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Dead Man Walking

I thought Gordo would hold on to power until the next election, that the ragged remains of his cabinet would rally round their leader to postpone the inevitable electoral destruction.  But not now – El Gordo is a dead man walking.

Jackboots Smith, the fascist bitch of a Home Secretary has resigned.  Hazel Blears, the psychotic ginger dwarf has resigned.  Beverley Hughes, another fascist bitch, has resigned.  Patricia Hewitt and David Chaytor are resigning.  But the most important resignation is James Purnell, the no-mark DWP minister, who has blamed No Mandate Brown for his resignation and called on him to resign as leader of the Liebour Party.

When ministers are resigning on an almost daily basis, a secretary of state openly challenges you to resign, an email is doing the rounds of your MPs gaining signatures to call for your resignation and your party is slugging it out with the Lib Dims for 3rd spot in the euro-elections, you’re fucked.

There’s no doubt about it, El Gordo is in the last few days of his leadership.  The only important unknown is whether Liebour will have the brass neck to try and go on for another year with another unelected Prime Minister or if they’ll bite the bullet and call a general election.  Who knows, her majesty may decide that enough is enough and dissolve parliament herself.

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Liebour unveils latest clone PPC

Erith & Thamesmead Liebour Party have chosen a tax investigator as their PPC, according to the BBC.  I’m assuming she’s a former tax investigator as it would be incompatible with being a civil servant.

Teresa Pearce’s website is an interesting read …

Only Labour would have introduced the NMW and its up to Labour to defend it. (link)

Really?  The National Minimum Wage (NMW) was introduced as part of the EU Working Time Directive, not by the Liebour Party.  Whichever of the eurofederalist LibLabCon was in power at the time would have had to introduce it.

Further down the home page, she examine’s Boris Johnson’s record after his first year as Mayor …

  • The “letting go” of Sir Ian Blair as police chief
  • A rise in public transport fares averaging  6% overall – higher than the rate of inflation
  • Three year freeze on bus expansion program
  • Environment budget reduced by £139k
  • The Greenwich Waterfront Transit Scheme cancelled.
  • Mayor’s decision not to proceed with the Thames Gateway Bridge.
  • Failure to provide leadership over police mishandling of G20 protests
  • 2/3rd cut in funding for London Cycle Network
  • Dropping of £25 emissions charge for gas guzzlers and Western Extension of congestion charge.
  • Abandonment of 100 public spaces program.
  • Planning for new transport schemes abandoned: Cross River Tram; DLR extension Dagenham Dock; Croydon Tramlink, Oxford Street tram; large number of step free access tube schemes


Ian Bliar was shit at his job, he was a Liebour Party stooge and he was deeply unpopular.  He wasn’t sacked by Boris or “let go”, he resigned because he couldn’t carry on bumbling through his job without the protection of the Liebour administration.  Ian Bliar will go down as a liar and a weak commissioner whose primary purpose was to serve the Liebour government.

Public transport fares have to go up everywhere – London included – because the Liebour Chancellor keeps putting up fuel duty and road tax.  The Liebour Transport Secretary is also busily extending the annual MOT test to include all sorts of spurious checks that have nothing to do with safety but increase the cost of a test year on year.

The three year freeze on the bus expansion programme (note the spelling Teresa, we’re not Americans), the reduction in the environment budget, the cancellation of the Greenwich Waterfront Transit Scheme, the cancellation of the Thames Gateway Bridge project, the funding cuts in the cycle network, the abandonment of the public spaces programme (spelling again Teresa) and cancellation of the other transport schemes are all necessary because the Liebour Prime Mentalist and the Liebour Chancellor have destroyed the economy and we can’t afford them.

Abandoning the £25 emissions tax on big cars and expansion of the congestion charge is a popular move and reflects the wishes of the majority of Londoners and commuters

And it is not the Mayor’s job to take a lead on the investigations into the bad policing of the G20 terrorist protests.  The Mayor isn’t the head of the Metropolitan Police, he isn’t the head of the CPS, he isn’t the head of the IPCC and he isn’t the Home Secretary.  Ultimate responsibility for the Metropolitan Police and their actions lies with the Liebour Home Secretary, Jackboot Smith.

Going further back, she even has the nerve to complain about the Post Office being hung out to dry when it is the Liebour government that has withdrawn state services from the Post Office and implemented the EU Directives that have allowed that postal service to be plundered by foreign (mainly state-owned) companies.

What is it with the Liebour Party and hypocrites?  Is it a requirement to be an ill-informed, hypocritical party mouthpiece to get selected as a candidate?  The only consolation is that Liebour is going to be decimated in the next couple of elections and Teresa Pearce has got about as much chance as a ghosts fart in a force ten gale of getting elected.

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Telegraph exposes thieving bastard politicians

The Telegraph has details of our thieving bastard MPs’ thieving bastard expenses and come to the conclusion that they’re thieving bastards.

