Belgian Police stifle free speech

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Four UKIP MEPs – including Leader, Nigel Farage – were threatened with arrest by the Belgian Police outside the European Parliament building as they staged a peaceful protest against the EU Constitution.

The MEPs had taken an inflatable bulldozer with “Clearing the way for the EU Constitution” written on the side of it and had inflated it in the “Zone of Free Expression” outside the building. The Zone of Free Expression is a place where peaceful protest can take place, a haven of freedom in the EU Police State.

Not long after inflating the bulldozer and attracting the attention of TV cameras, the Belgian police turned up, switched off the generator and parked police vans in front of it so the cameras couldn’t spread the heretical message.

The local police chief refused to tell the MEPs why they were being denied the right to peaceful protest but did offer to lock Nigel Farage in a cell for 12 hours while they sorted it out.

The bulldozer has been confiscated.

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