Another thieving bastard politician stealing from the taxpayer

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Another thieving bastard MP has been suspended from the Liebour Party for expenses fraud.

David Chaytor - Benefit ThiefDavid Chaytor, the thieving bastard MP for Bury North, has been fraudulently claiming mortgage payments on his expenses even though the mortgage was paid off by the taxpayer in 2004.  In total he has fraudulently claimed nearly £13k.

Chaytor said it was an “unforgivable error in my accounting procedures”.  Well whoop de fucking do.  For you and I. that argument doesn’t wash with the taxman, it doesn’t wash with the police, it doesn’t wash with the CPS.  Even a troughing cabinet minister on £141k doesn’t forget that the taxpayer paid their mortgage off for them 5 fucking years ago.

This wasn’t an error in accounting procedures, this thieving bastard MP has stolen £13k from the taxpayer.  Suspension from the Liebour Party isn’t good enough, he has admitted defrauding the taxpayer and now he needs to be arrested and prosecuted for fraud, obtaining a pecuniary advantage and malfeasance in public office.

If one of my local MPs is exposed for fraudulent expenses payments – and I fully expect mine to be – then I’ll be reporting them to the police.

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  1. Icypurplepants (13 comments) says:

    Well said, I don’t think enough people are getting angry enough about this, though you obviously are! 🙂 There need to be prosecutions and jail time!

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    If I thought there was any chance of me not ending up on a terrorism charge (or detention with no charge as is more likely) I’d be down there and give them the Cromwell treatment myself.

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