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Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Public bodies used “anti-terrorism” laws to make over half a million requests for information like phone and internet records last year.

In 2006 only 350,000 requests for information were made by public bodies, in 2007 that had risen to 519,000.

The legislation that lets public bodies such as local councils get this information and carry out surveillence is the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) which was brought in to help tackle serious and organised crime and terrorism.  Since then it has predictably degenerated into a free for all with councils using it to mount surveillence operations on people suspected of not picking up dog shit and parents they suspect of lying about being in a school catchment area.

And while all this happens we are told to trust the state with these powers.  We are told that we don’t need to worry that the British government now has the power to detain somebody for a month and a half without charge on suspicion of terrorist offences because it’ll only be used in extreme circumstances and only for real terrorist offences, not the multitude of offences under the Terrorism Act that aren’t terrorism but are covered by the internment law.

We are told not to worry about having more CCTV than any other country in the world because it’s just for our protection, to keep our streets safe.  But CCTV is now being used to prosecute motorists for parking offences without anyone having to put a ticket on the vehicle and potentially weeks after the alleged offence has occured when the driver will have forgotten what the circumstances were.

The police routinely collect fingerprints and DNA samples of everyone they interview and keep those details forever.  The law had to be changed to allow them to do this because they illegally kept details for hundreds of thousands of innocent people that they had obtained under a law that required them to remove the details if the subject was innocent.

We are all to be required to submit our biometric data – fingerprints, iris scans, DNA – to a centralised database so that the British government can use ID cards to track our movements.  Don’t worry about the fact that fingerprints and iris scans can be falsified very easily if you wanted to put in the effort or that you can buy card readers off the internet now that will read an ID card.  Don’t worry about the fact that you can buy a card reader off eBay that will read the contents of the ID chip on a passport from inside a sealed envelope.

Just how fucking stupid do you have to be to believe that all this is for our own good, for our protection?  What kind of a retard genuinely believes that every new law that infringes civil liberties won’t be abused from the day it becomes law?

We are the most illiberal, spied-on state on the planet yet we let the power-mad despots running the country pass more and more of these laws.  We can’t even go to London and protest about it any more because the police will shove cameras in our faces and arrest us for terrorist offences!

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Shropshire Bad

Well. My first guest-post at Wonkoville. It’d make a change if I was going to say something nice (by way of variety), but I’m not. I’m going to have a little moan about Shropshire Council and a man called Paul Masterman.

The following story was in a recent issue of Private Eye:


Is there anywhere the outsourcing tentacles of Westminster council’s “communications” team, headed by Alex “Chicken-Wrestler” Aiken, do not reach?

After Richmond, Merton, Hillingdon and the Isle of Wight, WCC has added Southwark council to its portfolio. Westminster was brought in to conduct a “review” of the Lib-Deb/Tory council’s PR machine last year after it was revealed the council was spending more than £5m on spin – which clearly wasn’t working. More than 20 jobs were duly axed. Westminster has now found Southwark a new communications supremo: one Paul Masterman, formerly of Shropshire county council.

Masterman sounds just the man for the job. He left Shropshire last year after being caught instructing council employees how to cheat in an online poll. BBC Shropshire had organised the survey to gauge local opinion on whether the county and district councils should merge into a “unitary” authority (the government subsequently decided they should). In furthering the county council’s campaign in favour, Masterman encouraged hundreds of council employees to vote Yes – and explained to them how to bypass the BBC website’s “cookies” set up to prevent multiple voting. Masterman was suspended and resigned before a disciplinary process was completed. Perhaps Southwark could put him in charge of postal voting.

So this bloke orders council employees to waste their time skewing a BBC website poll. Not only is it a misuse of council equipment, its a waste of money: its our tax money that pays these people. Add to that the fact that the BBC website poll doesn’t count for squat anyway, and it makes it even more of a gross waste of time and resources.

The really narking thing about this is that the bloody little coward resigned before a disciplinary process could have made him face a more humiliating final curtain. And now he’s been given a top job directing communications for another council. If his track reccord is anything to go by, it won’t be long before he’s either booted out or forced to leave this one either.

The slipperier you are, the further up that greasy pole you can climb, it would seem. After all, no politico wants to slip back down the pole: at the bottom are the feral and angry jaws of the taxpayer whose money is so lavishly wasted by these arsebiscuits.

We do seem to have more than our fair share of them round here too. What ever happened to “Concrete” Keith Austin and Micheal “The Traitor” Frater, I wonder.

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Liebour MEP hypocrisy

Last week the Liebour MP and Speaker of the House, Michael Martin, suggested that MPs should be given a £23k annual grant towards second home expenses so they don’t suffer the embarassment of the taxpayer finding out what they’ve spent our taxes on.

