Rooney criticised for not singing British anthem

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Bob Peedle, Chairman of the Royal Society of St George, has criticised Wayne Rooney for not singing the British national anthem before England games.

Apparently, Rooney doesn’t know the words which Peedle thinks is disgraceful and has offered to teach them to him.

The Royal Society of St George is there to promote England and the Commonwealth, singing the British national anthem before English football games is counter-productive to that aim and Bob Peedle is wrong.

I sent the following comment to the Daily Mail:

I’m sorry, I fail to understand why an ENGLAND player should sing the BRITISH anthem when his Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish counterparts sing their own anthem.
Bob Peedle’s organisation represents England, not Britain – he should be devoting his energies to getting an English anthem (such as Jerusalem) sung at English matches, not criticising English football players for not singing another country’s national anthem.

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  1. M Anderson (47 comments) says:

    Wayne Rooney has a huge great cross of St George on his arm. I have seen the photo. It has English and proud under it.

    Rooney is English. Why the hell would he sign the British anthem?
    I think the chairman of the Royal society of St George doesnt get it. Whether it’s because he doesnt want ot get it OR he’s thick I dont know.
    Anyway, Wayne Rooney is English and that’s despite his Irish roots. So much for all those so called celts sticking together ah? Well done Wayne.
    How come the “free press” dont advertise that fact that Rooney has England inked on his arm? They seem quite happy to whine about him not singing a certain song. Oh of course, they are gutless!

    Well done Wayne Rooney.
    _ _ _ _ mp’s and the coward media.

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