Welsh MEP says English should give more money to Wales

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But not for equal funding

Welsh Labour MEP, Derek Vaughan, has called for the English to give even more money to Wales to make up for a £400m cut in EU funding agreed by the British.

When the EU budget was “cut”, as well as our contributions going up the amount of money we get back from the EU was also cut.  As Wales is a net recipient of EU funding that means that the Welsh lose more funding per capita than the English and it’s this funding reduction agreed by the British government that Derek Vaughan thinks the English should compensate them for.

Wales already gets nearly £1,400 more in per capita public spending than England so Vaughan can sod off.  It’s about time the rest of the UK started paying their own bills and stopped leaching off the English taxpayer.


  1. Boyo (2 comments) says:

    Telford and Wrekin gets more spending per capita than Shropshire. Maybe its time for the people of Telford to stop leaching off other English people!

    • Geoff, England (22 comments) says:

      It’s one thing for English money to be spent in poorer parts of England, but spending it in Wales? No way. No English money should ever be spent beyond England’s borders. The other countries in the Divided Kingdom are just as foreign as China or Brazil to me. If you want more money spent in Wales, it’s up to the people in Wales to earn it themselves.

      • John (37 comments) says:

        Spot on Geoff, Boyo is either a professional moron or is desperate with that pitiful ‘argument’, not a single penny more should be paid to the feeble and irrelevant bums in Welsh, Scottish or N Irish EU Regions – keep your noses ou of England’s affairs, and enjoy the subsidy while it lasts – the Party will be over soon, then you can go cap in hand to your owners in Brussels, perhaps thats why their pretend Nationalist (EUnionist Regionalist)Parties are so Pro EU?.

        • Boyo (2 comments) says:

          Geoff and John,

          What makes you think that I’m arguing for more money for Wales? Are you making assumptions because of my nickname? I can assure you that I am a Salopian, and definitely not Welsh.

          My arguement is why should any region/county/district get more than others? Telford gets more spending than Shropshire, and I’d imagine Brookside being a large council estate and where Stuart is a councillor, gets more than the Telford average too.

        • William Gruff (138 comments) says:

          The English term for ‘professional moron’ is Welsh.

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