Today, a Liebour MEP said that MEPs should publish a full breakdown of their expenses after the leader of the Conswervative MEPs, who was given special responsibility for making sure their expenses were whiter than white, admitted accidently authorising about three quarters of a million pounds worth of “expenses” paid to a family-owned company with its head office in his house.  This is, of course, ever so slightly against the rules even in an organisation as institutionally corrupt and bereft of any form of morality as the EU.

But how hypocritical can Liebour be?  They believe in transparency when a Conswervative MEP (Giles Chichester) owns up to defrauding the taxpayer but when their own MPs are caught with their snouts in the trough they want to change the rules to make it easier for them to get their hands on – and hide – dubious expenses paid by the taxpayer.  I mean, why should the taxpayer be paying Gordon Brown’s Sky TV subscription when we’re already paying him a salary of £187k?  Why should we be paying tens of thousands of pounds for a mock Tudor fronting for their taxpayer-funded second home?

The answer is that we shouldn’t and whenever taxpayers money is spent, every last penny should be accounted for and available for public scrutiny.  I agree with Richard Corbett MEP on this but I would politely remind him that the biggest bunch of crooks in Westminster are Liebour MPs and people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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Gordo to bribe MPs on internment

No Mandate Brown is offering to bribe MPs to gain their support for 42 days internment.

The bribe to Liebour MPs is the lesser of two bribes being offered – the reduction of the amount of time the Police can use the temporary powers from 60 days to 30 days and to reduce the time taken for Parliament to debate and vote on the internment – the “safeguard” that the British government says will protect us – will reduce from a month (which is longer than the extra 14 days you can be detained for) to a fortnight.

The second bribe is the most serious.  No Mandate Brown is going to bribe DUP MPs by offering them seats on the Intelligence and Security Select Committee and to give money from the sale of British army land in Northern Ireland to Northern Ireland rather than the Treasury where it should be going.

It cannot be repeated often enough – and I intend to repeat it every time I write about internment – this is unconstitutional, illegal and unnecessary.  The British government has admitted that there have been no cases where the current 28 day limit on detention without charge, which is already the longest in the civillised world, has not been sufficient.  There is, to put it quite simply, no requirement to deprive us of our ancient and constitutional right not to be subject to detention without charge.

Gordo tried to bribe taxpayers in Crewe & Nantwich with a £2.7bn bribe for people they’ve driven to poverty by abolishing the 10p tax band and suffered a massive defeat.  According to Tony McNulty, the Goblin King would rather lose than back down on 42 days internment.  His last bribe resulted in an unprecedented defeat, let’s hope this next bribe does too.

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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Some of the details of what MPs were spending their second home allowances on were certainly an eye-opener.  Why No Mandate Brown needs the taxpayer to pay his Sky TV subscription as well as a £187k a year salary I don’t know, presumably he has an explanation as to why his £187k salary isn’t enough to live on when minimum wage is less than a tenth of that.

Speaker Martin opposed the disclosure of MPs expenses to the taxpayers who are footing the bill and lost.  But not to worry, he’s got a cunning plan – give all MPs a £23k grant in place of the second home allowance so taxpayers have no way of finding out what they’ve spent on their second homes.  Genius.

When a government will go to such extraordinary lengths to keep their spending of taxpayers money a secret there is something seriously and fatally wrong with the administration.  The British government runs the country because the people choose to subject themselves to its authority.  The principle of trust underpins the establishment – the British government trusts citizens to pay their taxes and be bound by the laws it passes and citizens trust the government to govern according to the wishes of their constituents and to act with honour and integrity.

This rotten government has torn up the contract of trust between the people and Parliament.  They have lied, they have cheated, they have stolen.  Every week sees a further erosion of civil liberties and centuries old rights and privileges.  Every week sees another exposé of sleaze and corruption from the heart of government.  And at every turn MPs insulate themselves further from scrutiny.  Every revelation of theft and corruption is met with more secrecy.

No more!  We need a government that is open to scrutiny and transparent in all it does.  There needs to be a culture at Westminster, at Holyrood, Cardiff Bay, Stormont and wherever the English Parliament decides to seat itself, of intense scrutiny, exposure and accountability to the electorate.  It is simply not acceptable for politicians to grant themselves tens, hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money without allowing the taxpayer to see where every penny of their money is being spent.  Rules on spending taxpayers money should be so tight that politicians are discouraged from spending anything for fear of breaking the rules and the consequence of any wilfull malfeasance should be a mandatory prison sentence.  Breaking into a politicians home and stealing their telly will land you with a lengthy spell at Her Majesty’s pleasure yet and MP stealing tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money in fraudulent expenses is “punished” with a public apology or, if they’re expendable, a “resignation”.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?  Well, me for one.

