EDP activist arrested for harassment?

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According to a thread on the British Democracy Forum senior English Democrats Party activist, Steve Uncles, has been arrested for harassment of Matt O’Conner’s family.

O’Conner was the EDP’s candidate for Mayor of London and was the founder of Fathers 4 Justice.  The EDP’s decision seems to have been a popular one in the EDP but in the wider English nationalist community it was met with some concern.  O’Conner has no previous on these issues and there was concern that he would turn out to be a bit of a loose cannon.  He subsequently pulled out of the election at the last minute which the EDP said was down to drinking and mental problems.

Now someone on the British Democracy Forum has posted what is supposed to be an email from Fathers 4 Justice confirming that Steve Uncles has been arrested for harassing O’Conner’s family and that Robin Tilbrook would also be interviewed in connection with harassing him.

I can quite believe that Steve Uncles would do such a thing, he’s turned into a bit of a fruit loop lately winding people up with deranged accusations of being BNP moles and even claiming the Campaign for an English Parliament is a BNP front organisation or some such bizarre figment of his imagination.  But Robin seems quite well adjusted and as a practising solicitor I can’t see him breaking the law and risking losing his job over someone who is supposed to be a mentally unstable drunk.

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    is this not like looneys or pervos picking on each other?

    should we intervene or leave them and their alternative life styles to them selves?

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