Hain Resigns

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Peter Hain, the lying, corrupt, two-faced, fork-tongued crook, has resigned.

He resigned within minutes of the Electoral Commissio announcing that it was referring his case to the police.  Hain still maintains that it was “poor administration” that lead to him commit multiple criminal offences in accepting donations from third parties without their knowledge or consent and in failing to declare £103,000 in donations and loans to his deputy leadership campaign.  The £103,000 he forgot to declare made up 54% of his total campaign funds.

Hain has resigned as Work & Pensions Secretary and Wales Secretary so he can “clear [his] name”.  Are these the actions of an innocent man?

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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  1. Sean Lynch (80 comments) says:

    A “little victory” is a tonic now and then, keeping the champagne in the cubby though for the day when the whole rotten cartload of Labour rubbish are consigned to the dustbin of history. He was just a typical socialist, no respect for our history, laws and institutions. Contempt for democracy and absolute loathing of the English, I can’t say how much I detest them ALL.

  2. axel (1214 comments) says:

    As someone a lot wiser and more experienced than me said, ‘If he cant even manage a slush fund, what is going to do with Wales and Pensions?’

  3. axel (1214 comments) says:

    On the BBC, it the Welsh Nationalist guy was saying something along the lines of, ‘They had better not be a down grading of the Welsh secreterys position to that of a minor cabinet role’

    Am I right in thinking that this says that the Welsh and Scottish secretaries still sit at the big boys table in cabinet?

  4. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Of course it’s still a senior cabinet position – where else would Liebour put their unelectable liabilities? Stick them in a cabinet position that doesn’t require them to do any actual work thereby reducing the chances of them doing something stupid and losing their job. They obviously didn’t count on Peter Hain being quite so stupid otherwise they’d have sold given him a peerage instead.

  5. axel (1214 comments) says:

    I did not realise that, what numpty have you got as scottish secretary?

  6. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Des Browne. Need I say more?

  7. Kev (10 comments) says:

    Is that even if they start out as honest with good intentions, by the time they get to be a minister they’re so crooked that their funerals going to require a corkscrew.
    What can we do to get rid of these self serving parasites?

  8. Charlie Marks (365 comments) says:

    Sean, please. I’m a socialist and I have a great deal of respect for the history of the English working class. Hain’s chummy with capitalists, not out to expropriate them. At the DWP he’s talking about getting disabled people into work – yet he’s been shutting down Remploy factories that make equipment for the armed forces and employ people with learning difficulties.

    This is going to have a knock on effect in Scotland, with wee Wendy Alexander (sister of Douglas, who fucked up the elections to the Scottish parliament) facing calls to jump with Hain (http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/thereporters/briantaylor/2008/01/domino_effect.html)

    It’s so funny that they couldn’t find anyone else to fill Hain’s place as Welsh Secretary – so they’ve brought back Paul Murphy. Talk about desperation…

  9. axel (1214 comments) says:

    Des Browne? WtF?

    Of course, he has a pointless job that has no efect whatsoever on my life!

    No wonder I have never heard of him

  10. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Of course, he has a pointless job that has no efect whatsoever on my life!

    Yep. Elected in a Scottish constituency where most of what he does doesn’t affect the people who voted for him and then put into two cabinet jobs that barely affect his constituents.

  11. M Anderson (47 comments) says:

    Oh what a shame that Hain has to resign because he is scared stiff. He is so small and pathetic. As usual, the ones with biggest cake holes have the smallest appendages when the shite hits the fan.
    Clear his name? AHA! HA! HA! HA! HA! Oh please. He doesnt actually believe that he has a good reputation? No! He’s bluffing. Like all wanker new labour bastards bluff.

    Hain still maintains that it was “poor administration” that lead to him commit multiple criminal offences in accepting donations from third parties without their knowledge or consent and in failing to declare £103,000 in donations and loans to his deputy leadership campaign.

    It is irrelevant whether it was poor administration or not, which of course it wasnt! It is Hain’s responsibility to make sure that what took place does not happen. So, he can waffle and squirm all he likes, he’s still responsible. For crying out loud, this idiotic bloke is trying to wriggle his way out of soemthing that HE caused. What a shining example Hain is ah? No wonder the kids are out of control. Also, let’s not forget that originally Hain “forgot” to mention a 5 grand donation. So, he forgot to mention that he also got another 100 grand in donations/loans. How can you forget one hundred grand? I still cant get over Hain’s arrogance. He gets caught and then he says he’s resigning to clear his name. No saying sorry to the public for being a let down. No remorse about what he has done. No shame. This obviously leads to the view that Hain has no morals, no integrity, no decent values, and no fackin’ balls! How hard is it to say im sorry? Oh yeah, if he said sorry he’d be admitting that he did something wrong. What planet do these people live on? Stealing money IS WRONG! No wonder I have such deep resentment towards hippies and liberals! Good riddance Hain you classless wanker!

  12. axel (1214 comments) says:

    M Andersen

    I detect a lot of hostility in you, are you getting enough dietry daily roughage?

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