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BBC censorship over independence poll

Yesterday’s poll in the Sunday Telegraph was possibly the most important news story of the year.  The results of the poll combined with the SNP’s projected win in the Scottish elections means that it is increasingly likely that the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union next year will be the last.

So where is the coverage on the BBC?  Not so much as a mention on BBC Breakfast this morning as I was eating my Weetabix and not a bean on the front page of the BBC News website.  The story is, in fact, hidden away on the Scottish Politics page of the BBC News website where most English people wouldn’t look.  Predictable censorship from the BBC who must surely wondering what will happen to the British Broadcasting Corporation when there is no long a Britain to broadcast to.

Even the Sun managed to find space amongst the usual stories about who’s shagging who and Pete Docherty getting arrested for posession of cocaine again (I made this up but it’s probably true) to publish a fairly meaty report by the Sun’s standards.

The Scottish Home Secretary (who has hardly any control over Scotland), John Reid, says that independence would be bad because our children and grandchildren would be required to choose between a Scottish or Welsh passport.  I’m sure there’s a point there but I must be missing it.  Legislation could be introduced post independence to allow free movement of citizens within the UK – we already have free movement of citizens within the EU, there’s no reason why we couldn’t do the same without.

Scottish Transport Minister says congestion fees only for England

Douglas Alexander, MP for Paisley & Renfrewshire South, Transport Minister for England, Secretary for State for North Britain, is introducing legislation to impose congestion charging on England.

However, the legislation won’t apply in North Britain where the people who voted for him live because transport is devolved to the North British Parliament.

Why should an MP elected in North Britain be minister for a department that only has jurisdiction over England?

Jack Straw on another planet

BBC Question Time had a question and answer session with the Demon Headmaster and somehow a question mentioning England managed to slip through the net.  His answer is below, my comments are in italics:

Question from Stephen, London: As Leader of the Commons, how can having two Scottish MPs as the front runners for PM be democratic? Powers for most agencies including health, education etc have been devolved in Scotland, yet Mr Reid or Mr Brown would set the agenda for solely English matters when they represent Scottish constituencies.

Jack Straw: English MPs control all the money which Scotland receives – is that ‘fair’?
The chancellor controls what our taxes are spent on, the chancellor decides the subsidy England pays to the rest of the UK, the chancellor is the MP for Kirkaldy & Cowdenbeath in Scotland.
England constitutes 85% of the UK’s population and 87% of its wealth.
So he admits we are subsidising the rest of the UK.
It was English MPs who agreed to devolve some powers to Scotland in a Westminster Act of Parliament; but year by year controls over public spending levels for all of the UK continue to be exercised by Westminster. And power devolved is power retained, not ceded.
It was BRITISH MP’s that devolved MOST powers to Scotland.  Westminster is the seat of the BRITISH parliament.

While the current Tory cry of “English votes on English laws” has a simplistic appeal, it is in reality unworkable, undesirable and dangerous. It would create a two-tier system of “ins and outs” that would be so complex and confusing as to be unworkable.
Correct but something needs to be done about the current situation and the Tories are the only mainstream party offering a solution, even if it is crap.

How is it possible, for example, to distinguish between English “bits” of legislation and UK “bits”? It isn’t. The territorial extent of the clause in a bill – or part of a clause – cannot be conclusive, as so many “England only” decisions have plain implications for Scotland as well.
How is it possible to decide that a bit of legislation is Scottish?  Because they have a parliament?  You’ve answered your own question there Jack.

Hence, Vernon Bogdanor, perhaps the foremost constitutional expert in Britain, has claimed that the Tory proposals would “destroy the principle of collective responsibility, according to which government must stand or fall as a whole, commanding a majority on all the issues that come before Parliament, not just a selection. It is difficult to see how Britain could be effectively governed in such circumstances.”
Never heard of him.  The British government doesn’t vote on laws that are devolved to Scotland and Wales but the British government hasn’t fallen yet.

Moreover, it is difficult to see how the UK could remain united. The outcome of a break-up of the union would be calamitous.
For Labour and anti-English British MP’s it would.  For the subisidy junkies it would.  For England it would be the best thing that could happen.

The United Kingdom – Great Britain and Northern Ireland – is a union which works to the equal benefit of all four nations of the union. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
The union benefits our neighbours, it doesn’t benefit England.  It costs England money, it costs English lives and it keeps England ruled by MP’s elected in another country that aren’t accountable to any English voter.