  • The thieving bastard Prime Minister paid his brother over £6k for cleaning his flat.
  • The thieving bastard Justice Secretary, Jackboot Straw, claimed back the full council tax bill for his second home even though he had a 50% discount (he paid it back yesterday when he found out that it was going to be in a newspaper noticed the mistake).
  • The thieving bastard crook, Peter Mandelson, claimed thousands of pounds for improvements to his constituency home after he’d announced his resignation as an MP and then sold it for a profit of £136k.
  • The thieving bastard Communities Secretary, Hazel Blears, claimed £5k for furniture for three different homes by changing the title of her main home.
  • The thieving bastard Chancellor, Alistair Darling, changed the title of his second home four times in four years so he could claim second home expenses at all his properties.
  • The thieving bastard Transport Secretary, Geoff Hoon, spent thousands of pounds of taxpayers money improving his second home and then changed the title of his second home to another property and spent thousands of pounds of taxpayers money improving that home.
  • The thieing bastard Culture Secretary, Europe Minister and Welsh Secretary, Andy Burnham, Caroline Flint and Paul Murphy, all bought flats or the freehold for properties that they already owned and then claimed moving costs and stamp duty.

Hazel Blears said there would be no resignations because all the claims were within the rules but that they recognised the rules needed changing.  So they recognise that the rules are open to abuse, that thieving bastard MPs are robbing the taxpayer and that the rules have to be changed but they still abused the rules knowing that what they were doing was wrong?

Thieving.  Bastard.  MPs.

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Harriet Harperson doesn’t want to be PM .. honest

Harriet Harperson says she doesn’t want to be Prime Minister. Thank god for that, the last thing we need is to lose a one-eyed Scottish dictator and gain a man-hating fascist bitch.

She says she’s staying loyal to El Gordo …

My ambition is to remain his loyal and supportive deputy

And if you believe that the extent of Harriet Harperson’s ambition is to spend the next few months as El Gordo’s number two you shouldn’t be allowed to even look at a ballot paper, let alone cast a vote.

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Liebour scared of the BNP

The corrupt media bought into the left wing lie that the BNP are a far right party but many bloggers know the truth – that the BNP are a far left party, more akin to Liebour than the parties on the right – and try our best to make sure as many people as possible get to know the truth.

Labour and BNP - peas in a podThe left’s propaganda is further discredited by Harriet Harperson’s admission that Liebour is scared of the BNP.  Harperson says that the BNP “are a bigger threat than they have been before” and are so scared of losing votes to the far left BNP that they’re using a different election slogan in areas where BNP have a lot of support, are working with (ironically) with anti-fascist groups and even have anti-BNP battlebuses.

You will note that there are no such concerns from the right of centre Conswervatives or UKIP, nor is there a sustained campaign against the BNP from any party other than Liebour.  Now that support for Liebour has collapsed, the left will be casting their protest votes for the BNP.

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Liebour Lords offer money for amending bills

Four Liebour Lords have been caught out by undercover reporters apparently offering to change bills for money.

The 4 Lords – Lord Truscott, Lord Moonie, Lord Taylor of Blackburn and Lord Snape – were all approached by undercover reporters for the Sunday Times and allegedly agreed to introduce amendments to bills going through the House of Lords in exchange for a fee of up to £120k.

It’s worth noting that all four of the Lords in question are Life Peers, appointed to the House of Lords rather than inheriting their seat and further evidence that the appointment of Peers, or even their election, would be bad for democracy.

These Life Peers have made a career out of politics and shown themselves not to have the best interests of the country in mind but their own career and that has led them to the monumentally bad decision of apparantly accepting bribes.  Would a hereditary peer have taken the bribe?  There’s always the chance that they might because even Lords and Ladies get short of cash but it’s far less likely – they tend not to make a career out of politics and there are easier ways of getting your hands on cash if you’ve got a title than taking a bung off a dodgy businessman.

The problem with appointing people to the Lords or with electing them to the House is that they are reliant on the job for their income.  You only have to look at the amount of fraud and corruption amongst MPs to see what happens when you put people of limited substance into a position of power.  Corrupt politics on the scale experienced now is a relatively recent phenomenon.  A century ago most MPs were wealthly landowners, Lords, doctors, etc. – people with money, a career and a reputation.  The job of an MP was a philanthropic choice of career rather than one with a hugely inflated salary, an effective immunity from prosecution and a retirement package that will keep you in luxury for the rest of your natural.

Those who seek power are not worthy of that power.
– Plato

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Welcome to Planet Labour

The LabourList website is being relaunched with a new design. Don’t worry though, it’s still a waste of bandwidth populated by the same tired old sycophant party officials, failed politicians and corrupt communists.

Of course, with the website being hosted on Planet Labour, you can expect the usual bizarre version of reality that Labour supporters and politicians inhabit. There are some amusing comments on the home page, such as:

This is a challenging but exciting time for Labour. Twelve years in office have brought huge advances to Britain, and we continue to be the party of ideas and innovation.

… and …

The distinction between the major parties has rarely been clearer

The blogroll in particular made me laugh. There’s the “A-List” of blogs, a small selection of other sycophant Labour-supporting blogs and the “Z-List” of blogs, comprising the two most popular blogs in the UK – Iain Dale and Guido Fawkes – and ConservativeHome, the Tory grassroots website that the likes of LabourList can only look at with envy.

As well as the entertaining alternate reality stuff, there’s a bit of naughtiness – a link to FixMyStreet in amongst other Labour buttons with the clear implication that the site, which was set up by the same charity behind the website, is a Labour initiative.

