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Scottish Labour leader defends subsidy

The Scottish Liebour leader, Wendy Alexander (Douglas Alexander’s sister apparently), has basically told English people to shut up whining about the fact that they subsidise Scotland to the tune of £11.3bn.

Alexander said:

It does not come down to numbers. Every part of the UK outside London is a net beneficiary from the Exchequer, and Scotland does not get a uniquely good deal.

That argument, that England would be better off without Scotland, would lead you to declare UDI for London . . . and would lead to California seceding from the rest of the United States.

There’s a small flaw in her argument though – London is in England, Scotland isn’t.  Subsidising other parts of your own country is slightly different to subsidising ungrateful foreigners that hate you.

Liebour, in all its national incarnations, is corrupt and blatantly racist.  Wendy Alexander is a Member of the Scottish Parliament and she should keep her bigotted, interfering nose out of English business.

More racism from the British establishment

A High Court review of NICE’s decision not to allow English alzheimers patients to have the drug Aricept on the NHS has failed.

NICE is the British government body that decides which medical treatments English people can have on the NHS.  The name – National Institute for Clinical Excellence – is a sick joke.  It is neither a national body, nor does it promote excellence.  Its decisions are used as guidance in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but their decisions are not binding on the equivalent bodies in those countries and it is becoming increasingly common for drugs to be prescribed in Scotland but refused in England.

The drug firm, Eisai, joined forces with the Alzheimers Society to challenge the racist and discriminatory decision from NICE but the High Court only found them guilty of discrimination in the screening process for people with learning disibilities or who speak English as a second language.  Doctors will now have the discretion to prescribe the drugs to people in those circumstances.

Once again the majority is discriminated against so the minority can be pandered to.  Scottish?  Take what you want, the English taxpayer will pay for it.  Can’t be bothered to learn the language of the country you’ve emigrated to?  Take what you want, the English taxpayer will pay for it.

British government is racist

An 18 year old girl has been refused permission to apply for a job with the  Environment Agency because she is white and English.

The application form asked for ethnic origin and included “White Other, eg. Irish, Welsh, Scottish”.  The application said that preference would be given to those from minorities.  When asked if being White English ruled her out for the job, Abigail Howarth was told by Bola Odusi of PATH National Ltd, the company running the recruitment scheme, “Thank you for your enquiry unfortunately the traineeship opportunity in targeted towards the ethnic minority group to address their under representations in the professions under the Race Relations Act amended 2000.”

However, the Environment Agency admits that it has “no evidence that white Welsh, Scottish or Irish workers were under-represented” in the area where Abigail Howarth wanted to apply but claims that the Commission for Racial Equality has confirmed that it is acting lawfully in racially discriminating against white English people.

Mary McDowell from PATH National Ltd said “The White Welsh, White Irish and White Scottish is a technicality in law – if they are a minority, they are entitled to places on these schemes – they are not part of the majority group, which is White English.  “The White English in this area are the majority group and hence could not apply.”

So, the recruitment officer from PATH National was black, the Organisational Development Manager from PATH National was Scottish, the head of the Environment Agency is Scottish and the Commission for Racial Equailty is headed up by a black person and people are acting surprised because White English people are being discriminated against?  This oppresive, politically correct, racist bullshit has got to stop.  Why the fuck should White English people be prepared to be discriminated against because of their colour and their nationality in their own country?  PATH National should be immediately sacked as a public sector supplier and the staff involved in this racist campaign should be prosecuted for racial discrimination.  The Chief Executive of the Environment Agency should be hauled in front of the Parliamentary Standards Committee and the Commission for Racial Equality after which, the CRE should be wound up and all “positive discrimination” laws repealed.  You cannot positively discriminate against anyone, discrimination is exclusively a negative action and to discriminate against someone for belonging to the majority colour and nationality in their own country is indefensible.

Flagging up discrimination

The SNP have ruled out flying the British flag over Scottish Executive buildings and are planning to force public buildings in Scotland to fly the Scottish flag instead.  They are also planning to change the rules north of the border to allow the Scottish flag to be flown with precedence to the British flag.

The Welsh Assembly isn’t mentioned but if flag flying is devolved then it is quite likely the Welsh will follow suit leaving the English to have No Mandate Brown’s faux-Britishness inflicted on them.

The BBC, as usual, misrepresents the facts over flag flying rules backing up No Mandate Brown’s false claim that he is responsible for changing the rules to allow English public buildings to fly the British flag all year round.  The 18 day rule that they refer to are the 18 days that it is mandatory for public buildings to fly the British flag – they are allowed to fly it any time of the year under existing rules.