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Number 10 pulls its advert for Liebour

After posting this yesterday I sent a shitty email to the webmaster of the website giving them until 10am today to remove the link to the Liebour website or I would complain to the Civil Service Commissioner and contact the press.

They got an extra couple of hours because I was busy but no email was forthcoming so I phoned the Ethics department at the Cabinet Office and had a whinge.  The man at the Cabinet Office (Mr Brown but apparently no relation) clicked the link, read the strap line “Vote Labour on Thursday 1 May” and said “hmmmm”.  Then he asked for a copy of the email which I duly sent this evening asking for an update by noon tomorrow and informing him that I hadn’t contacted the press yet but would do so if it wasn’t sorted soon.

Mr Greer is on the ball and has noticed that the link has now been removed.  I don’t know how many other complaints they’ve had but this certainly looks like a case of blogger power!

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Liebour using government websites for self-promotion

Erm, this isn’t what I pay my taxes for …

The excellent PJC Journal has spotted a link on the 10 Downing Street website to the Liebour Party’s website.  Not only that but it’s the local election campaign section of their website.

This is against the Civil Service Code, it is against electoral law and it is a an appalling abuse of taxpayers money and trust.  How dare the Liebour Party use a government website, paid for by the taxpayer, to promote their racist, corrupt, morally corrupt cult.

I must have been so consumed with indignation that I didn’t spot PJC’s hat-tip to Shane Greer.

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Illegal parking fine regime “reformed”

The system of illegal and unconstitutional summary justice in the form of parking fines has been “reformed” but still has no legal legitimacy.

The Bill of Rights says that “any promise of fine or forfeiture before conviction is illegal and void” – a traffic warden, police officer or private contactor are not judges or juries and any on-the-spot fine is clearly illegal and void.

As the law stood previously, a traffic warden or private equivalent had to actually ticket your car – they couldn’t simply send you a fine through the post.  Now you can be fined weeks later without anyone coming near your car if it’s seen (or they think it’s been seen) on a CCTV camera.

The new changes to the law also provide for longer periods where you can pay a reduced amount if you don’t appeal.  This is to encourage you not to take up your constitutional right to defend yourself from the accusation.  It is illegal to hinder someone’s ability to defend themselves – the threat of higher fines for exercising your constitutional right to defend yourself is a hinderence and a deliberate on at that.

The whole parking fines system is a scam designed to illegitimately extract as much cash from the motorist as possible whilst making it possible for dubious or completely false fines to be enforced.  The system is weighted heavily against the motorist – the “independent” parking adjudication service is funded by a percentage of the fines they allow and the courts cannot rule that illegal fines are illegal (even if they believe them to be) because the implications of ruling against every illegal fine the state has issued would lead to tens of billions of pounds being refunded for fines illegally issued and in lost future income for the Treasury.

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It’s not what you know …

The son of a former police officer has escaped a ban for careless driving after being clocked at up to 135mph.

The same magistrates court at Ludlow, Shropshire that let off the Telford policeman who accidently videoed himself doing 149mph in his new police car has given Adam Stammers 8 points on his licence and a £200 fine after receiving character references from his father and other family members that work for West Mercia Police.

His father, who still works for the force as a civillian support worker, said “I would like to think the fact I work for the police force had no bearing on the magistrates’ decision not to ban him”.

Yeah, right.  So why mention the fact in the first place?

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Wendy Alexander: lying hypocrite

Wendy Alexander has addressed the Scottish Liebour spring gathering and told them that she will lead them to victory in the Scottish Parliament. Yeah, right.

In a characteristic display of utter hypocrisy, she said that she “will lead by exposing the dishonesty of the SNP”. Dishonesty of the SNP? Sorry Wendy Love, just remind me who’s only just been let off with a slapped wrist for breaking electoral law.

Alexander tried desperately to paint Liebour as the party of the people and the SNP as the evil capitalists (even though they’re more left wing than Liebour) but failed miserably because I very much doubt that even the people inside the conference hall believe that Liebour is a credible party any more, let alone the average man (or woman) on the street.

Liebour are a bunch dishonest, corrupt, self-serving, British nationalist crooks. They are unelectable in England and they are hemorrhaging support in their Celtic heartlands. They are, to put it bluntly, a spent force. The only reason they still cling on to power now is because Gordon Brown is too chicken shit to call the election he knows he is going to lose. Badly.