We’re under no illusions as to how popular Bloggers4UKIP is likely to be – UKIP is a minor party and we wouldn’t expect to compete directly with the likes of ConservativeHome but if the best “grass roots” website the Labour Party can come up is LabourList then we’re pretty happy with what we’ve managed to achieve in our spare time with a budget of zero and without any help from UKIP.

Just a quick note to LabourList before I finish though: ministers and paid employees aren’t “grass roots“. Ordinary members giving up their spare time without being paid or otherwise rewarded – like us here at Bloggers4UKIP – are the grass roots of a party.

Government are out of control

What a surprise, the Liebour Stazi have suppressed democracy again.

A motion was put forward to set up a committee to investigate the arrest of Damian Green MP, the police search of his MPs office without a warrant and the complicity of the Speaker and the Serjeant at Arms in the search.  It would have seven committee members, four of which would be Liebour MPs and they would start their investigations after the Police had finished their investigations into the leaks for which Damian Green was arrested.

Minge Campbell put forward an amendment to have the committee start their investigations straight away but this was rejected by just 4 votes so the Conswervatives and Lib Dums have told their MPs not to take part in the committee because it’s a sham.

A police investigation could take months or even years to complete, by which time there may have been an election (if Gordo hasn’t banned them in the interests of national security by then), a new government and a new Speaker.

This really is taking the piss – it’s virtually impossible now to hold the British government to account, either as a voter or an MP.  They get away with fraud, corruption, gross incompetence and even treason.  They’re out of control, no longer acting in the interests of the country but only in the interests of themselves and their party.  Liebour has only one objective – to stay in power.  My off-the-cuff remarks about elections being banned aren’t really that off-the-cuff, I can quite believe it happening.

When your government no longer acts in the interests of you or your country and effective opposition ceases to exist there is only one course of action available.

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Non-partisan Speaker?

The role of Speaker of the House of Commons is held by an elected MP who promises to be non-partisan.  The current Speaker, Michael Martin MP, is the Liebour MP for Glasgow North East and he’s proven to be anything but non-partisan.  I don’t think there have ever been so many complaints and accusations of bias against any Speaker.

And Gorbals is at it again with the committee investigating whether he and the Serjant at Arms were wrong to allow Police to raid Damian Martin’s office in the Palace of Westminster.  The Speaker appoints members to such commissions, even though the commission is investigating him, and he’s decided to appoint 4 Liebour MPs to the 7-man commission ensuring they get the “right” answer.

Of course, the role of Speaker is non-partisan so there’s no reason for Liebour MPs to whitewash the whole affair because Gorbals wasn’t acting on behalf of the Liebour Party, right?  Well, not exactly.  Not at all in fact.

A survey of MPs by the BBC found that 32 of the 90 MPs that responded thought the Speaker was in the wrong.  In response, Liebour ministers have rallied round Gorbals with Margaret Beckett even going as far as saying that there is a long-standing tradition of MPs not criticising the Speaker.  Perhaps if the Speaker had upheld the long-standing tradition of not supporting the party he belongs to, not showing bias towards the party he belongs to, not abusing his expenses to pay for his wife’s shopping trips and protecting the parliamentary privillege then MPs would be more inclined to respect the tradition of not criticising him.

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All animals are equal … but some animals are more equal than others

In a civillised democracy a member of an opposition political party would be commended for making public some embarrassing piece of information about the serving government.  Information relating to the employment of an illegal immigrant at the Home Office, the Security Industry Authority giving licences to illegal immigrants or a letter from the Home Secretary to the Prime Minister saying that recession might lead to an increase in crime (claims that it may have mentioned that bears shit in the woods have yet to be confirmed).

But, of course, this isn’t a civillised democracy any more.  Far from it: this is the Brownian People’s Republic of New Britain – an embryonic soviet-style police state in which the police and security services are an instrument of the ruling party and a grinning, jowly hypocrite tells us all what to do while he does the complete opposite.

The Tory MP and Immigration Spokesman, Damian Green, was arrested on Thursday night for just that though.  Civil Service bosses called in the police to investigate the source of a leak in their department, Green was fingered and anti-terrorism officers swooped.  His homes in Kent and London were searched and his office in Westminster was searched with the permission of Liebour MP and El Gordo’s sockpuppet, Speaker Micheal Martin.

It is the latter that has caused most concern because, unless there is an accusation of a criminal offence, Westminster is effectively off-limits to the police.  MPs have parliamentary privilege which gives MPs immunity from civil offences committed inside the Palace of Westminster.  The concept of parliamentary privilege is important because MPs need to be able to speak or act freely in parliament without having to worry about being sued as a result.  There is also the question of privacy – the police removed files and papers from his office in parliament which may contain confidential or sensitive correspondence from his constituents.

