Brown appoints Regional Ministers

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No Mandate Brown, the unelected pretender to the office of First Minister of England, has dealt what may prove to be England’s fatal blow.

The Goblin King has appointed a Minister for each of the made-up regions of England.  Before his coronation as unelected Prime Minister the MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath made noises about resurrecting regional government in England even though it has been thoroughly rejected by voters and declared dead by Traitor Bliar.

How dare Gordon Brown, who fought for the establish of a national parliament for his own country, presume to undermine the very existence of England.

I’ve written a more in-depth piece on this on the West Midlands NO! blog.


  1. GUTHRUM (5 comments) says:

    The signs have been there for years, Prescott was supposed to implement the EU regional plan ten years ago but failed. The fact that he has appointed Gauleiters for plastic regions is deeply disturbing especially as he did not even bother to announce it, running more specious ‘constitutional change’ stories in the media.

    Scotland and Wales retain their identity, The Lord Protector breaks up England into regions rendolent of the rule of the Major-Generals. The English as ever are indolent and uncoordinated in any form of response.

  2. Sean Lynch (80 comments) says:

    If the Camoron appoints their shadows in his party it certainly is as you say Wonko the finish.
    If Her Majesty’s Opposition does not oppose this where do the English turn for democracy?

  3. LJ (10 comments) says:

    You do realise that in the history of Britain there have been a number of ‘no mandate’ Prime Ministers. Let’s be honest…you ONLY object to this one because he’s Scottish, even though you’ve had a Scottish Prime Minister for 10 years anyway.

  4. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    No, I object because he’s elected in Scotland as an MP, interferes in English business for which he has no mandate and hasn’t been elected as a Prime Minister. If he was English and elected in Scotland (not that that is likely to happen) then I would still have a problem with him.

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