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Try not to laugh …

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. If No Mandate Brown wasn’t such a fucking contemptible shit I’d feel sorry for him.

kissmaggie1.pngA year ago he thought he was going to take over the reins from Traitor Bliar, see out the last couple of years until the next election and then either lead a Lib-Lab coalition if they could scrape together enough support between them or, most likely, retire with his Prime Minister’s pension and wait for his peerage (which had best be the pretendy peerage for a pretendy Prime Minister).

Instead he finds himself performing roughly the equivalent role of the captain on the Titanic, rearranging the cabinet as HMS Liebour slowly slips under the water, its twisted bulk fatally gashed by the iceberg of insolvency.

Not only is Liebour £27m in debt, not only does it have £13m of debts due this year, not only does it have to repay £7.45m of debt this month, not only has its membership dropped by 50% since 1997, not only is Liebour getting less in donations than the Lib Dumbs but … the GMB union is cutting the number of Liebour MPs it sponsors from 108 to about 36. This quote from Paul Kenny, the GMB’s General Secretary, is brilliant:

The government is very keen on testing for everybody, performance-related pay, and we’ve applied in the GMB over the last 12 months exactly the same principle.

We’ve examined the records of MPs both at local level and national level and many are doing a fantastic job, but there are a number who seem at times to be embarrassed by their relationship with the union.

We don’t want to embarrass them by giving them union money.

Fantastic. Several unions are also planning to hold a vote at their AGM on disaffiliating from Liebour.

Oh how laughed …

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Common Purpose

Like any self-respecting stat whore, I check out who’s linking to me and who’s referring to me on a fairly regular basis.

For the last week or so I’ve been getting regular visits from the BBC and today I’ve had visits from a few universities amd a couple of local authorities.  Nothing terribly unusual in that as it happens from time to time but there was one interesting recent visit today:

Common Purpose Visitor

Common Purpose have a paid a visit, which is nice.  As Common Purpose owns its own range of IP addresses like an ISP or registrar would (effectively their own private network on the internet) it’s easy to spot their visits.  This visit has been followed by a couple of visits from the MOD.  Can I expect a knock at the door from the Common Purpose stazi?

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That’s the way to do it!

About 90,000 Spanish lorry drivers started a protest at rising fuel prices at midnight last night.

Some trucks trying to cross picket lines have had their windscreens smashed and their lights ripped out and tyres slashed.

French fishermen were, a week ago, ramming yachts in harbour during a protest at rising fuel prices.

There are protests all over Europe – including here in England – at rising fuel prices and the French and Spanish are once again showing how it should be done.  I wouldn’t normally condone the use of brute force in a protest but there is a lot at stake here – food and fuel prices (the former is linked to the latter) are spiralling out of control and very soon people are going to start finding themselves in the position where they can’t afford to buy even basic food items.

English hauliers blocked the entrance to the refinary at Ellesmere Port the other day but it went virtually unreported – the national media ignored it and the only reason I knew it had happened was because my local paper covers Ellesmere Port and local hauliers were involved in the action.  There appears to be a deliberate media blackout of English fuel protests.

The head of the Spanish transport association federation said:

We are the ones who move the goods that this country needs to keep working.  If we stop because we haven’t got the money to buy fuel then the country will stop.

Bang on and exactly the point I made last week.  If hauliers went on strike – and this means getting the likes of Eddie Stobbart and Christian Salvessen on board – for a week, the country would be crippled and the British government would either have to forcibly break a legal protest by siezing the trucks and using the army to tranposrt food to supermarkets or they would have to do the decent thing and reduce fuel duty.

Giving in to protesters or bringing in the army to confiscate privately owned trucks – which would Gordo choose?  Of course, causing disruption to food or fuel supplies is now classed as terrorism and if he gets his way on Wednesday, any protesters could find themselves detained without charge for a month and a half.  Would Gordo have 90,000 lorry drivers locked up for a month and a half for exercising their constitutional right to free assembly and protest?  Is the Pope catholic?  Does a bear shit in the woods?  Does a Glaswegian drink 14 pints of whiskey before starting a riot and then vomiting on a policeman’s trousers?  Of course he would – there is no room for dissent in the Brownian Republic of New Britain.