Of course, El Gordo says that he didn’t know anything about this in advance and nor did any of his ministers.  David Cameron did and so did Boris Johnson but the Prime Minister says he didn’t and the Home Secretary – the minister in charge of the police – says that she didn’t.  Didn’t know, my arse.  This was a parting shot from Ian Blair on his last day as head of the Met against the party he blames for his demise.  Of course the Goblin King and the facist bitch, Jacqui Smith, knew about it.
The idea that an opposition MP can be arrested by anti-terrorist police, have his home and parliamentary office searched and confidential papers taken away for examination for doing his job is truly shocking and there have been the inevitable and justified drawing of parallels with George Orwell’s 1984.  But it goes deeper than 1984, it’s just a small part of the whole rotten revolution.  Gordo and his champagne socialist co-conspirators are creating their very own animal farm with the One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan as Napolean and Alistair Darling as his Squealer.

George Orwell was a visionary and the most ironic thing is that Orwell was a Labour Party supporter for most of his life.

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Sticks and stones

It’s not very often I come out in defence of an MP and even less often a Liebour MP but I have to defend Paul Flynn MP over the attempted censorship of his blog.

Flynn makes fun of his fellow MPs and gives them nicknames on his blog.  Some of the things he says about his colleagues are quite scathing although not with the same vehemence as people like the Devil or the ginger one.  But the Commons thought police didn’t like the idea of him using his propaganda allowance to pay for that sort of thing and told him, in not so many words, to stop taking the piss.

If you look at the top political blogs in terms of visitors, influence and noteriety, the only one written by a politician is Bob Piper and that’s because he’s blunt, critical and takes the piss.  It’s what people want to read, it’s what makes political blogs interesting.  People don’t want to read commentary or extracts of policy, they want to know who’s shagging who, who scratches their arse and then sniffs their fingers, who goes on 12 hour benders in the Commons bar and all that jazz.  They want to see politicians being called names and generally sneered at.

Flynn did the right thing – something you wouldn’t generally expect from a Liebour MP – and dipped his hand in his own pocket to pay the £250 a year cost of hosting his blog which means the Commons thought police have no excuse to censor him.  Interestingly, according to his blog he did this 18 months ago but the BBC are only now reporting it.  It’s common for the dead tree press and even news behemoths like the BBC and Sky to be hours or even days behind blogs but surely 18 months is a bit too long to be excusable?

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Liebour retains Glenrothes

Liebour have won the by-election in Glenrothes, a bordering constituency to No Mandate Brown’s Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath constituency.

When John MacDougal died earlier this year (following a visit by Jonah Brown, incidently) Liebour had a majority of over 10,000.  Their majority has now been reduced to 6,737 with a swing to the SNP of 5%.

The Conswervatives will be celebrating a glorious victory – they managed to knock the Illiberal Dumocrats into fourth place which, in Scotland, is no mean feat for them.  UKIP will also be pleased that they didn’t come last.  One day both the Conswervatives and UKIP will realise that Scotland votes for eurofederalist, supposedly socialist parties and concentrate on England where they actually achieve some success.
This is a thoroughly disappointing result to any right thinking person – the SNP were widely expected to overturn Liebour’s majority like they have done the last couple of times and there was some speculation that El Gordo might even lose his job if Liebour lost yet another by-election in their celtic heartlands.  But sadly the people of Glenrothes decided to vote for a representative of the most sleaze-ridden, corrupt and illiberal British government this country has ever known.

Thanks for nothing Glenrothes.

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Good news day

Not one, but three pieces of good news from the Liebour camp.

Firstly, Liebour’s pet Police Commissioner, Ian Blair has resigned blaming a lack of support from Boris Johnson for his resignation. Jacqui Goebels-Smith has had a whinge saying that Boris didn’t follow correct procedures by using his first day as Chairman of the Met Police Authority to tell Ian Blair it was time for new leadership. Meanwhile, Red Ken has forgotten that he’s a nobody – not a councillor, not an assembly member, not an MP and not the mayor – and nobody really gives a shit what he thinks. Apart, that is, for the amusing claim that Boris is making the role of Met Police Commissioner “much more political”. To be quite frank, I think the only way it could be made more political was if Boris took the job on himself. Ian Blair is a card-carrying Labour Party member and the most politically motivated and controlled puppet that’s ever been in the job. Good riddance to bad rubbish I say.

Secondly, Ruth Kelly, the psycho Opus Dei fanatic and Transport Secretary for England is not only resigning from the Cabinet to “spend more time with her family” (a traditional euphemism for “done something really bad but don’t want my face on the front page of the Sun over it”) but she’s also standing down as an MP at the next election. Which is rather academic really because, like most Liebour MPs, she would have been spending a lot more time with her family after the election anyway.

Thirdly and finally, Lord Digby Jones, part of El Gordo’s “Cabinet of all the Talentless”, is resigning from his unelected appointment. Digby Jones is such a successful ambassador for Birmingham that he hosted a conference to tell local businesses how to out-source their businesses abroad. He’s also a former lobbyist for the tobacco industry.

The day has got off to such a good start, now watch some bastard spoil it.

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Oh balls

Liebour: the party of nationalist socialists …

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Gordo’s Speech

Why oh why oh why do I do these things? I got a Google alert with a link to El Gordo’s conference speech so I clicked on the link and started reading. Still, my pain means you don’t have to read his evil words. Taking one for the team, what a guy. 😉

So, where to start …

Well, he starts off on a positive note. He wants “A new settlement for new times. A fair Britain for the new age.”