Historically, England called the shots to achieve a union because the union was seen as a way, among others things, of amplifying England’s power worldwide.
The Scots were desperate to form a union after bankrupting themselves trying to colonise Panama.  They couldn’t unite with England quick enough and we’re still paying for it now.

And the reverse would certainly be true. A broken-up United Kingdom would not be in the interests of Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, but especially not England.
It would be terrible for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland because they need us to subsidise them.  It would be fantastic for England.

Our voting power in the European Union would diminish. We’d slip down in the world league GDP tables. Our case for staying in the G8 would diminish and there could easily be an assault on our permanent seat in the UN Security Council.
Why would England stay in the European Federation if the union broke up?  The English taxpayer is subsidising the Scots, the Welsh, the Northern Irish and virtually the whole of the European Federation now, why would we want to carry on subsidising them afterwards?  Without the burden of our insolvent neighbours our economy would thrive.  The rest of the world equates Britain with England.  If you asked a hundred random people from around the world if they knew where Scotland was, most of them would say it was in England.

EU Constitutional Convention shows us the price we pay for having unelected, ineffective regional government.

The EU is hosting a constitutional convention to decide the future of a European state.  Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have been invited but there will be no English representation because England’s euroregions don’t have law-making powers.

The answer is simple.  Abolish regional government in England and tell the EU that if they must divide the UK into regions then there are 4 of them – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  If they don’t like it then it’s tough, they need us more than we need them.

Via Toque

CEP complaint on BBC bias

Mike Knowles, the chairman of the Campaign for an English Parliament (CEP), has written a strongly worded letter of complaint to the BBC over its anti-English bias in general and specifically over this regionalisation “story” which I covered the other day.

On a related note, anyone in the West Midlands who is opposed to – or wants more information on – the regions should visit the West Midlands NO! Campaign.

You can’t have your cake and dump it

Jack McConnell, the North British First Minister, wants their nuclear waste dumped in north England rather than in North Britain where it is produced.

The British government, Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly are currently thrashing out a deal.

North Britain is roughly 2/3rds of the size of England but has only 5m inhabitants with England having 50m.  Most of North Britain is unoccupied and undeveloped with hundreds of uninhabited and/or uninhabitable islands.  Dumping nuclear waste in the north of England where, if something were to go wrong, it coule affect millions of people rather than dumping it in the Scottish Highlands where, if something were to go wrong, it would affect a flock of sheep and a few badgers is plain stupid.

If we had an English government the idea wouldn’t have been entertained, let alone seriously discussed.  North Britain produced the waste, they use the power, they welcome the jobs, taxes and vast sums of money that the operators of nuclear power stations throw at the local area to keep them happy.

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Daily Mail: Medical apartheid

Front page on todays Dail Mail:

Medical apartheid as English cancer patients are denied life-extending drug

Terminal cancer patients accused Health Secretary of condemning them to death because they are English after the NHS drug rationing body refused to fund a new wonder drug that is available in Scotland.

Patricia Hewitt came under fire from three women with bone cancer after the National Institute for Clinical Excellence rejected calls to supply English patients with the drug Velcade.

The treatment, which can extend the lives of sufferers by up to seven years, was approved for patients in Scotland in October 2004 and is routinely available in the rest of Europe.

The leaked ruling, seen by the Daily Mail, which was not due to be made public until next week, reveals that the drug is more clinically effective than chemotherapy but is not regarded as ‘cost effective’.

Velcade is just the latest drug to be rejected in England when it is available in Scotland. Implants for newly diagnosed high grade gliomas – a fast growing form of brain tumour – got the go ahead in Scotland last December, but NICE blocked them in April this year.

The drug Alimta that extends the lives of people with mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining of the lungs, was approved in Scotland in August 2005 and was also rejected by NICE in April.

Cancer charities claimed the latest ruling is clear evidence that NICE is refusing to fund treatments that extend the lives of cancer sufferers and give them valuable time with their families and buy them time while a cure is found.

Since June, the drugs watchdog has refused to endorse five treatments that would extend the lives of people with bowel cancer, leukemia, breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

All of them were cheaper than the breast cancer cure Herceptin, which Miss Hewitt intervened to promote earlier this year.

The Velcade ruling is just the latest in a succession of decisions where drugs approved for use in Scotland have been rejected as too expensive for English patients.

Janice Wrigglesworth, 59, from Keighley in West Yorkshire, who has multiple myeloma – cancer of the bones and bone marrow – condemned the decision.

She said: ‘It’s absolute insanity that Velcade is available in Scotland but not England. Are they saying a Scottish life is worth more than an English life?’

‘They are effectively saying to people with incurable diseases: sit down in a darkened room and die.’