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English Pauses for English Clause – nothing more than an insult

Not long ago a rumour emerged that Ken Clarke’s “Democracy Task Farce” was going to water down the already half-hearted, half-baked English Votes on English Matters policy the Conswervatives have held for a while now.

I asked Daniel Kawczynski MP, who was on the committee, why in gods name they were proposing such a woefully inadequate and frankly insulting settlement to England and was told that the committee hadn’t made its decision yet and to wait and see what comes out of it.

The Torygraph has apparently seen a leaked copy of the report and it looks like the rumour is true – Ken Clarke, arch eurofederalist traitor that he is, thinks that even English Votes on English Matters is too good for the Federated Euroregions of New Britain and that instead we should be satisfied with the constitutional abortion that is English Pauses for English Clauses.

The answer to the West Lothian Question is not, in Ken Clarkes’ opinion, to stop foreign MPs from voting on things that only affect English, but to stop them from talking about it in committee stage but continue to allow them to vote on laws that only affect England when the talking is over.  What the fuck was that man smoking when he pulled that idea from up his arse?

Since English Votes on English Matters was first adopted as Conswervative policy, myslef and others have pointed out what a bloody stupid idea it was.  Other people including one Scottish MP, whose name escapes me, who said that he would simply claim an interest in anything that cost money because it would have an impact on the Scottish subsidy.  Scottish MP, Tom Harris, inadvertantly demonstrates why nothing short of a devolved English Parliament will be good enough when he points out that the 4 SNP MPs voted against the Crossrail Bill in defiance of their self-imposed ban on voting on devolved matters because it cost a lot of money and would have affected how many tartan snouts would fit into the English trough.

I have just sent the following to Daniel Kawczynski:

Dear Daniel,

You may recall that some time ago I wrote to you after hearing a rumour that the Democracy Task Force was going to suggest a pointless, watered down version of English Votes on English Matters – itself a pointless, watered down version of an English Parliament – as an answer to the West Lothian Question.

You told me that the committee was yet to decide on the outcome and that I should wait for the report to come out.

Well, the Torygraph has had a leaked copy of the report and it appears the rumour was true – the report is going to propose what we are calling “English Pauses for English Clauses” as the answer to the West Lothian Question.

The West Lothian Question asks why MPs with constituencies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should be able to vote on matters that don’t affect their own constituents.  In modern terms, it asks why MPs with constituencies outside of English should be able to vote on matters that, in their own countries, are the responsibility of devolved institutions.  I’m sure you’ll agree that it is a valid question to ask – why should Gordon Brown be formulating the education policy responsible for the closure of several schools in your constituency, or the health policy that will deprive the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital of funding if it fails to meet an arbitrary target, when those policies do not apply to the people who elected him?

English Pauses for English Clauses does not even begin to address the West Lothian or English Questions.  It is a fudge of a fudge that will allow MPs elected in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland to continue to vote on laws that don’t affect their constituents and which not a single voter has given them the legitimate mandate for.

English Pauses for English Clauses will solve nothing and will only fuel the resentment caused by the undemocratic assymetric devolution settlement that has left English people disenfranchised and their interests unrepresented.


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Euro 2008

I’m not a big football fan, as evidenced by supporting Shrewsbury Town, but I do quite like international football.

England, of course, didn’t qualify for Euro 2008 giving us an insight into what it must be like for Scottish and Welsh people during every international football tournament.

I wouldn’t normally bother supporting a foreign team but this household is going to support the Netherlands for a number of reasons:

  • Our best friends are Dutch (including our soon-to-be goddaughter, Emmy)
  • Dutch people like English people
  • English people like Dutch people
  • They make nice cheese
  • They’re not French

If anyone foreign (ie. Scottish) takes the piss about the fact England didn’t manage to qualify for Euro 2008 (which they do, even though they haven’t qualified themselves), just tell them that we don’t want to be in Europe – whether it’s the EU or football. I’ve tried it on a taff and a jock so far and it stumped them both times. 😀

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Camoron – lying eurofederalist traitor

David Camoron has admitted that the Conswervative promise of a restrospective referendum on the EU not-a-constitution would be useless.

He said that once it had been ratified and brought into force in every country, it would be “almost impossible” to have a referendum on the not-a-constitution. He said …

We may have to say, well look, we’re not happy with this situation, here are some of the powers we’d like to have back.

