Farage no confidence motion fails

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A motion of no confidence in Nigel Farage and the National Executive Council of UKIP proposed by former PPC, Bruce Lawson, was soundly defeated last night.

Lawson, who was responsible for the leak that instigated the Electoral Commission’s investigation into UKIP last year, failed to secure even a third of the votes despite claiming to have grassroots support.  He wants Farage to lead the MEPs group but stand down as leader of the party and has publicly criticised Nigel Farage and David Campbell-Bannerman on a number of times which makes me wonder – as with members of the “Phoenix Forum” – just why do they continue their UKIP membership if they’re so intent on damaging the party?  Are they, in fact, fifth columnists planted or manipulated by the eurofederalists?  It’s hardly beneath Federal Europe or their supporters to do that sort of thing if it means protecting their beloved quango from criticism.

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