Fellow sufferer, midwife Jacky Pickles condemned Miss Hewitt for failing to intervene. She said that after 25 years working in the NHS she will have to give the final years of her life to a Health Service that refuses to save her.

Jacky, 44, whose condition improved when she went on a Velcade drug trial earlier this year, has now been told that she will not get the drug again when her condition deteriorates.

She said: ‘I am absolutely devastated by Nice’s decision. I believe that Patricia Hewitt has, through the back door of NICE, encouraged a new policy that saves the NHS money by condemning patients to an early death which means they are less of a financial burden both in the short term and the long term.

‘If treatment simply improves a patient’s quality of life and extends that life three or five years she is not interested. But those years mean everything to cancer patients and their families. Refusing the drug is not tough, it is heartless. It denies us the right to life.’

‘I am going back to work at Bradford Royal Infirmary for 12 hours a week in December. I am doing two six hours shifts because that is all I can possibly do physically. I am going to give them the last years of my life. I’ve got to go and work in a Health Service that won’t support me when I most need it. I have given my life to the NHS but it is a system that won’t give me something I need to save my life.’

The two women, and their friend Marie Morton confronted Miss Hewitt about their plight at the Labour Party conference last month and handed her a letter urging her to intervene. Last night they announced that they are raising funds to launch legal action to win access to the drug.

Marie, 57, added: ‘Patricia Hewitt said she would get back to us when we met her but she has not had the decency to reply to our letter. She just doesn’t care because it doesn’t affect her.’ The Velcade Three, as the women call themselves, have now set up a website ( to raise funds for their legal campaign.

Unless NICE approves a drug, hospitals are not compelled to supply it on the NHS. It is up to individual trusts to decide whether they can afford it.

Velcade costs between £9,000 and £18,000 for a course of treatment, compared with more than £25,000 for Herceptin.

Every year around 4,000 patients are diagnosed with myeloma.

A spokeswoman for Myeloma UK said: ‘If this is true the decision represents the single biggest setback in the history of the treatment of myeloma. There are 20,000 people with myeloma in the UK and this will affect every single person at one time or another. Eight people die of myeloma every day.’

NICE covers England but has proved slower in making decisions than its sister organisations the Scottish Medicines Consortium and the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group.

Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said: ‘I had a constituent who fought to get Velcade and he is doing well. Either we have a National Health Service or we don’t. In fact it has become a Scottish and a separate English Health Service.’

LibDem spokesman Steve Webb said: ‘There cannot be any difference in the clinical effect of the drug North and South of the border and it simply cannot be any different in terms of cost effectiveness. If we place value on an extra few years with families NIce should be asked to do more to take that into account.’

Cancer charities are also concerned that NICE does not put the right value on extending human life.

Avastin and Erbitux, which prolongs life for those with Colorectal Cancer, and Gemzar, which extends life for those with advanced breast cancer have been turned down by NICE because they do not buy enough time for patients – along with four drugs which can slow the onset of dementia and Fludarabine, a drug which extends the lives of patients with leukemia.

Derryn Borley, Cancerbackup Head of Cancer Support Services, said: ‘Until this year, only one in eight cancer treatments have been turned down by NICE, but since the beginning of 2006 this has dramatically risen to one in two.

‘Many of the treatments being rejected are life-extending treatments. These treatments do not cure but they can give valuable extra time to spend with family and friends which is very important to cancer patients. ‘

Ian Beaumont, a spokesman for Bowel Cancer UK, said: ‘It’s wrong that people are playing God. Life is too precious for people to put a price on it like this.

‘Who is to say that living for another six months or a year or more is not worth it? You are talking about giving someone more time with their children, their family, another Christmas.

‘The UK has been at the forefront of developing these new treatments but we’re at the back of the queue when it comes to giving them to patients. People are left to sell their house or car to try and pay for the drugs themselves. People who should be fighting the disease are left fighting bureaucracy.’

A NICE spokeswoman said: ‘NICE’s expert advisors review all of the evidence on cancer treatments to determine whether they add benefits for patients when compared to other treatments that are already available.

‘The benefits that we assess include whether a drug extends life, and whether a drug improves patients’ quality of life.’

A Department of Health spokeswoman said they could not comment until the guidance is published. But she claimed that the Scottish and Welsh drug monitoring bodies ‘do not cover the area to the same depth or level of transparency and when final NICE guidance is issued it will be used in Wales.’

She claimed that the concerns of the Velcade Three ‘are taken seriously’ by Miss Hewitt ‘and they will receive a response very soon.’

