Scottish Labour leader defends subsidy

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The Scottish Liebour leader, Wendy Alexander (Douglas Alexander’s sister apparently), has basically told English people to shut up whining about the fact that they subsidise Scotland to the tune of £11.3bn.

Alexander said:

It does not come down to numbers. Every part of the UK outside London is a net beneficiary from the Exchequer, and Scotland does not get a uniquely good deal.

That argument, that England would be better off without Scotland, would lead you to declare UDI for London . . . and would lead to California seceding from the rest of the United States.

There’s a small flaw in her argument though – London is in England, Scotland isn’t.  Subsidising other parts of your own country is slightly different to subsidising ungrateful foreigners that hate you.

Liebour, in all its national incarnations, is corrupt and blatantly racist.  Wendy Alexander is a Member of the Scottish Parliament and she should keep her bigotted, interfering nose out of English business.


  1. Sean Lynch (80 comments) says:

    They are currently having their cake and eating it, won’t last forever though and when they have lost our friendship they won’t get it back, an old red indian saying is beware the wounded bear, England is rousing from its torpor Brown knows this, that’s why he is reluctant to call an election, if he thought he could win a GE he’d call one tomorrow, he knows he is Scottish and has no moral authority over the English, the longer this goes on the worse for Brown, hung parliament awaits !!

  2. Calum (183 comments) says:

    ‘London is in England and Scotland isn’t. Subsidising other parts of your own country is slightly different to subsidising ungrateful foreigners’

    Scotland is part of the Britain. Scotland is part of the same country as England and London – The UK. So ‘ungrateful foreigners’ aren’t being subsidised. We are merley helping our fellow countrymen and women.

  3. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Ah, the naivety of youth. Calum, Scottish people aren’t British – they’re Scottish. Sorry to burst your bubble my friend but Britain doesn’t exist north of Hadrian’s Wall. It may have escaped your attention but most people now consider themselves English first and British second and in Scotland it’s Scottish first and British about 900th after every other country or province that has a football team that might play against England.

  4. M Anderson (47 comments) says:

    Scotland is part of the Britain. Scotland is part of the same country as England and London – The UK. So ‘ungrateful foreigners’ aren’t being subsidised. We are merley helping our fellow countrymen and women.

    Firstly, there is no such country as “Britain”!

    “Scotland is part of the same country as England”?

    Ha! ha! For crying out loud when will you people grow the hell up? You sweaties say that you’re scottish; not British! Oh so when you’re losing an argument and cannot take the fact that you’re utterly incompetant (in government) and a bunch of thieves to boot (Gordon Brown stealing tens of billions of English tax payer and pension money), you are suddenly part of the UK? It seems to me that you people have a huge problem with admitting the truth! It appears to me that you will do anything but admit you are wrong!
    “Ungrateful foreigners”? Scots always spout off about not being English! This is a factoid mate. Therefore, by extension they are foreigners to the English. Don’t blame us pal. It’s youse lot who waffle on about it; not us English! When it suites you, you say you’re British. You don’t’ expect to be taken seriously? Oh for pete’s sake!

  5. Adam Smith (1 comments) says:

    You are all ignorant fucks.

  6. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    That’s right, we’re all ignorant.

  7. Kevin Fulcher (20 comments) says:

    ‘The person who is truly wise is the one who realises he knows nothing’. Socrates
    ‘The contempt of fools is a prize beyond price’. Confucius
    Didn’t say anything about foul-mouthed morons, though. Cheers, Kevin F.

  8. economist-wallah (2 comments) says:

    This is all good fun and everything, but there is an issue about the ‘subsidy’ theory. In the ’70s Harold Wilson commisioned a report into Scotland’s economy. The conclusion was that an independent Scoltnad would be ‘chronically in surplus’. Harold did not want to hear that so he snet it back to the team and demanded an answer he WOULD like – one that would undermine the ‘independence’ option. He might noit have been successful in this if he had not had the collusion of Margaret Thatcher, who agreed that progress for4 the antionalists would not be good for the Labour or Conservative parties. Tories, Labour and Liberal (Lib-Dem nowadays of course) have been even more dsihonest than the SNP about the Scottish economy – no mean feat in itself – and have spent years telling the people of England that they subsidise the Scots. This true if you select and reject the right evidence; one ‘oficial’ piece of research has concluded that the Scots ARE subsidised – but only if you assume that Scotltish companies pay no corporation tax, excise or VAT…..and as long as you include Scotland’s share of UK Coast Guard arrangement, the Crown Prosecution Service, Legal Aid, Education and Environmental Protection, however Scotland has it’s own agencies for these areas and they are paid for out of the Scottish budget. Neither Unionists nor Nationalists have a monopoly of ignorance and dishomesty on this topic, but it is only fair to ask – ‘If the Scots are such a drain of England, why have English MPs worked so hard – and told such whoppers – to keep Scotland in the UK?’ Also… If Tharcher, Wilson, Callaghan, Blair, Major and Brown agree on something, how likely is it to be true? Finally….London is the most heavly subsidised part of the UK, directly in terms of simple governemt funding (and why not? London has plenty of problem areas that need investment desperately) but also indirectly through the enormous concentration of govermment departments and offices in a region where office rental is among the most expensive in the world. Now we have the Olympics on the horison. Londoners will benefit from it and the rest of the country will have the privilege of paying for it, since the cost to Londoners has been ‘capped’ at the equivalent of a walnut whip…..

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