Battle of the Browsers

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Looking at the browser stats for Wonko’s World, it seems that the newly released Firefox 3 is proving pretty popular – 124 visitors have used Firefox 3 so far despite the first release candidate being available for only a month.

By way of comparison, only 88 people have visited using Opera since I started using eXTReMe Tracking 6 weeks ago, 199 used AOHell 9 and 216 used Safari.  I also had 4 visits from a Playstation 3.  Which is nice.
I’ve downloaded Firefox 3 to give it a bit of a test drive and although it’s noticeably faster than IE7 and Flock, I don’t think I’ll be switching from Flock.  The good people at Flock have already release their first beta of Flock 2 which is built on Firefox 3.
My advice?  If you’re using Firefox 2 or below then upgrade.  It’s faster and the default interface is a bit more modern and cleaner looking.  If you’re using IE7 then consider swapping – it’s even quicker compared to IE7 and if it’s as reliable as Firefox 2 then it’ll be infinitely more reliable than IE.  If you’re a blogging, social networking or media fiend then use Flock.

firefox.png  flock.png

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  1. The Morningstar (1 comments) says:

    I have tried Flock and I just can’t get on with it, after 45 minutes of it refusing to let me lay out my bookmarks the way I wanted, it got uninstalled.

  2. Andi (82 comments) says:

    I love Flock. Started using the beta version built on Firefox 3 the other day, and am seriously considering switching to it as my default browser. The developers are geniuses: you take Firefox 3, add shit loads of extra features (all of which contribute to the browser, without making it cumbersome or elephantine) and somehow make it faster than a base install of Firefox!

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