He then goes into Tony mode:

I didn’t come into politics to be a celebrity or thinking I’d always be popular.

That’s lucky, you’re not a celebrity and nobody likes you.

Perhaps, that’s just as well.

Ah, great minds think alike eh, Gord? Just as well, indeed.

No, 25 years ago I asked the people of Fife to send me to parliament to serve the country I love.

And which country is that Gordo? I think we know don’t we?

So I’m not going to try to be something I’m not.

What, you’re going to stop telling people you’re British instead of Scottish and you’re going to stop pretending that you don’t hate English people?

And if people say I’m too serious, quite honestly there’s a lot to be serious about – I’m serious about doing a serious job for all the people of this country.

Don’t worry, we don’t think you’re too serious. Quite the opposite, most people think you’re a joke.

What angers me and inspires me to act is when people are treated unfairly.

Ok, I’ll just suspend belief for a few paragraphs shall I?

So when people share with me stories about the hard time they’re having with bills, I want to help

My biggest single bill is tax, like pretty much every other person in England.

And when I talk to parents about schools, I’m determined that every child should have a good school, because while I got my break in a great local secondary, not all my friends got the chance to get on.

Every child? Even those in your own constituency? And what will you be doing to to make that happen for the country that elected you as opposed to the country that didn’t elect you?

And when I speak to victims of crime I get angry – because like them I know the difference between right and wrong.

Hahahaha. Hahahahahaha. Hahahahaha. No, seriously, there’s a punchline isn’t there?

And where I’ve made mistakes I’ll put my hand up and try to put them right.

That would explain why you’ve got both hands up in the picture in all the papers.

So what happened with 10p stung me because it really hurt that suddenly people felt I wasn’t on the side of people on middle and modest incomes – because on the side of hard-working families is the only place I’ve ever wanted to be. And from now on it’s the only place I ever will be.

That’ll make a refreshing change from being on their backs.

The people of Britain would never forget if we failed to put them first – and friends, they’d be right.

Oh don’t worry, we won’t forget. Friend.

And in these uncertain times, we must be, we will be, the rock of stability and fairness upon which people stand.

Stability? No, I promise I won’t laugh. Fairness? Again, I’ll suspend belief for a few more paragraphs.

And friends, it’s a calling that summons us because in every time of profound change those with great wealth and privilege have always been able to look after themselves

Quite. Just remind me, what’s an MPs salary nowadays? And a Prime Minister? Somewhere in the region of £167k is it?

And where there are new opportunities, our duty is and will be fair chances for everyone matched by fair rules applied to everyone.

Fair? There’s that word again. I’m struggling to keep my belief suspended here but I’ll try my best.

And insuring people against the new risks and empowering people with new opportunities is the mission of the hour.

The policy of the hour too it seems. I’m sure there’ll be a new “mission of the hour” during tomorrow’s relaunch.

And those who say that governments should walk away when people face these risks and need these opportunities will be judged to be on the wrong side of history.

We don’t want you to walk away because we’re facing risks and need opportunities, we want you to walk away because you’re a liability.

A settlement where both markets and government are seen to be the servants of the people, and never their masters

Hmm, very Mussolini-esque.

And just as those who supported the dogma of big government were proved wrong, so too those who argue for the dogma of unbridled free market forces have been proved wrong.

Government is bigger and more quango-infested than it’s ever been in history, you cretin. And it wasn’t free market forces that brought down Northern Rock, it was interfering, protectionist EU rules.

And so it falls to this party and to this government, with its commitment both to fairness and to business, to propose and deliver what after recent events everyone should now be willing to accept – that we do all it takes to stabilise the still turbulent financial markets and then in the months ahead we rebuild the world financial system around clear principles.

Fairness again, did you notice? And after doing such a sterling job with our own economy he plans to do the same with the world’s financial system. Praise be.

So the new settlement also requires another great and historic endeavour to end the dictatorship of oil and to avert catastrophic climate change, a transformation in our use of energy. New nuclear power, an unprecedented increase in renewables and investment in clean coal.

End one dictatorship and start another eh, Gordo? Or, more accurately, end one dictatorship but extend the existing dictatorship.

And I am asking the climate change committee to report by October on the case for, by 2050 not a 60% reduction in our carbon emissions, but an 80% cut

Oh joy. Oh rapture. The devastating burden of El Gordo’s faux-green credentials on our struggling industry will be extended. With a bit of luck, the entire manufacturing sector will die a death in a few years and we won’t have to worry about emissions. Well, the couple of percent of global emissions that the UK is actually accountable for.

And while the Conservatives did nothing to help people with their gas and electricity bills in the last world downturn, this winter, millions of people will receive the help with heating bills, insulation, social tariffs – help they never received from the Conservatives.

Help with heating bills, insulation and social tariffs. El Gordo’s constituents have been getting the first two for a while now, as have the Welsh. And social tariffs are paid for by the energy companies who then pass on the cost to the rest of their customers.

But you know, when it comes to public spending you can’t just wave a magic wand to conjure up the money – not even with help from Harry Potter.

So where did the extra £5bn come from to pump into the economy? And where is the £90bn in loans going to come from for Darling’s last ditch spending spree?