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The taxman cometh

We all know that the amount of tax we have to pay is criminal but it turns out that the revenue really are a bunch of crooks.

HMRC paid a crook £100,000 for details of 100 British citizens with accounts at Liechtenstein’s biggest private bank.

The records were stolen by an employee who also sold details of 750 German nationals to the German secret service for £3.2m.  The employee, who has been sacked and convicted of fraud, also attempted to sell records to the US, Canada, Australia and France.

What was Liebour’s election slogan a few years back?  Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime?

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Hat-tip: Englishman’s Castle

Federal Europe attempts to cover up MEP fraud

A random audit by anti-fraud investigators at the EU has uncovered £100m of fraud committed by MEPs between 2004 and 2006.

£100m of taxpayers money lost to fraud and corruption over and above the latent fraud, corruption and waste that is estimated to account for up to 25% of their budget.

How the fuck can MPs even attempt to justify giving more power and money to a criminally corrupt organisation that aims to ultimately spread its corrupt, facist regime across the entire continent and beyond?  The rampant fraud in the Liebour Party pales in comparison to corruption on this scale.

Not only is it unbelievable that they have got away with it for 2 years but I find it simply amazing that they have actually tried to keep it secret.  The report is kept in a secure room and MEPs are instructed to sign a confidentiality agreement before going in.

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More sleaze at Westminster

A couple of weeks ago I hypothesised that Liebour were intentionally bringing disrepute to Westminster over party funding to make state-funding appear to be the only option left to stop the corruption.

Derek Conway, a Conswervative MP, has just been given a bollocking for paying over £45k to his son from his parliamentary expenses over four years whilst employing him as a part time research assistant.  This was whilst he was studying full time at university.  It now transpires that he has paid similar amounts to his wife and other son.

He has been ordered to repay part of the money, suspended from Parliament for 10 sitting days and been expelled from the Conswervative Party.  Contrast this with the Liebour MPs and MSP that have admitted taking illegal donations and failing to declare loans and donations.  Only Peter Hain has resigned and as far as I know, only he and Wendy Alexander MSP are being investigated by the police.  Both are still in the Liebour Party.

Up until now, only Liebour have been found to have taken illegal donations so it would have been difficult to gloss over the fact that they are the single cause of the problem to justify such a major change to the political system as state funding of political parties.  However, now a Tory MP is being investigated by the police over improper use of public money, this gives them the “evidence” they needed to bring in measures that encompass the whole political system and not just their own rotten party.

The timing couldn’t be better, I predict an announcement on state funding of political parties within the next fortnight.

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Party Politics should be banned

James Purnell, the new Work & Pension Secretary, has said that Liebour’s reputation hasn’t been tainted by all the recent sleaze and corruption amongst senior members of the party and says that they’re doing “hat is right” in reforming their funding arrangements.

Reform, reform, reform.  We all know what reform means – take something that works and balls it up so that it breaks.  Yes, the party funding system is being abused but that’s not because the system needs reforming, it’s because Liebour are a bunch of fucking crooks.  The rules have already been tightened up by Liebour ministers after Liebour ministers were caught selling peerages.  Now some more Liebour ministers have been found to be abusing the party funding system in taking illegal loans and donations and/or not declaring loans and donations and Liebour ministers are going to change the rules again.  Does anyone else notice a pattern here?

Liebour have made no secret of the fact that they support state funding of political parties but why should we, the taxpayer, fund a political party known to be corrupt and which has employed a convicted fraudster not once, but three times, to a senior cabinet position only for him to resign after being caught committing fraud?  Why, in fact, should the taxpayer fund any political party?  If they can’t get the support they need through their membership and through lawful donations then they don’t deserve any money.  Most people vote for a party, not because they believe in what the party stands for – most of them probably couldn’t name 3 policies from their manifesto – but because they’ve always voted for that party, because their parents always voted for that party or because they just don’t want the opposition.  If they’re not prepared to put their hands in their pockets once a year and pay for membership of that party then why should their vote imply support for the party and earn them taxpayer funding?  If parties were made to rely solely on donations and subscriptions from their members then they will get as much money as they deserve.  If they do a good job they will attract more members, if they do a bad job they will lose them.

There is no justification for a political party to be tens of millions of pounds in debt or to spend 2 or 3 million on an election campaign.  There is no need for consultants and focus groups and hugely expensive trips round the country kissing babies and smiling for cameras.  There is no need for a cabinet minister to travel the length of the country to shake hands with a carefully selected group of party members in front of a TV crew to pretend their sitting MP isn’t shitting himself at the news that his majority has dropped to 3 people and a goldfish.

