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No Mandate Brown is grinning and giggling to himself over a report that says all British government buildings should be encouraged to fly the British flag to promote Britishness.

The British government is responsible for a relatively small number of public buildings in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but most belong to their devolved assemblies, particularly in Scotland.  Predictably, the Scottish government instantly denounced the daft idea and once again confirmed that the Scottish flag will fly from Scottish government buildings.

The report also makes provision for the English flag to be flown more often but the idea is to promote Britishness Brown’s British Britishness so don’t hold your breath.  The British government orders public buildings to fly the British flag on certain days and in the name of Britishness and preserving their cushy British jobs, British MPs will support the British government’s decision to force all British public buildings in England to fly the British flag.

Quite why Britishness Brown thinks Scottishness and Welshness are to be encouraged but Englishness is the work of the devil, I don’t know.  He supported the “sovereign” right of the Scottish people to determine the best form of government for themselves and he pledged to put their interests “first and foremost in all [his] acts and deliberations” when he signed the Scottish Claim of Right.  Perhaps it’s because destroying the English national identity will keep the union artificially alive and the English serfs will continue to pay their taxes to their celtic lords, thereby fulfilling his pledge to put Scotland’s interests before those of England.  Or perhaps he just hates England and English people.

Whatever the reason, the Cross of St George is the only flag that will fly at my house and every public building in my town that flies the butchers apron will get complaint after complaint until it’s taken down.

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    There is all the dole offices and quite a large Inland Revenue set too, there are a lot of wee weird ones, like the Assay Office.

    I actually think that most government buildings dont fly any sort of flag at all.

    I t would seem to be a waste of resources to build flag poles on buildings, to fly a flag of any colour!

  2. Trisha (7 comments) says:

    Then you will be pleased to know that on St. Gearge’s Day I always take an ENGLISH flag to work and wave it enthusiastically at morning staff meeting. Everyone where I work knows what day it is and what it represents. I never have any trouble, the odd silly joke but lots of smiles.

    Well, if it’s good enough for the Irish…….

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