But I say to you that we will invest it wisely, continuing our record investment in schools, Sure Start centres, transport and hospitals.

None of which applies to his Scottish constituency of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath.

People feel their communities are changing before their eyes and it’s increasing their anxiety about crime and anti-social behaviour. And so we will be the party of law and order.

Yes, they certainly are changing. That’s unfettered immigration and social deprivation for you, Gordo. And this party of law and order – does this extend beyond dispensing illegal and unconstitutional summary justice in the form of on-the-spot fines?

And so the new settlement for our times show how Britain can meet all these challenges too and its more than about a fair prosperity – it must be about fair chances and fair rules too.

Fair …

Let’s just take a break there because I’m only half way through and a re-cap is in order. What he’s basically saying is that he’ll be fair, that something called “Britain” will be fair and that if we live by his fair rules, everything will be fair. And nothing that he’s said yet actually applies to his own constituents.

Ok, once more unto the breach …

even more than in 1997- this country needs a Labour government.

Like a hole in the head.

When we talk about three million more people in work since 1997 – that’s not just a number, that’s a life that’s been changed

No, that’s a string of changes to the rules to get unemployed people onto incapacity benefits and classing unemployed musicians, artists and normally self-employed people as employed but “between assignments”. Nothing but fudged figures and statistics.

And when we talk about the one million small and medium-sized businesses set up in the last eleven years, that’s not just a number

Yes it is. How many of those one million businesses have failed?

And when we talk about one million people benefiting from new Labour’s minimum wage that’s not just a number

Nope, the definition is still the same. I wonder, have you tried living on the minimum wage Gordo?

And when we talk about the 240,000 lives that are saved by the progress Labour’s NHS has made in fighting cancer and heart disease

Yes, let’s talk about Labour’s NHS Gordo. Which NHS shall we talk about? There’s four of them now, remember, but one of them is underfunded so more money can be diverted to the other three. Can you guess which one I’m talking about? That’s right, the regions NHS. I wonder what those English people who aren’t allowed to have lifesaving cancer treatments that your constituents in Scotland are allowed think about Labour’s NHS. You must be so proud.

For me fairness is treating others how we would be treated ourselves.

So no Labour MP or their family will be taking advantage of the perks of the Scottish or Welsh NHS? Any Labour MP or family member living in Scotland won’t have a treatment that an English person can’t have? No Labour MP or member of their family will take advantage of free hospital parking in Scotland or Wales? No, I didn’t think that would be the case somehow.

And fairness is why Harriet is introducing the first ever equalities bill.

Yes, Harriet Harperson’s bill will legalise discrimination against young white males. Thanks Harriet.

And it is why our whole party is leading the fight against the British National Party.

Which party does the BNP gain most supporters from? Erm, I think it’s the Labour Party isn’t it? That’s nothing to do with your vendetta against a legal political party is it? Of course not, that wouldn’t be fair would it?

Fairness is why John Denham is extending university access

Doesn’t apply to the people in Scotland who elected Gordon Brown.

why Ruth Kelly has introduced for the first time free bus travel for pensioners

For the first time in England, Gordon. You know that it’s free in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland already don’t you Gordo?

and why John Hutton and our Labour Members of the European Parliament but are fighting to free agency workers from the scourge of exploitation

If they’re being exploited then why not change the law so they’re not being exploited. You don’t need Federal Europe to do that Gordo, getting someone else to pass a law is a bit lazy don’t you think? Of course, it wouldn’t apply to your own constituents in Scotland if it didn’t come from Federal Europe.

We have always stood for public services that are universal, available to all. Now we must stand for public services that are not only available to all, but personal to each.

Since 1997 you’ve stood for public services that are available to some and to varying degrees, dependent on whether they’re English or not. You might call that fair, most people call it racism.

want Britain to take its place among the leading nations in pre-school services, and so I pledge here today in Manchester starting in over 30 communities, and then over 60, we will, stage by stage, extend free nursery places for two year olds for every parent who wants them in every part of the country backed by high quality, affordable childcare for all.

Doesn’t apply to the people in Scotland that elected him.

So we will keep up the pace of reform: more academies, trust and specialist schools, more of the brightest and best graduates becoming teachers, more investment in building schools for the future – state of the art schools for world class schooling.

Doesn’t apply to the people in Scotland that elected him.

And we want to enable all families to use the internet to link back to their children’s school – and so Jim Knight is announcing that we will fund over a million extra families to get online, on the way to our ambition of Britain leading the world with more of our people than any other major economy able to access the internet and broadband.

Free broadband for anyone with kids. Great, where do I sign up? Hold on, there’s got to be more than a million families with children in school. Surely it’s going to be available to every family? That would be fair.

And now as we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the NHS let me on behalf of all of us here, and all the people of the country – thank all the NHS staff – the cooks and cleaners, the paramedics and porters, the doctors and midwives and nurses.
You have served our country and served a great ideal – the principle that in a fair society health-care should not be a commodity to be bought by some but a right to be enjoyed by all.

Labour is the party of the NHS – we created it, we saved it, we value it and we always will support it.

Don’t forget to thank them for still doing their job despite the insulting 1.9% pay increase that you forced them to accept in England. Not as much as the payrise the medical staff in your own constituency in Scotland get is it?

