English Democrats admit committing electoral fraud

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Steve Uncles, the political brian behind the English Democrats, has admitted that the party have committed electoral fraud in Kent.

Kent County Council and Kent Police are already investigating what were believed to be fraudulent nomination papers backed up by fraudulent entries on the electoral register.  A tweet on his English Passport Twitter account confirms that they have submitted fraudulent nomination papers and by extension, that the entries on the electoral register used to verify the fraudulent nominations are also fraudulent.

English Pisspot Electoral Fraud Admission

From Steve Uncles’ Twitter account

Here’s what Kent County Council has to say on the use of assumed names on nomination papers (emphasis mine):

The nomination paper must include the candidate’s full name, with the surname first. The name should be as it is appears on the electoral register. Do not use any title or prefix such as Mr, Mrs, Dr. The format should be: Miller, Andrew John. Commonly used surname(s) and forename(s) are now permitted providing that they are not likely to mislead or confuse electors, and are not obscene or offensive. A candidate can only state a commonly used name on the nomination paper if they actually commonly use a name which is different from their full name as follows: Miller, Andrew John (commonly known as Andy).

The maximum penalty for committing electoral fraud is 6 months in prison.


  1. Bob Anglorum (86 comments) says:

    Who cares, the whole British system is corrupt to the core, and there lies my point. It is the British system, not an English system. It was designed by British governments and British parliaments and British factions, non of it is English and therefore the whole system is de facto. The British electoral commission has no de jure authority over any English group attempting to appeal to the people of England. It can be noted the commission never objects to the hidden hands such as the Fabian Society or the Freemasons who control the main British parties, who also conceal the truth from the people and thereby committ fraud at every General and local election. So stuff Kent council because they are also guilty of unlawful returns by backing fraudulent and traitorous combinations to take positions in Her Majesty’s Parliament, by virtue of the law and constitution of England and Great Britain. But of course should this be pointed out to the general public no doubt it could result in a secret court being enacted against the hue and cry. But under English law, we dont do secret, only the “British” do secret, because they have got lots to hide.

  2. William Gruff (138 comments) says:

    6 months is a long time in prison. Uncles will make someone a very fine bitch; perhaps they’ll put him in with Charles Bronson.

  3. Mike Walters (Independent) (1 comments) says:

    The trial is scheduled for 30th Jan 2017, for those interested in Mr Uncles I can confirm that this highly talented man (as in comedy) has refused to use a barrister and will be defending himself.

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