But we can’t give you that referendum on the Lisbon Treaty because it’s already been put in place across the rest of Europe.

No, what we may have to say is “Well look, we’re not happy with the situation so we’re leaving. We understand that under your constitution you think we need to have your permission to leave but it’s our decision and we’re leaving right now”. But of course, he won’t say that because Camoron is a eurofederalist.

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Mugabe banning opposition

Robert Mugabe has banned rallies by the opposition MDC and has started confiscating ID cards from MDC supporters to stop them from accessing food aid and voting in the upcoming presidential election run-off.

Mugabe’s Hitler-mustachioed face grins down from election posters serving as a constant reminder, if anyone needed a reminder, that Mugabe is in power and intends to stay in power.

The UK and US have both kicked off after Zimbabwean police arrested and detained diplomats after stopping their convoy. One British diplomat in the convoy said that the police threatened to set fire to his car with him inside it.

Supporters of the MDC are being beaten, intimidated and starved. Morgan Tsvangirai, Mugabe’s opponent in the presidential election, was arrested on Wednesday and held for 8 hours. The army and police are actively supporting and campaigning for Mugabe and an armed pro-Mugabe militia that call themselves “the veterans” are carrying out beatings and murders and will be present in polling stations wearing police uniforms.

The result of the presidential election – if it actually happens – is a foregone conclusion. MDC supporters are being denied a vote either through having their ID cards confiscated, through being intimated or simply by being killed. Mugabe will steal the election and hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans will die.

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Missing Child *FOUND*

Telford Council Watch are appealing for help in finding a vulnerable 13 year old girl who recently went missing in Telford.

She is Katrina Houghton, she is 13 years old, approximately 5’6″, medium build with shoulder length light brown hair. When she went missing she was wearing a brown tracksuit with a brand name (unknown) written across the chest and backside.

It is believed that she may be with a 17 year old girl with a “thing” for carrying knives.

The following pictures are from her website (she’s a budding young photographer):

If you see her or know where she might be, please call West Mercia Police on 08457444888 or, if you don’t want to go to the police, you can call Telford Council Watch anonymously on 01952676990.

The girl has now been found.

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Liebour MEP hypocrisy

Last week the Liebour MP and Speaker of the House, Michael Martin, suggested that MPs should be given a £23k annual grant towards second home expenses so they don’t suffer the embarassment of the taxpayer finding out what they’ve spent our taxes on.

Today, a Liebour MEP said that MEPs should publish a full breakdown of their expenses after the leader of the Conswervative MEPs, who was given special responsibility for making sure their expenses were whiter than white, admitted accidently authorising about three quarters of a million pounds worth of “expenses” paid to a family-owned company with its head office in his house.  This is, of course, ever so slightly against the rules even in an organisation as institutionally corrupt and bereft of any form of morality as the EU.

But how hypocritical can Liebour be?  They believe in transparency when a Conswervative MEP (Giles Chichester) owns up to defrauding the taxpayer but when their own MPs are caught with their snouts in the trough they want to change the rules to make it easier for them to get their hands on – and hide – dubious expenses paid by the taxpayer.  I mean, why should the taxpayer be paying Gordon Brown’s Sky TV subscription when we’re already paying him a salary of £187k?  Why should we be paying tens of thousands of pounds for a mock Tudor fronting for their taxpayer-funded second home?

The answer is that we shouldn’t and whenever taxpayers money is spent, every last penny should be accounted for and available for public scrutiny.  I agree with Richard Corbett MEP on this but I would politely remind him that the biggest bunch of crooks in Westminster are Liebour MPs and people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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Mugabe bans food aid for starving Zimbabweans

Robert Mugabe has banned international aid agencies from operating in Zimbabwe, accusing them of campaigning for the opposition.

Since Mugabe stole white-owned farms and handed them over in small plots to black Zimbabweans the country has gone from “the breadbasket of Africa” to a destitute, net importer of food, reliant on international aid.

The problem in Zimbabwe is not too far removed from the Chinese revolution in which privately owned land was stolen from its owners, parceled up into small plots and given to Chinese peasants who were expected to work their plot to produce enough food for themselves and contribute what was left over for redistribution amongst those who couldn’t work.  Of course, this proved disastrous and millions starved when crops failed through over-cultivation and because most of the farmers weren’t farmers at all.