And if anyone knows where the picture on the right was taken, please let me know.  Flying the British flag over the English flag is a declaration of war.


A black binman from Burnley has been banned from wearing his Cross of St George bandana at work because it might be racist and/or offensive.

Pendle Council told Matthew Carter that they had received complaints and gave him a verbal warning.  He was told that he is not allowed to wear any clothing with a Cross of St George on it in case it offends someone.  They don’t have a problem, however, with the Skull and Crossbones bandana that he is now wearing to keep his dreadlocks from getting trapped in the machinery on the back of the bin lorry.

I wonder if he’d have got into trouble for wearing a Union Flag bandana.  Or a Stars and Stripes bandana.  Or how about a Scottish one?  The council’s operations manager goes by the name of Ian McInery … I’m sure the Scottish connection is just a coincidence.

Who’s representing England?

No Mandate Brown is jetting off to Belfast today for a summit – called a Council of the Isles by an Irish minister this morning – to discuss issues such as crime and drugs.

Also attending are representatives from the Republic of Ireland, the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly, the Northern Irish Assembly, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Spot the missing country.

Not to worry though, the Goblin King will look after English interests won’t he? Or perhaps not …

Brown appoints Regional Ministers

No Mandate Brown, the unelected pretender to the office of First Minister of England, has dealt what may prove to be England’s fatal blow.

The Goblin King has appointed a Minister for each of the made-up regions of England.  Before his coronation as unelected Prime Minister the MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath made noises about resurrecting regional government in England even though it has been thoroughly rejected by voters and declared dead by Traitor Bliar.

How dare Gordon Brown, who fought for the establish of a national parliament for his own country, presume to undermine the very existence of England.

I’ve written a more in-depth piece on this on the West Midlands NO! blog.

Scots band attacked

A Scottish childrens pipe band has been attacked by what the Sunday Sun newspaper described as a gang of “racist thugs”.

The band had stepped in at the last minute after an English band had dropped out of a fair but as they were doing their stuff, a gang marched alongside them singing anti-Scottish songs and the police had to be called in to offer protection.

The police are treating it as a racially-motivated crime.

This is inexcusable behaviour – they were just children.  It’s no co-incidence that this has followed more press coverage of the inequalities and discrimination faced by English people every day at the hands of this racist Scottish government.  It’s worth noting that during the 2006 World Cup, there were several occassions when English people – including a 7 year old child and a disabled man – were the victims of racist attacks in Scotland but the best the press could muster up was the phrase “anti-English”.  The Scotsman newspaper publishes more stories about anti-English racism in Scotland than the so-called “English press” but even it draws the line at referring to those brave Scottish freedom fighters who beat up English children as racists.

I just hope that this doesn’t scare off the national press from carrying further stories about anti-English discrimination for fear of stirring up more trouble, especially when Princess Tony has been making noises about more illiberal laws to restrict freedom of the press.

British government says we can’t have equality

The treacherous British government has responded to a petition with over 1,700 signatures demanding an English Parliament.

The petition said:

The 1998 Scotland Act has left England uniquely without its own Parliament or Assembly. Simple fairness requires that an English Parliament now be created.

The response is below.  To see my comments, hover over the speech bubbles The comment would be here.

Devolution has been designed to meet the varying demands of the people of the UK The English are demanding devolution. The great virtue of the British Constitution is that it has for centuries, been able to accommodate difference and anomaly in order to meet the specific aspirations of the British people The English have aspirations of self governance, just like the rest of the UK.

English constituency MPs currently total over 80% of Members in Parliament and they represent over 80% of the population of the UK But they're British MPs and they are concerned with the whole of the UK, not just England. An English Parliament would turn the UK into a federal nation Good!. History shows that where one country in a federation contains more than 30% of the economic wealth or population, the federation is unsustainable An example would be ... ?. England’s dominance within the UK would make a federal UK unsustainable Wrong - an English Parliament would be concerned only with devolved English matters. There would be continued tension between the policies of the English Parliament and Government, and those of the federal Parliament and Government, with the English institutions determining most of the economic and social policies, including public expenditure, but the federal institutions responsible for defence, taxation and macro-economic policy This is what happens in Scotland and Wales now.

