HMRC to investigate thieving bastard politicians

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Guido is beside himself at the moment and understandably so.  As an individual, he has done more than most – perhaps more than anyone – to expose and bring down the hypocritical, corrupt, thieving bastard politicians that make up the British government.

But as much as he deserves to enjoy himself at their expense, I have to give him a reality check.

The Commissioners of HM Revenue & Customs may have announced that they will investigate the aforementioned thieving bastard politicians for evasion of capital gains tax and taxation on benefits in kind but HMRC is an executive agency of the Treasury.  El Gordo is First Lord of the Treasury and the Chancellor is a complete bed wetter.  If the Metropolitan Police and Crown Prosecution Service haven’t managed to get a prosecution for openly fraudulent activities of thieving bastard politicians in the last year or two, what chance is there of HM Revenue & Customs being allowed to investigate and prosecute half the House of Commons?

Don’t forget, MPs tax records are all on paper for security reasons (only us proles are required to have all our personal details collected in big databases that our masters have no faith in) and embarassing paper records can easily be destroyed.

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    Gorbals Mick reaaly looks like the treasurer ast the lodge who has been caught with his fingers in the kitty

  2. Chris bea (1 comments) says:

    While they are investigating the politicians they should also investigate themselves, HMRC are the biggest bunch of thieving bastards out there

  3. Joxford Bags (2 comments) says:

    HMRC are thieving shitebags

  4. Joxford Bags (2 comments) says:

    HMRC= bunch of cu9ts

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