IPPR wants to stop loans for middle-class students

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Liebour’s pet far-left extremists, the IPPR, have suggested that students from “middle class” families in England should be refused student loans to pay tuition fees to make more money available to students from poor families who are more likely to vote Liebour.

They are also calling for grants and bursaries to be restricted to students from poor families who are more likely to vote Liebour rather than being made available based on ability so clever people judged by a panel of failed communists to be from a “middle class” family can be denied a university education to make way for semi-literate chavs from sink hole housing estates.

The British Department for English Business, Innovation and Skills is conducting a review of student funding for university education in England and is planning to increase the amount English universities are allowed to charge for courses.

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  1. Aaron (72 comments) says:

    I’ve just graduated from uni, and my brother is about to start his second year. Hard to say without knowing the exact income ranges they’re talking about, but it’s unlikely that we would have been elligible for loans if we were applying with this policy in place. These past 12 years of clueless cunts have been hell-bent on destroying this country on every level possible. They are intent on pushing poorer people into higher education, but at the same time put these massive fees in place. How does that work? This goes a little to helping them along the way, but they are only loans, not given away freely. CLEVER people should go to university, not just anyone-who-wants-to, as is the case right now. These bastards have forgotten that, and devalued the whole system as a consequence. I can’t think of a political party who would have been worse for this country.

  2. David B. Wildgoose (25 comments) says:

    My wife and I are both graduates but I am now seriously questioning whether it makes sense for us to encourage our 3 children to “automatically” aim for University. For example, working abroad and immersing yourself in a culture is probably a better way to gain fluency in a foreign language – and you are paid rather than paying.

    Similarly, there are good bursaries available for bright students going to American Universities.

    And I work with someone who dropped out of University because he couldn’t afford it but who has now completed his degree through the Open University.

    They want to force everyone into debt because if they owe they are owned – and so they can control them. Just say No.

  3. jameshigham (87 comments) says:

    There’s little I can add to this, Wonko. You’ve summed it up.

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