Harriet Harperson doesn’t want to be PM .. honest

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Harriet Harperson says she doesn’t want to be Prime Minister. Thank god for that, the last thing we need is to lose a one-eyed Scottish dictator and gain a man-hating fascist bitch.

She says she’s staying loyal to El Gordo …

My ambition is to remain his loyal and supportive deputy

And if you believe that the extent of Harriet Harperson’s ambition is to spend the next few months as El Gordo’s number two you shouldn’t be allowed to even look at a ballot paper, let alone cast a vote.

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    no, she is right, i beleive her, she knows the leader will be sacked after the general election, so she does not want to step up to the plate until after that

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