When will the people of England wake up and smell the roses?  We are worthless in the eyes of the Scottish Raj, nothing more than unwilling donors to the Labour Party election fund.  Thanks to the British government’s lopsided devolution botch, 85% of the population – 50m English people – are expected to just give up and die because there is no money left to pay for medical treatment after the English taxpayer has finished subsidising the rest of the UK.

Apartheid?  Conspiracy to murder more like.  Voters of England, remember this next time you go to the ballot box.

Can we have it too Tony?

Princess Tony says there is a will to restore devolution to Northern Ireland.  I wonder if it’s more or less of a will for an English Parliament which every survey in the last 12 months or so has shown to be the will of the majority of English people.  So can we have devolution too?  I’ve asked our glorious leader, I wonder if I’ll get a reply …

Dear Tony,

Your dedication to restoring devolution to Northern Ireland is commendable, as is your dedication to giving more devolution to Scotland and Wales.

Can you please tell me when you will stop discriminating against the English and allow us a parliament of our own?  The most recent polls on the subject all show that a majority of people either want an English Parliament or to stop foreign MP’s from voting on English laws.  By contrast, the British government relies on a study that is 4 or 5 years old to claim that English people don’t want their own parliament.

If Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all deserve their own parliament then what is it you hate about the English so much that you can’t bear to think that we should get the same?  I voted for you in 1997 because I thought you were a good man.  If I’d have known then what I know now I wouldn’t have given you a second thought, you’ve let me and the other 50m English people down very badly.

St George or Shakespeare?

Patricia Hewitt and John Reid have suggested that England should have a national Shakespeare day just like North Britain‘s Burns Night.

They’ve suggested April 23rd as a suitable date which, coincidently, is the date of St Georges Day.

So, if the British government are happy to have April 23rd as a special occassion to celebrate Shakespeare then why can’t it be a special occassion for St George?  Simple really.  St George and the St George’s Cross are both symbols that bind the English together and as far as the Scottish Raj are concerned, England is a group of 9 regions.

This is cultural genocide.

Falconer really is a tosser

Half a day a week for Welsh MPs would damage the Union, says Lord Falconer STOPPING Welsh MPs from voting on English-only issues would mean they would be at Westminster for just half a day a week, a senior Cabinet minister suggested last night.   

The so-called West Lothian question – the issue of what to do with Scots and Welsh MPs in a post-devolution age – has returned to the political agenda in recent weeks after the Tories suggested it needed resolving.

The Government is adamant that any changes would create a two-tier system and help break up the United Kingdom, but critics say Welsh MPs should not vote on health and education issues at Westminster which only affect England.

Lord Falconer, the Lord Chancellor and a key ally of Tony Blair’s, said yesterday people in Wales and Scotland felt “much more comfortable” after the formation of the Assembly and Scottish Parliament in 1999.

Speaking at a fringe meeting at the Labour party conference, Lord Falconer said MPs could end up “perhaps attending half a day a week or one day a week. Is that a process that’s going to promote the Union? I don’t think so for a second.”

He added, “Scotland and Wales get a proportion of the money spent on English public services. If they can’t vote on these issues they can’t determine how much money is going to be spent in Scotland and Wales.”

Just a reminder – Lord Falconer is the unelected North British Lord Chancellor of England.

There is a simple way to address all of Falconer’s concerns about English Votes on English Matters – establish an English Parliament just like the one that he campaigned for for his native North British.  The people of North British and West British might be “much more comfortable” with their own devolved governments but unfortunately, the 50m English people who are being discriminated against since devolution was introduced in 1997 are distinctly uncomfortable with MP’s that nobody in England elected or can vote out interfering with legislation that only affects England.

Even for Labour, Falconer is an über-tosser.  He sits in the British government despite never having been elected.  In the historic class system that Labour is so bent on destroying he comes only behind the royal family in the pecking order.  Next to the Queen he is the highest legal authority in the land and outranks the Prime Minister in all respects.  He appoints judges and can change the legal system without reference to parliament.  He campaigned for the North British Parliament and West British Assembly and is very much in favour of the Northern Irish Assembly.  Yet this man, this unelected cabinet minister who answers to nobody, says that to give England the same democratic rights that he helped to give to North Britain and West Britain will damage the union.

I have to stop now because if I don’t I’m going to start using some really traditional Anglo-Saxon words.

NICE drugs if you can get them

Three women confronted Patricia Hewitt on Wednesday at a Labour Stazi conference fringe meeting over the cancer drug Velcade being refused to English cancer sufferers.