The highest priority was given to the creation of a parliament in Scotland, and a national assembly in Wales, since the demand for decentralisation in these countries was long-standing What, so we can't have it until we`ve waited for decades just because Scotland and Wales had to?. Indeed, proposals to create similar institutions were enacted in the late 1970’s but failed to secure the necessary majorities in referendums Ok, so give us a referendum and see what happens. The existing devolution settlement introduced in 1997/98 was designed to meet varying needs, and enabled better local decision making, in response to local issues But not for England ... which is the point being made you cretin!.

What is Gordon planning for Scotland?

“No Mandate” Brown has told us all his domestic policies:

  • Education
  • The NHS
  • Affordable housing
  • Safe, secure and affordable communities
  • Building trust in democracy

Education is devolved, the NHS is devolved, housing is devolved, planning is devolved.  So what’s “No Mandate” Brown going to do for Scotland – the place where he was elected?  Building trust in democracy?  How’s he planning to do that?  Calling a general election as soon as he takes office will be a start – trying to force us to accept a foreign MP with no mandate as Prime Minister won’t do anything to build trust in democracy.

“No Mandate” Brown is also planning constitutional reform.  A Prime Minister with no mandate to govern most of the country on most issues and who hasn’t contested an election as leader of the party is planning to “reform” the constitution we have had for centuries – a constitution that the Liebour Party has all but ignored for the last decade.

“No Mandate” Brown is planning to visit “every region and nation of the country” over the next 6 weeks.  What regions would these be?  What nations?

“No Mandate” Brown has a message for the “people of Britain”:

I will lead a new government with new priorities.

I believe government only works when it is dedicated to serving the people.

I will always try to put your concerns and aspirations at the heart of what I do.

I will work hard for you.

This is who I am.

And I will do my best for all the people of Britain.

What a crock of shit.

He will lead a government with the same priorities – the eradication of England, eurofederalism and the subjection of all English people.

He will lead a government that serves nobody but corrupt Liebour politicians and the celtic fringe.

He will ignore our concerns and aspirations – concerns over the fact that we are unrepresented and discriminated against, aspirations to govern ourselves and be rid of Federal Europe.

He will work hard for himself, for his own benefit and for the Liebour Party.

He will do what is best for his beloved Scotland and for himself.  None of his policies so far have any effect on Scotland or anyone else outside of England.  British doesn’t mean English.

This man really is a shit.  An absolute shit.  I just can’t find the words to express my utter contempt for him.  The only way to express my feelings is to resort to a string of traditional anglo saxon words and there are other people who can do a much better job of stringing together sentences with more swear words than adjectives.

NI demonstrates the benefits of devolution

The Northern Ireland Assembly has only been reinstated for 2 days and already they’re demonstrating the benefits of devolution – benefits that we English are being denied by the anti-English, British establishment.

There is, of course, the “peace dividend” – a large pot of cash that the Tartan Taxman kindly donated from English taxes to sweeten the power-sharing deal.  Then there was the promise that water meters wouldn’t be introduced if power-sharing went ahead – NI remains on a water rates system which means they can use as much water as they want for the same flat fee.

The pope, the Queen and George Bush have all gushed about how wonderful it is that NI has gotten its own government back again and the province has made headlines all over the world.

The European Commission has announced that it is setting up a new taskforce to see how Northern Ireland can maximise its share of EU funding and pledged £600m for Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic counties on the border.

Re-opening Stormont for business is set to create a further 180 jobs in the short term in Assembly support staff.  More will follow as the workload ramps up.

These are just the immediate financial benefits – there is the additional benefit that the Northern Irish people will now be governed mostly by MLAs that they have elected to govern their province.  MPs from England, Scotland and Wales will no longer have a say in the day-to-day running of Northern Ireland and most of the money spent on Northern Ireland will now be spent by people interested in what is good for Northern Irleand, not the whole of the UK.

Giving devolution back to Northern Ireland without any thought for what the English want is a deep insult and may well be the straw that breaks the camels back.  How can the union continue to function when state-sponsored racism and discrimination is an integral part of the fabric of the British government?

English Democrats win compensation for racism

The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds has settled a racial discrimination claim by the English Democrats Party (EDP) out of court.

The EDP sued the museum for £5,000 for racial discrimination after they cancelled a booking and declined to offer an alternative date because they were concerned about their reputation if they held an English event at their premises.

Full details are on the EDP website.

Littlejohn tells it how it is

An bunch of god-botherers and navel-gazing, beared, lentil eating, hemp wearing lefty liberal apologists have decided that St George is just too offensive and needs to be reinvented so that he’s more inclusive.

