Scottish intereference in English affairs top peeve

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According to a MORI poll, Scottish MPs interfering in English affairs that they have no control over in their own constituencies is the constitutional cock-up that causes most dissatisfaction.

Prompted by Gareth, I sent the following to the Ministry of Injustice:


I gather that a MORI poll has confirmed what everybody’s known for a long time but the British government refuses to accept – that English people are sick to the back teeth with MPs elected in Scotland interfering in English-only affairs that they have no say over in their own constituencies.

Apparently, 46% of people polled said that Scottish MPs voting on English-only issues is something they are not satisfied with – in fact, it topped the list.

So, what does the Ministry of Justice intend to do to balance up the constitutional abortion created by the Labour Party when they gave the Celts their own government but refused equality for England?

Stuart Parr

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