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I read the other day that the Scottish Executive now wants to be called “the government”.

What a surprise to see the BBC sucking up to their future Scottish masters:

Government to scrap council tax

Yep, that’s the Scottish government, not the British government.  Less than a fortnight ago Newsnight asked for nominations for an award – The Order of the Brown Nose – for the syncophant who had sucked up to Gordon Brown the most.  Will they be presenting themselves with the one?

And another – Government faces transport battle

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  1. LJ (10 comments) says:

    Oh I’m sorry, did the BBC actually for once remember that they were the BBC and not the EBC that they prefer to be. You’re comment is hilarious, if you even spent 20 minutes as a Scot watching the BBC you would see how much Scotland is ignored.

    Just yesterday they said that ‘people are being bussed from the airport to the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Edinburgh’. Mmmm that would be the SECC in GLASGOW then. Such a basic error, but it just goes to show how news reports can’t be trusted when they come from a different country. Then they have a weather map with towns in completely the wrong places. Their sport commentary often shows great anti-Scottishness. We have to watch almost all our sport with English commentary (e.g. the last World cup we were screened all the anti-German programmes and had to suffer all the anti-German comments, even though up here we’re not anti-German). Then we get this really stupid ‘Scotland should be supporting England crap’, despite the fact that many Scots have Irish or Norwegian heritage and no English heritage at all (myself for example). Noone is going to tell me that I should support England over Norway or Ireland. Also, the weather report determines that if England is having bad weather then ‘the country’ is having bad weather, meanwhile we sit here in sunshine saying ‘what????’ We hear that ‘the country’ is under attack…I’m sorry, that would be more than one country wouldn’t it? Scotland is a country!

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