A report called “When The Saints Go Marching Out: Redefining St George For A New Era” says:

“It is time that St George was reclaimed from the dragon, from past associations with racism and the far right, and from images of arrogant flag-waving”

The racism accusation is probably two-fold (it doesn’t say).  Firstly, the BRITISH National Party often fly the flag of St George.  The BNP are racist, therefore anyone who has an English flag is – by association – also a racist with a shaved head and a combat jacket.  There aren’t any calls to remove the Union Flag – part of their logo – from Buckingham Palace but lefties aren’t exactly noted for their logic skills.  Secondly, St George is associated with the Crusades.  Two thousand years ago, muslim invaders occupied the Holy Land putting non-muslims to death and generally making a nuisance of themelves.  Christian Crusaders from across Europe went to the Holy Land to fight the invaders and reclaim the Holy Land.  This is, of course, racist and deeply offensive to muslims who are still suffering from the Crusades 2,000 years on.  Gosh, I’m so ashamed to be white and English.

The report suggests that St Georges Day should be a:

“day of dissent” – celebrating “the pro- democracy Putney Debates, the equality-seeking Levellers, the anti-slavery abolitionists, the women’s suffrage movement, conscientious objectors and peacemakers, anti-racism campaigners, human rights activists and those struggling against debt and poverty”

Day of dissent?  Sounds good to me.  Putney Debates?  Let me just check Wikipedia … oh right, some constitutional debates from when Oliver Cromwell overthrew the monarchy and established a fundamentalist Christian dictatorship in England.  Actually, I suppose that’s quite relevant to modern-day England.  Levellers?  Weren’t they a band in the 70s?  I think perhaps they’re referring to the Levellers who were also involved in Cromwell’s civil war.  Are the Church planning another revolution perhaps?  Anti-slavery, womens suffrage, conscientious objectors, peacemakers, anti-racism, human rights and global poverty?  What has that got to do with being English?

Richard Littlejohn has written an excellent piece on this – take a look.

Personally, I will be celebrating St Georges Day with a day off work, a BBQ and a pint of Bombadier with a like-minded colleague.  Most of the pubs in Telford have English flags out all year round but some of them have got in English beers and are doing other things on Monday.  The council haven’t organised anything of course, they’re too busy finding new regional projects to sign up to so they can speed up the abolition of England.

Postapoo withdraw racist St Georges advert

Postapoo have withdrawn their racist advert inviting people to send a plastic poo to their least favourite Englishman for St Georges Day. Campaign Withdrawal and Apology
Issued 03 April 2007, 2145GMT

We at would like to offer our sincere apologies for the offence that was caused as a result of the recent “Send your favourite Englishman a Poo” campaign.

At no stage was this campaign racially motivated – we are sorry that a number of English people saw it as such. The campaign was just one of a series that coincide with Saints’ days – previous campaigns have been run for both St. Patrick and St. Andrew, amongst others. St. George’s time had simply come.

Again, sincere apologies to those people that felt intended to incite racial hatred – this was certainly not the case, and we apologise for the hurt caused. We hope that we can put this unsavoury incident behind us, so we can all move on with our lives. Management

I’ve not been able to find any mention of previous campaigns anywhere on Google but that’s not to say they don’t.  Their campaign would have been fine if it had just encouraged people to send a poo for St Georges Day – why does it have to target English people specifically?  If it had said “Send a poo to your least favourite black person on the anniversary of the abolition of slavery” then nobody would have questioned its legality and, lets be realistic here, they would never have contemplated putting it on their website.  If they’d said “Celebrate the St Georges Day by sending a poo to someone deserving” who could have complained?  They’re not targetting English people specifically for random, unprovoked and unsolicited acts of racism.

Anyway, they’ve withdrawn the offending advert and that’s that.  Hopefully it would discourage other companies from treating the English with the same level of contempt.

Send a Chip

A Scottish company,, has the following incitement to commit an act of racism on the front page of its website:

Not sure what to send this St. George’s Day? Why not send a poo to your favourite (or least favourite Englishman!). Send one now and select scheduled delivery for arrival on 23 April.

Racism under English and Scottish law doesn’t just cover colour racism (although it often appears to be) but includes nationality.  Inciting someone to send a plastic poo to an English person on St Georges Day just because they are English is racist.

I suggest that any English person offended by this anti-English racism firstly makes a complaint to the CRE and secondly registers at and gets a bag of chips sent to’s offices.  A bag should provide enough chips for their shoulders for a couple of days.  Or you may want to post your own poo (not literally your own, that would be unhygenic and breaches countless public health and postal laws) to them.

Their address is:
James Square
55/7 Caledonian Crescent
EH11 2AT

Britishness lessons in English schools

A report for the Department of Education has concluded that English schools should put more emphasis on a British identity in lessons.

