Illegal parking fine regime “reformed”

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The system of illegal and unconstitutional summary justice in the form of parking fines has been “reformed” but still has no legal legitimacy.

The Bill of Rights says that “any promise of fine or forfeiture before conviction is illegal and void” – a traffic warden, police officer or private contactor are not judges or juries and any on-the-spot fine is clearly illegal and void.

As the law stood previously, a traffic warden or private equivalent had to actually ticket your car – they couldn’t simply send you a fine through the post.  Now you can be fined weeks later without anyone coming near your car if it’s seen (or they think it’s been seen) on a CCTV camera.

The new changes to the law also provide for longer periods where you can pay a reduced amount if you don’t appeal.  This is to encourage you not to take up your constitutional right to defend yourself from the accusation.  It is illegal to hinder someone’s ability to defend themselves – the threat of higher fines for exercising your constitutional right to defend yourself is a hinderence and a deliberate on at that.

The whole parking fines system is a scam designed to illegitimately extract as much cash from the motorist as possible whilst making it possible for dubious or completely false fines to be enforced.  The system is weighted heavily against the motorist – the “independent” parking adjudication service is funded by a percentage of the fines they allow and the courts cannot rule that illegal fines are illegal (even if they believe them to be) because the implications of ruling against every illegal fine the state has issued would lead to tens of billions of pounds being refunded for fines illegally issued and in lost future income for the Treasury.

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