But what I didn’t tell you last year was that then one morning I woke up and realised my sight was going in my good eye. I had another operation and lay in the darkness for days on end.

Did you wait for months on a waiting list to be seen, months on a waiting list to have tests, months on a waiting list to be seen again and then months on a waiting list to get your operation? Did they apply the same rules that they do to people with Wet ARMD in England – that they have to go blind in one eye and start going blind in the other before they’ll do anything? Or did they apply the rules that they apply to your constituents in Scotland with Wet ARMD – you get the treatment when you need it, before you go blind?

And so in April a Labour Britain will become the first country in the whole world to offer free universal check ups for everyone over 40.

You mean a Labour England, surely?

Over the last few years we’ve made major breakthroughs in research relevant to cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and strokes and many more.

It’s a shame that we can’t have access to all those advances in England isn’t it? Lucky for your constituents in Scotland that they can though, eh?

Over the next decade we can lead the way in beating cancer and other diseases

As long as they’re cheap enough to afford with the money that’s left for the English NHS after we’ve finished subsidising the other NHS in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

And because we know that almost every British family has been touched by cancer, Alan Johnson and I know we must do more to relieve the financial worry that so often goes alongside the heartache. And so I can announce today for those in our nation battling cancer from next year you will not pay prescription charges.

Oh Gordon, you’re not being very honest now are you? Quite misleading in fact – your constituents in Scotland don’t pay for prescriptions if they have cancer and they don’t pay for any prescriptions in Wales at all. But what’s the point of free prescriptions for cancer patients in England if cancer patients in England aren’t allowed the treatments to save their lives that cancer patients in Scotland are allowed.

The generation that rebuilt Britain from the ashes of the war deserves better and so I can tell you today that Alan Johnson and I will also bring forward new plans to help people to stay longer in their own homes and provide greater protection against the costs of care – dignity and hope for everyone in their later years.

Is this the cost of care that your constituents in Scotland and the elderly in Wales don’t pay for?

Nobody in Britain should get to take more out of the system than they are willing to put in.

You’re going to abolish the Barnett Formula so your constituents in Scotland don’t take more out of the system that they put in?

Another break and re-cap?

Ok, some more bunk about fairness and a whole raft of things that have nothing to do with his constituents in Scotland. And some very misleading – deliberately misleading – claims about doing things for Britain that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland already have.

Right, we’re almost done now. I hope you appreciate the amount of bullshit I’ve had to wade through.

And we should never forget one thing – that every single blow we have struck for fairness and for the future has been opposed by the Conservatives.

And just think where our country would be if we’d listened to them.

Yes let’s.

No paternity leave, no New Deal, no bank of England independence, no Sure Start, no devolution, no civil partnerships, no minimum wage, no new investment in the NHS, no new nurses, no new police, no new schools.

We still have no devolution in England. You know we want it, you came into your job knowing we wanted it, but you still won’t let us have it.

And so let’s hear no more from the Conservatives – we did fix the roof while the sun was shining.

And just think if we’d taken their advice on the global financial crisis. Their policy was to let northern rock fold and imperil the whole financial system, our Labour government saved northern rock so not a single UK depositor lost out.

Every single depositor is going to pay thousands to keep Northern Rock solvent. Every taxpayer is going to pay thousands to keep Northern Rock solvent.

Their policy said, in this week of all weeks, that speculative short selling should continue. We acted decisively to end reckless speculation.

Yes, let those nasty capitalists go abroad and make their money and pay their taxes.

The Conservatives may want to represent the future, but whether its Europe or energy, planning or tax credits, university places or 42 days, whenever they are tested on substance they have nothing to offer to meet the big challenges of tomorrow, because they are prisoners of their past.

You mean all those things that the majority of the electorate is opposed to but you have brought in anyway?

And stronger together as England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland we can make our United Kingdom even better.

Don’t even go there.

And unlike the Conservatives who are extremists and isolationists on Europe, we will work with our partners in the European Union

David Cameron is a eurofederalist, the majority of the electorate want out.

There’s more but it’s just words. Meaningless words. The entire speech – from the moment his chubby, frumpy wife came on for a carefully stage managed spontaneous surprise introduction for her husband to the utterly meaningless drivel at the end – he said absolutely nothing of any substance. Virtually nothing in the entire speech affected his own constituents in Scotland and most of what he pledged for Britain England has already been introduced in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It’s too little, too soon. He’s a lame duck and the only reason he’s at least marginally safe in his job is because his fellow MPs are too worried about losing their jobs if Gordo gets the boot and they have to call an election.

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JK Rowling donates £1m to Liebour

JK Rowling has donated £1m to the Liebour Party, saying that poor and vulnerable people would fare better under Liebour than the Conswervatives.

For fucks sake.

Did she not notice the 10p tax band being abolished? Of course not, the hourly interest on her £560m fortune is far and above the amount a poor and vulnerable person was allowed to earn before having to pay the normal amount of income tax.

Mrs Sane has been instructed not to buy any more Harry Potter tat for the spawn.

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How long until Darling resigns?

