Liebour unveils latest clone PPC

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Erith & Thamesmead Liebour Party have chosen a tax investigator as their PPC, according to the BBC.  I’m assuming she’s a former tax investigator as it would be incompatible with being a civil servant.

Teresa Pearce’s website is an interesting read …

Only Labour would have introduced the NMW and its up to Labour to defend it. (link)

Really?  The National Minimum Wage (NMW) was introduced as part of the EU Working Time Directive, not by the Liebour Party.  Whichever of the eurofederalist LibLabCon was in power at the time would have had to introduce it.

Further down the home page, she examine’s Boris Johnson’s record after his first year as Mayor …

  • The “letting go” of Sir Ian Blair as police chief
  • A rise in public transport fares averaging  6% overall – higher than the rate of inflation
  • Three year freeze on bus expansion program
  • Environment budget reduced by £139k
  • The Greenwich Waterfront Transit Scheme cancelled.
  • Mayor’s decision not to proceed with the Thames Gateway Bridge.
  • Failure to provide leadership over police mishandling of G20 protests
  • 2/3rd cut in funding for London Cycle Network
  • Dropping of £25 emissions charge for gas guzzlers and Western Extension of congestion charge.
  • Abandonment of 100 public spaces program.
  • Planning for new transport schemes abandoned: Cross River Tram; DLR extension Dagenham Dock; Croydon Tramlink, Oxford Street tram; large number of step free access tube schemes


Ian Bliar was shit at his job, he was a Liebour Party stooge and he was deeply unpopular.  He wasn’t sacked by Boris or “let go”, he resigned because he couldn’t carry on bumbling through his job without the protection of the Liebour administration.  Ian Bliar will go down as a liar and a weak commissioner whose primary purpose was to serve the Liebour government.

Public transport fares have to go up everywhere – London included – because the Liebour Chancellor keeps putting up fuel duty and road tax.  The Liebour Transport Secretary is also busily extending the annual MOT test to include all sorts of spurious checks that have nothing to do with safety but increase the cost of a test year on year.

The three year freeze on the bus expansion programme (note the spelling Teresa, we’re not Americans), the reduction in the environment budget, the cancellation of the Greenwich Waterfront Transit Scheme, the cancellation of the Thames Gateway Bridge project, the funding cuts in the cycle network, the abandonment of the public spaces programme (spelling again Teresa) and cancellation of the other transport schemes are all necessary because the Liebour Prime Mentalist and the Liebour Chancellor have destroyed the economy and we can’t afford them.

Abandoning the £25 emissions tax on big cars and expansion of the congestion charge is a popular move and reflects the wishes of the majority of Londoners and commuters

And it is not the Mayor’s job to take a lead on the investigations into the bad policing of the G20 terrorist protests.  The Mayor isn’t the head of the Metropolitan Police, he isn’t the head of the CPS, he isn’t the head of the IPCC and he isn’t the Home Secretary.  Ultimate responsibility for the Metropolitan Police and their actions lies with the Liebour Home Secretary, Jackboot Smith.

Going further back, she even has the nerve to complain about the Post Office being hung out to dry when it is the Liebour government that has withdrawn state services from the Post Office and implemented the EU Directives that have allowed that postal service to be plundered by foreign (mainly state-owned) companies.

What is it with the Liebour Party and hypocrites?  Is it a requirement to be an ill-informed, hypocritical party mouthpiece to get selected as a candidate?  The only consolation is that Liebour is going to be decimated in the next couple of elections and Teresa Pearce has got about as much chance as a ghosts fart in a force ten gale of getting elected.

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