Shropshire Star: Brown has no place as our PM

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Brown has no place as our PM

Many people would agree with me that Gordon Brown has no mandate to govern England.

He hasn’t contested an election as leader of the Labour Party and potential Prime Minister for a start – so much for his pledge to restore trust in democracy.

However, there is a more important reason why Gordon Brown has no mandate to govern England.

According to the Labour propaganda unit, Gordon Brown’s domestic policies consist of health, education, housing and planning – none of which he has been given a mandate for by any part of the electorate.

In Scotland, “domestic” issues such as health, education, transport, the environment, housing and planning have all been made the responsibility of the Scottish Parliament.

Gordon Brown wasn’t elected to the Scottish Parliament, so he has no say in those matters in his own constituency and his constituents didn’t elect him for these policies.

As far as I am concerned, when Gordon Brown takes office this summer, England will be without a legitimate leader and Government

Stuart Parr

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