Party politics has turned into a circus, it’s rotten to the core.  It’s not about dedicating your life to public service any more, it’s about a three figure salary and expenses and securing a handful of company directorships to tide you over when you get caught with your fingers in the till and have to resign to spend more time with your family until your gold-plated, index-linked, final salary, taxpayer-funded pension starts paying out.

I would happily see party politics banned, the whip banned and MPs go back to forming loose alliances on individual issues.  A century ago the Commons was full of independent MPs, now they’re as rare as rocking horse shit and they never get a chance to do anything because government has been bent round the party system.  Why must the Speaker belong to a party with the resulting accusations (usually well-founded in the case of Brit-Scot Liebour Speaker, Michael Martin) of partiality?  Why must the Prime Minister belong to a party?  At the very least, the Speaker should be an independent MP and seperate elections held for the office of Prime Minister.

Party politics has largely turned the electorate off politics altogether.  Only a third of the population bother to vote and it’s hardly surprising.  Liebour is constantly mired in sleaze and corruption, the Conswervatives are too busy trying to reinvent themselves as the new left and the Lib Dums … not even they know what they’re supposed to stand for.  None of the three main parties are worth voting for because there’s very little to seperate them and most MPs will vote however they’re told to vote by their party.  The reading of the EU (Amendment) Bill the other night was a perfect example – only about 20 MPs bothered to turn up for the debate on the bill despite only having four hours to read, digest and form an opinion on a bill that was hundreds – if not thousands – of pages long.  They didn’t vote according to their conscience or the wishes of their constituents, they voted how they were told by their party.

Imagine for a moment that the Prime Minister was an independent and there was no party whip.  How would the EU (Amendment) Bill debate have gone?  There would have been more MPs at the debate for a start and the vote wouldn’t have taken place a mere six hours after MPs had been given the consolidated text of the bill.  The Liebour MPs who rebelled against their party on the night would have formed an alliance with the Conswervative and Lib Dum MPs who were opposing the bill weeks before and more MPs would have joined them.  A referendum would have been secured, I have no doubt of that.  But it wasn’t because the whips told them how to vote and all but a few did as they were told and voted against the wishes of their constituents.

There is a very simple principle which has been set aside of late – MPs are elected to represent the interests of their constituents, not their party.  Until party politics is banned in Westminster, government will be run by the party for the benefit of the party.

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Hain Resigns

Peter Hain, the lying, corrupt, two-faced, fork-tongued crook, has resigned.

He resigned within minutes of the Electoral Commissio announcing that it was referring his case to the police.  Hain still maintains that it was “poor administration” that lead to him commit multiple criminal offences in accepting donations from third parties without their knowledge or consent and in failing to declare £103,000 in donations and loans to his deputy leadership campaign.  The £103,000 he forgot to declare made up 54% of his total campaign funds.

Hain has resigned as Work & Pensions Secretary and Wales Secretary so he can “clear [his] name”.  Are these the actions of an innocent man?

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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One down, two to go

Teflon Hain has got been given the green light over breaking the Ministerial Code of Practice after the Cabinet Secretary, Sir Gus O’Donnell, decided that taking donations off two companies for his leadership campaign and then endorsing both companies was perfectly acceptable.

It now falls on the Electoral Commission and the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner to nail his crooked ass to the wall.  If the Electoral Commission find some balls in time to decide that he’s broken the law again (he already has a conviction for fraud) then the police will be called in to investigate.

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Hypocritical Liebour

Two Liebour MPs have asked the Electoral Commission to investigate eighty Conswervative MPs over donations from “patrons clubs”.

They said that the Conservative MPs will end up paying back thousands of pounds of donations but the Conswervatives reckon that Liebour has received £2m in donations from “patrons clubs” themselves!

This is a truly pathetic attempt to divert attention from Peter Hain’s criminal failure to declare £103,000 in donations, some of which were illegally donated via a third party without the donor’s consent.

But perhaps there’s an ulterior motive at work here.  How many Liebour MPs and MSPs have been caught taking illegal donations or not declaring donations?  Four or five?  And why would Liebour MPs shoot themselves in the foot by asking the Electoral Commission to investigate donations to the Conswervatives from “patrons clubs” when they have received far more in donations from the same type of Liebour-supporting groups?  Could this be a deliberate attempt to bring so much disrepute to Westminster that the public will be convinced of the need for state funding of political parties?

If criminal convictions don’t come out of this then serious questions need to be asked of the Electoral Commission and the Metropolitan Police, both of which have so far failed to secure a single conviction for serious fraud committed by Liebour MPs.

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