David Wright throws his teddy out of his pram

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My useless Liebour MP, David Wright, has thrown his teddy out of his pram after a spoof blog was set up in his name.

It was pretty obvious it was a spoof but there were a lot of comments from people who thought it was real and comments saying they didn’t agree with him but they were glad he’d set up a blog.

I think he should break with tradition and actually listen to what his constituents want rather than wasting police time trying to find a crime that might have been committed!  I kid you not, he has reported it to the police, likened it to identity theft and according to the Shropshire Star, the police are investigating it to see if a crime has been committed.  Muggers, rapists and murderers can go about their business safe in the knowledge that the local police are devoting their resources to trying to find out if impersonating an MP for a joke might be illegal.  Here’s some free advice for you – it isn’t!  Now go catch some criminals.

The blog was taken down by WordPress but I took a copy of it on the day it was taken down so it’s probably quite up-to-date.  Do you want to see it?

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  1. revinkevin (176 comments) says:

    Yes, show it

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