Federal Europe says “Fuck EU” to voters

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Federal Europe is in a bit of a quandary at the moment.  That pesky Irish constitution won’t let them impose their constitution on an unwilling populace so what can they do?

Well, the Romanian social-democrat group gives us a clue in the European Weekly:

The referendum in Ireland has demonstrated that direct democracy (by way of referendum) cannot ensure the progress of the European process.

The security, liberty and prosperity of hundreds of millions of European citizens ask for complex leadership actions, which cannot be appreciated by heterogeneous populations, from the point of view of the information level and the education one.

European integration is a process that must be conducted politically by the elected representatives of the European citizens.

Translation from eurobabble into English:

The paddy’s have stitched us up, we need to stop them from asking silly questions.

To try and get the European integration project past the plebs we’ve have to make it as complicated and as hard as possible to understand so you’ve got to be a fucking PhD to get past the first page of stuff like the Lisbon Treaty and lets face it, most of them are thick as pig shit.

What we need to do is stop asking people to give us permission to do this stuff and leave it to us politicians.

God, how I despise those eurofederalist traitor scumbags.

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  1. DoesItMatter (2 comments) says:

    Thank you so much Ireland!
    You voted for all of us who were not allowed to vote in the rest of EU.
    EU does nothing to make my life easier, it only makes it easier for corporations and private companies. In fact it makes my life harder, it’s almost impossible to buy anything from outside without being fined and taxed as hell. I ordered some rat traps for 200 USD and they taxed me over 200 more because it was outside EU.
    EU is not made for the people so what do we need it for?

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