Bliar’s done the deal …

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… but we don’t know what deal he’s done.

The Danes say the EU not-a-constitution is keeping the old constitution almost intact. Bliar says that the “red lines” haven’t been crossed and that the bits of the not-a-constitution that are bad for us aren’t in it.

The French have had the reference to a free intrenal market – what the UK actually joined all those years ago – changed to an “internal market” so that they can continue to prop up failing state industries as they do now but without having to ignore the fines the EU gives them for breaking the rules.

Angela Merkel told journalists there is “no news” on the not-a-constitution, reinforcing the contempt for public opinion and accountability that has marked the fourth recich’s presidency of the European Federation.

One piece of information that has been given on the not-a-constitution is that the voting has been changed so that all is required to pass something is a 55% majority of member states that make up 65% of the population of the European Federation. This means that the UK, which is quite often a lone voice of opposition to the illiberal eurofederalists, will be continually and consistently out-voted.


  1. A brummie (75 comments) says:

    An independent England is now the only way out for us.

    Another reason if any was needed.

  2. Calum (183 comments) says:

    A political union is foolish. The economic union is a good idea, yet the current political union we are moving towards isn’t desirable. The bloddy french wanted to end the free trade that the EEC was created for.

  3. Dave (21 comments) says:

    Of course he’s done the deal.

    The deal is that he rolls over & allows them to impose the discredited EU consitution without putting it to the public vote(god forbid that the people should be allowed a chance to derail the European Project) & they make him 1st EU President.

    I only hope he’s got that in writing.

    Whether we like it or not we’re been bulldozered into a United Europe.

    Step by step our national identity, what makes us distinctive it been destroyed.

    We’ve lost our traditional weights and measures. Although the unelected European Commission has backed off legal enforcement the fact that children are only taught the metric system at school will soon effectively abolish yards and ounces.

    The pound will go, most probably in Gorden’s next term of office.

    Before long we’ll be forced to drive on the wrong side of the road in order to comply with the rest of Europe. The fact that it will cost hundred of British lives and billions of pounds, sorry Euros, will not bother the Eurocrats in the slightest.

    The trouble is we are facing a narrowing window of opportunity, the increasing pace of EU centralisation with its contempt for those in opposition (the provisions in the EU constitution which would effectively outlaw anti-EU parties) means that even if a referendum were to vote to pull out it would be ignored.

    I voted for a free trade area back in 76, I did not vote for a European Federation. They can’t use the old “we don’t use referendums, we’re a parliamentary democracy cop-out”. Under our current system general elections are effectively a two horse and if both main parties offer a pro-EU platform how the f### can you vote against it?

    Our main problem these days is that our political establishment(and those across Europe) has lost contact with the people. They only listen to us when we tell them what they want to hear. If it conflicts with their beliefs and general world view they either ignore you or look for some suitable label in order to rubbish you.

    seriously worried & ticked off.

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