I’m in the strange situation of feeling sorry for Alistair Darling.  Yes, he’s a fucking cretin.  Yes, he looks like like he’s got two caterpillars on his face.  Yes, he’s one of the English-hating jocks who signed the Scottish Claim of Right and then done what they can to make sure that England gets screwed over.

But putting that aside, he’s not in a very good position at the moment is he?  El Gordo spent a decade selling the family silver, cleaning out the bank accounts and borrowing the gross domestic product of a small African nation every year to make ends meet.  Now the One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan has got the top job, Darling is left with a set of accounts that would make an Enron executive shake his head and tut in disapproval.

And to top it all off, McBroon is still trying to spend money like it’s going out of fashion in a desperate attempt to bribe people into voting for Liebour.

This week Darling told us, in a roundabout way, that the economy is up the shitter and we’re not to expect things to get better any time soon.  El Gordo then went on to announce that it would be a jolly good idea if local authorities were to spend taxpayers money buying houses that are being reposessed.  This is in addition to their plans to offer cheap mortgages to people who are struggling to get on the property ladder or pay their mortgages.

So where’s the money coming from?  I don’t think Darling has a clue and El Gordo certainly doesn’t care.  The housing market has fallen on its arse, banks and building societies are announcing record losses and we’ve just entered a recession.  Yet the British government is still spending like there’s no tomorrow.  The 2012 Olympics were supposed to cost just over £3bn but the cost has now risen to over £9bn.  The war in Irag and Afghanistan is costing billions with no end in sight.  Federal Europe is fleecing us for billions of pounds every year and the price goes up every year.

There isn’t enough money to support the spending that El Gordo is committing.  Mother Hubbard has just had a quick look in the cupboard and it’s bare.  We’re fucking broke and the Goblin King is still coming out with all these batshit ideas without giving so much as a second thought to the cost.  All those people who nicknamed him the Iron Chancellor must be looking in the mirror every morning and thinking what a dick they sound now the shit is hitting the fan.

I can’t see Darling putting up with this for much longer.  The number two job has turned out to be a steming pile of number two and it isn’t going to get any better.  Assuming they aren’t cancelled in the interests of national security, there will be elections either next year or the year after.  Liebour stand about as much chance as a ghosts fart in a force ten gale of winning the next general election so Darling has two options – either tough it out and firefight as best as he can until the next election or resign before things get much worse and let someone else dodge the bullets.  My money is on the latter.

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Liebour double standards

Nuruzzaman Hira, a former candidate for the frankly bizarre Respect party and the equally pointless spin-off, Left List, has defected to the Illiberal Dumbocrats.

This wouldn’t be newsworthy in the slightest if it wasn’t for the response by the local Liebour nutters who said it showed a “lack of principle”.

Strange that because a lefty liberal defecting from a lefty liberal party to another slightly less lefty liberal party means that you can keep your lefty liberal principles with your new party.  Not so for Quentin Davies, the right wing capitalist Tory toff who defected to the nominally left wing socialist Liebour Party.

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Shropshire Star: Labour is still not listening

This is in tonight’s Shropshire Star …

Labour is still not listening

So, Labour has lost yet another election – Glasgow East, next to Gordon Brown’s constituency.  Just like after losing the election in Crewe and Nantwich, ministers trotted out the “we need to listen to the people” line and claimed they were just victims of circumstance – the price of fuel, the credit crunch, etc.

Now where have I heard that before?  Oh yes, after they lost the London mayoral elections.  Labour does not listen to “the people”.

I hear more from Bob Spink (UKIP, Castle Point) and Daniel Kawczynski (Conservative, Shrewsbury and Atcham) than I do from David Wright, my own Labour MP.

Labour MPs thought they could rely on Scottish votes to keep them in power in England, now they’ve lost control of the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly and come the next election they will lose control of Westminster.  I won’t be sad to see the back of the most anti-English government we’ve ever seen.

Stuart Parr

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Nick Clegg thinks elections are less important than the price of bread

I already wrote about the Glasgow East by-election result on the CEP blog this morning so I won’t do it again here except to comment on what an enormously stupid muppet Nick Clegg is for failing to lay the boot in to Gordon Brown like anyone with an ounce of political sense would do.

While David Cameron and Alex the Salmon are calling for leadership and general elections, Nick Clegg said:

[it is not] time to play politics with people’s lives […] when so many people are worried about the price of a loaf of bread, how to fill their car with a tank of petrol

Who agreed to Federal Europe’s suggestion that all diesel sold must contain a certain amount of biofuel, leading to worldwide shortages of cereal crops used to make bread (amongst other staple food stuffs) as poor farmers turn their fields over to biofuel production?

Who has refused to cut the duty on fuel, preferring to rake in countless billions of pounds extra in fuel duty to fund a pre-election spending bonanza next year instead of shielding us from rising oil prices?

Liebour and their unelected Prime Minister, that’s who.  I don’t think an election which gives us an opportunity to choose who we think is best for the job of running our country is playing politics with peoples’ lives.  The people running the country are directly responsible for the price of bread the price of petrol and our ability to pay for both.  Could Cleggover be more worried about how the Illiberal Dumbocrats will fare in an election based on last night’s result than democracy?  Do bears shit in the woods?

Liberal Democrats: making a mockery of politics since 1988

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