Citizenship lessons are now compulsary for secondary school pupils but the report says that not enough emphasis is placed on Britishness and Gordon Brown’s mysterious values than bind us all together.

Education is devolved in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland so the Britishness lessons will only apply to England.

The “British” identity is virtually extinct in Scotland where most people consider themselves Scottish yet pupils there will continue to be taught that they are Scottish and their lessons will continue to focus on Scottish history and Scottish culture.

My kids are English and I won’t allow them to be told that that’s wrong.

The Penny’s Dropped

English wankers

If you listen very carefully you can still hear the tinkling of the dropping penny down at Downing Street.According to our leader-in-waiting, the UK is being menaced by an “opportunist group of nationalists” who are “playing fast and loose” with the union.

Apparently, “it is very important to recognise that Britishness and Britain itself is not based on ethnicity and race” but “it is founded on shared values that we hold in common: a commitment to liberty for all, a commitment to social responsibility shown by all, and a commitment to fairness to all.”

On the subject of the Conservatives “English Votes on English Laws” proposal, the Tartan Taxman said that it would pull the union apart.  However, he fails to offer an alternative solution to the West Lothian Question whereby he and his colleagues elected in Scotland can vote on matters that only affect England and not their own constituents.

Alex Salmond, the leader of the SNP, says that the Ignorant Jock is only protecting his own interests and that “he is equally blind to legitimate English grievance of bossy Scottish Labour MPs interfering in English only matters, such as health and education”.

The hypocrite then goes on to say that “it is now time for supporters of the Union to speak up, to resist any drift towards a Balkanisation of Britain and to acknowledge Great Britain for the success it has been and is.”

Balkanisation, for those of you who may not be familiar with the term, is the act of breaking up a country or region into smaller competing regions.  Labour have done just this by giving Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland back their nationhood with their own governments and breaking England up into 9 euroregions.

How dare this ignorant, hypocritical fool criticise nationalists when he is one of those responsible for the rise in nationalism and seperatism thanks to his anti-English hypocracy and discrimination.

Thieving toads

The New Labour election fund Barnett formula has been sending even more English money to our neighbours.

The Times has today published an article explaining exactly how much of our taxes goes to our thieving, subsidy junkie neighbours leaving our health service so underfunded that cancer patients are told to shut up and die because we can’t afford the treatments our taxes are paying for in Scotland and Wales.

The Chancellor – elected to a Scottish constituency – sets the rates for the Barnett Formula and has, once again, ensured that Scotland’s loyal Labour voters receive more money than those dastardly Tory voters in England.

UK government spending in Scotland was an average of £7,248 per head compared with only £6,361 per head in England.  The difference between spending in England and the rest of the UK has jumped significantly with Wales now receiving £7,248 per head and Northern Ireland £7,597.

The Scottish Parliament has the ability to vary income tax in Scotland to raise more revenue, thereby reducing the burden on the English taxpayer but this would cost valuable votes for Labour who have only a 66 seat majority in the British parliament with elections looming in May next year.

The Conservatives have responded with an attack on Labour for their discrimination against the English which they now accept is leading to the break-up of the union.

The SNP has responded with the “oor oil” argument, again ignoring the fact that a lot of it is actually “our oil” and in spite of figures showing that if Scotland received North Sea oil and gas revenues it would still have had a £3bn budget defecit.

Labour responded by saying the SNP figures on oild had been discredited.  Because that’s relevant.

Why is it always the English that pay?

Alistair Darling, the English Transport Minister elected in Scotland, is set to introduce a pay-as-you-drive scam in England but not in Scotland where he was elected.

The story was reported on BBC Breakfast this morning, minus the bits about the discrimination unsurprisingly.

Why is it always the English that pay?  Even when Scots drive in England they won’t have to pay because they won’t have the tracking equipment fitted to their cars.

Bliar admits England wants a parliament

Princess Tony has told the Yorkshire Post that if the people of England were asked if they wanted an English Parliament then they would vote for one.  He denied that they would vote for the breakup of the union despite a Sunday Telegraph poll showing that 48% of English people support independence.

This is the first time that the traitor has publically admitted that English people want their own government so he’s going to let us have one right?  Wrong.  He’s putting all his support into the regionalisation project – in particular, city regions – which will break England up into artificial regions.

How can he get away with it?  He was (dubiously) elected to represent the interest and wishes of the electorate, not his own English-hating eurofederalist personal agenda.

Hat-tip: CEP