free of charge, environmentally friendly email to him and he replied, extolling the virtues of “green” Liebour and telling me about how we all have to do our bit to protect the environment.  But he didn’t reply by email – no, he typed up a reply, printed it on two pieces of dead tree (not even double sided printing), put it inside another piece of dead tree and posted it from London to my house.  His constituency office is 3 or 4 miles up the road from where I live.

Here is the email I sent to him originally:

Dear David,

I see the price of petrol and diesel has gone up yet again.  The price of diesel is going up every other day at the moment.

It’s getting close to the point where I can’t afford to drive any more which is unfortunate.  Because I have problems with my knees I can’t walk everywhere.  I can get to work on the bus but it’ll cost me £3.20 return from [where I live] to the Town Centre daily.  That’s a journey of about 3 miles.  From the Town Centre I then have the option of catching another bus for around the same amount that will eventually get me to St Georges from where I can walk to work or walking to [a different office] and catching a minibus that my employer provides.

I’d need to do some sums to figure out whether the bus is cheaper than the car but one thing is for sure – my journey to work will increase from five minutes to around an hour and a half.  That means three hours a day less with my family and when I work a late shift every other week that means not seeing my 3 year old as she would be in bed by the time I got home from work.

Then there’s the problem of me being on 24 hour call-out.  Every other week I am on call 24 hours a day but buses don’t run 24 hours a day.  I’d have to give that up and lose about £5,000 a year in salary.

And, of course, there is the knock-on effect of high fuel prices that affects everyone, driver or not – increased cost of food and other goods.  My wife tells me that some items of shopping are increasing on a weekly basis.  This is due to both the increasing cost of transport and the food shortages caused by farmers turning fields over to biofuels in the name of the global warming scam that you and your colleagues are propagating.

When will this stop David?  When will you and your government do something to help out those of us who don’t have a £61,000 MP’s salary to cushion the blow?  When will your government realise that what the economy needs – and what we all need – is for the tax on fuel to be decreased, not increased?  It’s all well and good your prime minister (salary £187,000) telling us that he won’t drop tax on fuel so we can afford to live because we need secure and cheap oil supplies for the future but that’s not happening (largely thanks to your government’s foreign policy, but that’s another matter).  We aren’t going to get cheap and secure oil supplies other than those that are present in the North Sea, control of which your government is passing over to the EU.  A tax cut is the only way fuel prices will be decreased.

So what do you suggest I do David?  The way things are going, very soon I won’t be able to afford to work.  What are you doing to bring down the cost of fuel, the cost of food and the general cost of living?  What are you going to do to make sure that people like me can afford to travel to work and buy food for our families?

Stuart Parr

He eventually replied, basically avoiding answering any of my questions, with the following piece of newspeak:

Dear Stuart

Thank you for your e-mail of the 22 May relating to fuel costs and the general living expenditure of families.

I was somewhat puzzled by your reference to the “global warming scam” that I am supposedly propagating.  I have read literature claiming that global warming is not taking place and I do not find it convincing.  Tackling climate change is the most serious and pressing global environmental challenge the world faces. 

The Stern report showed that failing to reduce carbon emissions leads to dangerous climate change risking our future economic prosperity.  Unless we tackle it, we will face higher food costs, more floods, humanitarian crises and climate refugees.

Efforts are needed to cut emissions across the economy including transport where cars, vans and lorries alone account for nearly a quarter of the UK’s CO2 emissions.  Cars provide huge benefits to people and businesses through greater mobility and freedom.  We need to retain these benefits, while cutting the CO2 emissions, which means encouraging more fuel-efficient cars.

Over the last decade the government has introduced a range of measures to encourage cleaner cars.  This has contributed to the proportion of least polluting cars on our roads rising by more than a third, while that of the most polluting cars has fallen by a quarter since 2001. 

I am very conscious of how current high nominal petrol prices are affecting people.  That is why we postponed this April’s fuel duty increase to help people and this policy will be kept under review.  High fuel costs are the result of international oil prices increasing to record highs.  Fuel duty by contrast is down in real terms since 1999.  The government is working to encourage oil producing states to lift production.

The best way to ensure long term price stability is to have economy wide stability.  I believe that is what Labour has delivered.  The government responded to calls to alleviate the problems caused by the abolition of the 10p tax rate.  If people want a reduction in tax on fuel then they have to decide whether to further increase public debt or reduce public expenditure.

The medium to long term solution is to promote alternative fuel cars, subsidise public transport and move our wider economy away from oil and gas based energy consumption through more renewables and nuclear power.

Yours sincerely

David Wright

So much bullshit, so little time and energy to fisk him.  I did manage to summon the motivation to type out a reponse (which I sent by environmentally friendly, free email):

Dear David,

Thank you for your letter.  The irony of you replying to my environmentally-friendly, almost zero-carbon email by typing a reply, printing it on a piece of dead tree and then posting it to me 3 or 4 miles down the road hasn’t been lost.  Still, it gave me a laugh.

I wonder if you could let me know what evidence you’ve seen that convinces you that climate change is caused by human activity.  Whenever I look for the kind of incontrovertible evidence that would , if I were an MP, convince me to destroy the global economy and condemn the bulk of my constituents (mainly the section of society that voted for me) to poverty, I keep finding things like:

The lead author of the IPPC report on climate change telling the worlds media that the Wilkins Ice Shelf in the Antarctic is “hanging on by a thread” when it actually collapsed 10 years ago.  I can’t trust the findings of a report whose lead author is a proven liar and propagandist.