In Zimbabwe, the farms have been taken from their white owners, parceled up given to supporters of Robert Mugabe.  They aren’t farmers and Zimbabwe has gone from being one of the most wealthy and food rich countries in Africa to having the highest inflation of any country since Germany after the second world war and 80% of the population suffering from malnutrition and reliant on food aid.  Just as in China, Mugabe clings to power by suppressing the opposition, violence, murder and worst of all, by selling belief in his ideology.  Despite the quite obviously disastrous outcome of Mugabe’s leadership of late (like most leaders, he started off well and degenerated as time went on) there are masses of people in Zimbabwe who really believe in Mugabe’s ability to lead their country, they believe his hysterical claims that the decimation of the Zimbabwean economy is all a plot by the imperial British.

China has emerged as the economical success story of extreme Marxist ideology but the cost of getting China to where it is now has been millions of lives, the occupation of Tibet, the perpetual threat of conflict with Taiwan and the oppression of a billion people.  Early intervention in China may have saved millions of lives or it may have accelerated the communist/western posturing to the extent that a third world war was kicked off.  We’ll never know but there is no global communist alliance to support Zimbabwe’s “revolution”.  China has a big interest in Zimbabwe but it’s largely economic, it doesn’t appear to be trying to turn Zimbabwe into a client state as USSR did with other communist countries during the cold war.

I don’t go in for the whole world police spreading democracy round the world at gunpoint thing, that’s for Americans to get excited over but there is an opportunity to save hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of lives in Zimbabwe.  All it needs is for someone to look beyond the fact they’re not muslims with oil and get stuck in.

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Tsvangirai released

Morgan Tsvangirai has been released after spending 8 hours in a police cell.

He was accused by the police of violating public security because he didn’t get permission to address the political rally.  Sounds familiar.

The MDC are now asking for the UN to provide peacekeeping forces and election observers to ensure a fair election.

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Tsvangirai banged up

The leader of the MDC, Morgan Tsvangirai, has been arrested and banged up in a police cell after his convoy was intercepted en-route to a political rally.

Two months ago I predicted Mugabe would have Tsvangirai pulled up in front of one of his pet judges on some charge and get him standing in the presidential elections unconstitutional.  I thought it would be on a trumped up charge of electoral fraud but it could be anything.

MDC says that 58 of its supporters have been killed by Mugabe’s trolls, two of which were apparently wrapped in a blanket, doused with petrol and burnt to death.

Mugabe will clearly stop at nothing to stay in power, be it fraud, torture or plain murder.

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Out of the mouths of babes

Via Tony Sharp, a BNP knuckledragger in Stoke has clarified what the BNP thinks about itself …

The BNP is the new Labour Party, but we are nationalists as well so we’ve got a patriotic, nationalist and socialist stance.

Out of the mouths of babes.

From Wikipedia …

The Nazis were one of several historical groups that used the term National Socialism to describe themselves, and in the 1920s they became the largest such group. Nazism is generally considered by scholars to be a form of fascism […]

Yes, I think Nationalsozialismus national socialism is quite accurate.

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Clegg: neither liberal, nor a democrat

Last year 1.8m people managed to add their names to a petition calling for road pricing plans to abandoned.  The people who run the website said that if the website had managed to cope with the load, it would have had over 2m signatures.

There are 60m living in the UK, about 45m are of voting age.  Two million of those were so opposed to the British government’s plans to introduce road pricing that they went looking for the petition and signed it.

You’d think that with that much opposition to road pricing, none of the opposition parties (except the Greens of course) would touch it with a barge pole, right?  Wrong.  Cue Calamity Clegg with his latest illiberal, undemocratic pronouncement: if the Illiberal Dumbocrats were to get into power they would introduce road pricing at an average of 8p/km with a maximum of 12p/km and charge extra for trunk roads and motorways.

Ok, let’s convert kilometres into something that normal people understand – 1km is 0.621371192237 miles so that’s going to be an average of 5p/mile or 7.5p/mile at the maximum rate.  The average commute to work in England and Wales is 13.39km (yes, census information is metricated as well now) which is 8.32 miles.  That means the average trip to work is going to cost 41.6p/day.  There are 8 public holidays a year in England and workers get an average of about 20 days annual leave so that leaves 241 working days in a year after weekends have been taken into account.  Multiply that by 41.6p gives you an average annual bill of £100.14p just to travel to work and back, assuming you don’t use a trunk road or a motorway.

