West Mercia Police taking an interest in Common Purpose?

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I know it must seem like I’m a stat-obsessed glory hunter but I’m not, really!

It’s interesting to know who is visiting and how they get here.  Seeing a visit from Common Purpose was interesting, of course, and there are a lot of universities and colleges that appear on the list.  Don’t think these lot have visited before though:

Why would the police be searching for Common Purpose in Google?  Are they investigating Common Purpose’s infiltration into all aspect of the establishment and their indoctrination of our leaders with their “lead beyond your authority” doctrine?  Do they suspect Common Purpose of conducting a clandestine coup d’état?

Sadly, I very much doubt that this is the case because Common Purpose has its agents in the police as well, just waiting for the word to put in place their “new world order” where they – the unelected “leaders” – control our lives.  It’s all there on Common Purpose’s website for anyone to read, they’re quite open about their ambitions to take over the running of our country.

More than likely, this is someone who wants to go on a Common Purpose training course so they can be one of the ruling elite when the revolution comes or a Common Purpose agent building up intelligence on those that expose them ready for the aforementioned revolution.

Still, we live in hope.

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  1. Man in a Shed (10 comments) says:

    Haven’t I seen this lot in an episode of Dr Who ?

    What’s really worrying is I’ve never heard of them. A sort of modern day Freemasons I suppose.

  2. Harry Hook (4 comments) says:

    Afraid not, Wonko old lad…


    “Keith Bristow was appointed Chief Constable of Warwickshire Police in 2006. He holds the Association of Chief Police Officers’ (ACPO) Violence and Public Protection Portfolio.

    He joined the police service as a cadet with West Mercia Constabulary at the age of 17 and served with the force in both uniform and CID roles through to the rank of Chief Inspector .

    In 1997, he was appointed as Staff Officer to the President of ACPO. In 1998 he was seconded to the West Midlands Police Murder Investigation Team as a Senior Investigating Officer.

    He subsequently transferred to West Midlands Police as a Superintendent, performing the roles of Operations Manager and Director of Intelligence and as a Chief Superintendent, he was the Commander of an Operational Command Unit in Birmingham.

    In 2002, Keith was promoted to Assistant Chief Constable and appointed as Director UK of the National Criminal Intelligence Service with responsibility for Regional Intelligence Units and national and international intelligence on threats such as drugs, firearms and kidnaps.

    In 2005, Keith was appointed as the Deputy Chief Constable of Warwickshire Police.

    Recent International Service

    Keith has worked with the Rwandan police service and since 2003 has chaired the G8 Law Enforcement Group. He is the law enforcement advisor to the country holding the G8 Presidency (current Japan).


    Mr Bristow completed the police service Accelerated Promotion Scheme in 1995; the Strategic Command Course in 2001 and the European Police College Top Senior Police Officer Course in 2003. He has also completed the National School of Government ‘Top Management Programme’; Birmingham University’s ‘Malvern Programme’;>>>>>COMMON PURPOSE

  3. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    What’s really worrying is I’ve never heard of them. A sort of modern day Freemasons I suppose.

    That’s an insult to the Freemasons – Common Purpose are even more clandestine and underhand and have not only infiltrated the establishment but got the taxpayer to pay for it.

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