Right to Liberty to be suspended?

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The Home Secretary, John Reid, is considering declaring a state fo emergency after 3 suspected terrorists have disappeared whilst subject to a control order.

Control Orders are like tagging and ASBOs – the subject is told what they can and can’t do and the authorities take action if they breach conditions of the order.  This is fine when it’s a scrote on a tag after being caught smoking canabis or a chav caught nicking a burberry baseball cap from Primark but can suspected terrorists be trusted to stick to the terms of a control order when there is evidence that they have been planning to blow people up in this country?

Reid would have to declare a state of emergency in order to obtain a derogation on article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights which guarantees the right to liberty.  The effect of this won’t just give the power to the Home Secretary to detain terrorist suspencts indefinitely but any citizen of any country who is currently in the UK.  It could be used to detain opposition MPs if the Home Secretary considered the threat to the Liebour regime to be a threat to the stability of the country.  It could be used to detail journalists and bloggers, anyone who criticises the British government.  Declaring a state of emergency allows the introduction of food rationing, travel bans and restriction of telecommunications including the internet.



  1. M Anderson (47 comments) says:

    Democracy hasn’t existed in England, Britain or the EUroland for years mate. Reid amongst others is responsible for it.

  2. Calum (183 comments) says:

    You took your time before getting around to this.

    Have you seen how Reid wants to opt out of Article 5 of ECHR (European convention on Human Rights), the right to Liberty! He says he will seek what is known as a deification, where in in emergency situations we can opt out of some EU legislation, unless the courts give him extra powers! If that isn’t an attempt to breach judicial neutrality along with being a deeply immoral act i don’t know what is.

    “I’m supprised you haven’t had a rant about him being such a prat. I can’t believe he is doing this, to do so would breach HRA 1998 (Human Rights Act) along with the ECHR, however, there is a loophole in EU legislation wherein a member state can seek a derogation, wherein they can be exempt from an aspect of EU law. Makes you wonder why the EU even lets its legislation superceed member states when member sates can get exemption whenever they wish.

    Comment by Calum | May 24, 2007”

    Anyway, is rediclious.

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