German scientists have confirmed that there will be global cooling again this year and for the next decade.  They claim that the increase in temperature predicted in the IPPC report will happen after the decade of cooling.

31,000 scientists (including 9,000 PhD’s) have so far signed the Oregon Petition and 500 climatologists, scientists and engineers have signed the Manhattan Declaration, all criticising the IPPC report on climate change, Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth” and the actions of world governments in the name of climate change.  Only 2,500 scientists endorsed the IPPC report on climate change, 400 of which say their names were added without their knowledge or consent and one scientist had to threaten legal action to have his name removed after leaving the project because it was unscientific and politically motivated.

The Centre for Ecology and Hydrology says that the floods last year had nothing to do with climate change but the Environment Agency (which is, of course, part of the British government department, DEFRA) said, in response to their report, that although they couldn’t attribute the floods to climate change, we can expect more floods because of climate change.  Such blatant propaganda does nothing for the global warming lobby.

The peak in Atlantic sea temperatures during the second world war that have formed an integral part of the model that the propagandists have used for their predictions have recently been confirmed as incorrect data.  The temperature didn’t actually increase, it was just measured differently by the Americans during the war and normal temperatures were recorded after the war when the British took back over measuring the temperature.  The propgandists haven’t changed their model to take this into account, they’ve just put their fingers in their ears and shouted “la la la la la”.

I remember being told that we were heading for a new ice age when I was younger but the same data that convinced scientists then that we were heading for global cooling then now convinces scientists that we’re heading for global warming.  They were just as convinced on global cooling and they were wrong.

The permafrost in Greenland and the Arctic ice caps haven’t shrunk to the extent that they did during the Medieval Warm Period (natural climate change) or 2,000 years ago when the Vikings settled there.  The Vikings grew grapes for wine production in Greenland and Newfoundland in what is now permafrost and surface ice.

Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Truth, was judged to be propaganda by a High Court judge who ruled that it could only be shown in schools if the teacher explained that the film was not objective and was full of inaccuracies.  Most of the inaccuracies were exposed by British government scientists.

Perhaps you’ve got some different evidence that we mere mortals don’t have access to?  If you do, could you please let me have a copy?

If I could just address one more point you make – increasing oil production.  This is a nonsense because the UK is almost entirely self-sufficient in oil requirements.  It is only about 2 and a half years ago that oil use in the UK exceeded our own oil production.  Increasing the amount of oil produced in the Middle East will have little impact on the price of fuel because most of the oil we consume comes from the North Sea and off the coast of East Anglia.  The only reason why our own oil is so expensive is because of the obscene rate of duty that your prime minister has imposed on it.  A country that is almost self-sufficient in oil shouldn’t be paying the same amount for petrol and diesel as a country that doesn’t produce any oil of its own.  A reduction of tax on fuel would provide a massive boost to the economy and may even head off the recession that your government is engineering putting more money back into the economy.  But, of course, citizens having their own money and not relying on state handouts isn’t the socialist way, is it?

If you could also let me know what you intend to do to bring down fuel costs, increase global fuel production to combat the loss of crops to biofuel production and bring down food costs, I would be most grateful because right now your government’s policies are compounding (or causing) the situation, not making it better.


David Wright is a party man through and through.  What does he care if half of his constituents are struggling to pay their bills?  At £61k, his salary is about four times the average wage of his constituents and we pay his travel expenses.

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Farage no confidence motion fails

A motion of no confidence in Nigel Farage and the National Executive Council of UKIP proposed by former PPC, Bruce Lawson, was soundly defeated last night.

Lawson, who was responsible for the leak that instigated the Electoral Commission’s investigation into UKIP last year, failed to secure even a third of the votes despite claiming to have grassroots support.  He wants Farage to lead the MEPs group but stand down as leader of the party and has publicly criticised Nigel Farage and David Campbell-Bannerman on a number of times which makes me wonder – as with members of the “Phoenix Forum” – just why do they continue their UKIP membership if they’re so intent on damaging the party?  Are they, in fact, fifth columnists planted or manipulated by the eurofederalists?  It’s hardly beneath Federal Europe or their supporters to do that sort of thing if it means protecting their beloved quango from criticism.

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European Constitution Judicial Review

Stuart Wheeler’s judicial review of the British government’s refusal to give us the referendum on the EU not-a-constitution that it promised started today.

Wheeler’s QC provided evidence that the EU Constitution and the Lisbon Treaty are basically the same thing in all but name, including evidence from Valery Giscard d’Estaing, the eurofederalist who first came up with the EU Constitution.

No Mandate Brown’s QC claims that Wheeler is only bringing the case for the “inappropriate purpose” of getting a judgment critical of the British government.

The House of Lords, which has still been debating the EU not-a-constitution despite it being sub judice, is due to vote on giving away our sovereignty on Wednesday, the same day the Commons will vote on whether to institute the illegal and unconstitutional internment of “terrorist” suspects for a month and a half.  That’ll be convenient for our new masters on the continent because Common Law is incompatible with the Napoleonic Code used in the rest of Federal Europe.

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Netherlands 3 – 0 Italy

The Netherlands, my adopted team for Euro 2008, have dealt Italy their biggest ever defeat in international football, beating them by 3 goals to nowt.

Even when they were 3 goals up, the Netherlands were still attacking and came close to scoring a fourth.

It’s a good start for the Dutch – they needed it too, the other two teams in their group are France and Romania. :sad3:

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