Gordo to bribe MPs on internment

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No Mandate Brown is offering to bribe MPs to gain their support for 42 days internment.

The bribe to Liebour MPs is the lesser of two bribes being offered – the reduction of the amount of time the Police can use the temporary powers from 60 days to 30 days and to reduce the time taken for Parliament to debate and vote on the internment – the “safeguard” that the British government says will protect us – will reduce from a month (which is longer than the extra 14 days you can be detained for) to a fortnight.

The second bribe is the most serious.  No Mandate Brown is going to bribe DUP MPs by offering them seats on the Intelligence and Security Select Committee and to give money from the sale of British army land in Northern Ireland to Northern Ireland rather than the Treasury where it should be going.

It cannot be repeated often enough – and I intend to repeat it every time I write about internment – this is unconstitutional, illegal and unnecessary.  The British government has admitted that there have been no cases where the current 28 day limit on detention without charge, which is already the longest in the civillised world, has not been sufficient.  There is, to put it quite simply, no requirement to deprive us of our ancient and constitutional right not to be subject to detention without charge.

Gordo tried to bribe taxpayers in Crewe & Nantwich with a £2.7bn bribe for people they’ve driven to poverty by abolishing the 10p tax band and suffered a massive defeat.  According to Tony McNulty, the Goblin King would rather lose than back down on 42 days internment.  His last bribe resulted in an unprecedented defeat, let’s hope this next bribe does too.

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  1. Andi (82 comments) says:

    Gordon Brown: the ticking bomb at the heart of NuLiebour. You should run a betting pool on how long it will take him to drag the party, still kicking and screaming, straight down to the Ninth Circle of Hell…

  2. revinkevin (176 comments) says:

    Where will they put these people they want to gaol for 42 days?

    They are letting guilty people out of gaol early as the prisons are full.

    So they want to gaol innocent people whilst they release guilty people early.

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