Mugabe will stay in power in Zimbabwe

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The Chief of Staff of the Zimbabwean Army has told soldiers that if they don’t intend voting for Robert Mugabe in the presidential run-off next month, they should hand in their uniform.

The Zimbabwean army will be out in force with the police in the run-up to the presidential election run-off next month, as will Mugabe’s militia, “the veterans”, who have been issued with police uniforms and will be inside polling stations.

The Zimbabwean military have said that they won’t co-operate with Morgan Tsvangirai if he wins the election but I don’t see that being a problem now to be honest.  The presidency should be Morgan Tsvangirai’s but with the police, an armed militia in police uniforms and the army all roaming round the country beating the shit out of people and telling them to vote for Mugabe, I can’t see Tsvangirai winning.  And even if he does win, Mugabe won’t give up power and he’s got the army’s support.

And will the world police do anything about it?  Will they buggery – there’s no oil and they’re the wrong shade of brown.

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