Of course, this doesn’t take into account the cost of buying and having fitted a Galileo sat-nav system so Federal Europe and the British government can track your movements and send you a bill which the Department of Transport estimated to be about £600 per vehicle.  It also doesn’t take into account the cost to the taxpayer of setting up or running the road pricing scheme which the Department of Transport estimates at £62bn to set up and £8.6bn to run.

There are over 32m vehicles in the UK so that’s just shy of £2k per vehicle in setup costs, plus £600 per vehicle for the spy box plus £100 average annual commute plus £270 per vehicle annual operating costs means each vehicle would cost around £2,970 per year extra just to do an average commute without using a motorway or trunk road and without using your car to go to the shops, to go on holiday, to visit relatives, etc.

Two million people objected strongly enough to road pricing to sign a petition against it yet here we have the leader of a party that laughingly calls itself “Liberal Democrat” making it a key party policy along with regionalisation that we don’t want, European Federalisation that we don’t want, taxing flights even more heavily that we don’t want, replacing our constitution with a wishy washy lefty liberal constitution which we don’t want, more “green” taxes which we don’t want and handing over more of our money for international aid and development which we don’t want.

Nick Clegg is neither liberal, nor a democrat.  Thank god they stand about as much chance as a ghost’s fart in a force ten gale at the next election.

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You might want to sit down for this …

Due to the shocking and frankly unimaginable contents of the picture I have just taken, you will need to click the link below to reveal it. It’s probably best if you take a seat before you do.

Read more

Henley is a foregone conclusion

Norfolk Blogger reckons that the new Tory candidate for Henley has already crippled his campaign by claiming – incorrectly – that the Illiberal Dumbocrat candidate doesn’t live locally.

The truth of the matter is, the Conservatives could stand a Serbian war criminal with a penchant for wearing womens clothes and making snuff movies and they would still win. People want Liebour to lose – even traditional Liebour voters want the Goblin King to feel pain – and they will make sure that happens by voting for the Conswervatives because that is the only way they can be sure that Liebour will lose.

I wish this wasn’t the case – there are some good people wanting to step into Boris’ shoes – but there is no way that the Conswervatives will lose Henley.

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Bishop likens climate change deniers to child abuser

The Bishop of Stafford has written an article in a parish magazine likening climate change deniers to Josef Fritzl, the Austrial child abuser that locked up and raped his daughter for 24 years.

As a “climate change denier” myself, I find these remarks highly offensive so I got on the blower to the office of the Diocise of Lichfield and told them I wasn’t best please with his remarks and wanted to complain.

They’re obviously a progressive bunch in Lichfield because you can complain to the Bishop of Lichfield directly by email to  Alternatively, if you want to complain by snail mail then you can write to the Rt Revd Jonathan Leadhill, Bishops House, 22 The Close, Lichfield, WS13 7LG.  I would urge anyone who taks offence at anyone being likened to a child abuser for not believing humans are causing climate change (or anything else for that matter) to write and complain.  It would be far easier, after all, to liken vicars to Josef Fritzl bearing in mind the number of priests and vicars that have been convicted of child abuse but strangely, “climate change deniers” don’t go around accusing the Bishop of Stafford of being a paedophile.

Dear Bishop,

I am writing to complain about the offensive and highly inappropriate comments made by the Bishop of Stafford in a parish newsletter likening people who don’t agree with the discredited propaganda surrounding climate change to Josef Fritzl, the Austrian child abuser who locked up and raped his daughter for 24 years.

As somebody who doesn’t believe the propaganda that comes out of the Treasury or the “scientists” paid by the Treasury, I find this extremely offensive.  I agree that climate change is happening – just like it has for millions of years – but I believe we need to adapt to the changing climate rather than try to stop it chaning which is, in itself, an exercise in futility.

The Bishop of Stafford is out of order and I insist that he withdraw his comments and issues an apology to those of us he labels as “climate deniers”.  Belief in something that defies both logic and evidence is, of course, an essential qualification for a man of the cloth but it doesn’t give anybody the right to liken me to a child abuser for disagreeing with their views on climate change.

Stuart Parr

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