The three women from Yorkshire are suffering from multiple myeloma, a rare bone marrow cancer, but are unable to have the only licenced treatment – Velcade – because it is not approved by NICE.  The drug is, however, available to in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland where their own national governments approve more expensive drugs because the English taxpayer is footing the bill.

When confronted over this, Hewitt said that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland make their own decisions but we have NICE.  She went on to say that NICE is excellent and being copied all over the world.

I wonder if these three women dying from a treatable form of cancer think that NICE is good.  How about the women dying because they can’t have Herceptin or the people dying because they can’t have some bowel cancer drugs?  These people would all get life saving treatment if they didn’t live in England but because they are English they are left to die.

Britishness Brown outlines plans for PM’ship

Britishness Brown is expected to outline his plans for “Britain” under his premiership.

He has already made statements and speeches about how power will be devolved in “Britain” from central government to “independent” boards and today he will tell the Labour Stazi faithful that he is the centre-ground.

When he says “Britain”, of course, what he actually means is “England” (or the regions as he likes to call them).  British MP’s actually have very little say in anything that goes on outside England yet foreign MP’s somehow think it acceptable to govern England as their own personal feifdom.

Nothing can change the fact that the Ignorant Jock is elected to a North British constituency by North Britons on his manifesto relating solely to reserved matters.  He is not elected on his policies that only affect England (80% of the work of the British government) and therefore has no mandate to govern England.

The Tartan Taxman is unaccountable to the English electorate – 85% of the population – and is unacceptable both morally and democratically as a British Prime Minister.  The only way an MP not elected to an English constituency will be accepted as a British Prime Minister is when England has her own Parliament with at least the same powers of the North British Parliament.

Until then Mr Brown, NO MANDATE!

Hain’s nose put out

Peter Hain, Northern Ireland and Welsh Secretary and prize bigot, has got his knickers in a twist over Tory plans to stop MP’s that don’t represent English cosntituencies from interfering in English-only legislation.

The bigot supports the Labour Stazi policy of anti-English apartheid and minority rule and sees no problem with him being able to vote on matters entirely restricted to England when he can’t vote on those same matters in his own constituency.

Hain is a firm believer in devolution … but only for Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.  He thinks that the Tories policy of English Votes on English Matters (EVoEM) will break up the union … but stopping English MP’s from voting on devolved matters in the rest of the UK won’t.  He also thinks that stopping MP’s not elected in England from voting on English-only matters will create second-class British MP’s … but stopping English MP’s from doing the reverse hasn’t.  He believes it is his “right” to vote on English-only legislation … but not to vote on devolved matters outside of England.

The only thing consistent about the bigot‘s arguments is that they are consistently inconsistent.

That’s right Dave, it’s all our fault

I can’t be doing with politicians that say one thing in North Britain and one thing down here.  It really, really pisses me off.  If the North Britons are going to get all upset if you don’t tell them they’re all direct decendents of Jesus, deserve the nobel peace prize for services to anglophobia and generally the cream of society then don’t even bother talking to them – they’re a dead loss.

David Cameron has told a conference in North Britain that English ignorance of North Britons and North Britain is one of the biggest threats to the union.  Racial hatred of the English which is reaching epidemic proportions north of the border, it would seem, is conducive to stronger union in Cameron’s mind.

I think David Cameron may have just lost the Tories the next election.  If Labour stays in power because of his ineptitude, ignorance and vote-whoring I will personally track him down and ram a full set of bagpipes up his arse.

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Beware the enemy within

England is once again under the threat of terrorism from people living within our borders.  But this time it’s not one of Chairman Blair‘s special muslim terrorists, it’s the master race we have to worry about.

The North British National Liberation Army (SNLA) has sent an email to the offices of the Sunday Times in Glasgow threatening to poison English water supplies.  The political wing of the SNLA, the North British Separatist Group (SSG), has published details on how to permanently contaminate the water supply of a large city on its website.

The article can be read here.

Murray knocked out of US Open

Andy Murray, the North British tennis player who supports anyone but England, has been knocked out of the US Open.

What a shame.

Anyone But Mrray

Letter: Shropshire Star

Lives not worth cost of drugs

The Shropshire Star, along with most of the UK media and the charity Beating Bowel Cancer, all incorrectly reported that the two bowel cancer drugs Avastin and Erbitux were being denied to patients in the UK.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence has refused to license the drugs on the basis of cost for English patients. Health is a devolved matter and the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales put a higher price on the lives of their own people than the British government does on the lives of English people.

The annual £20bn subsidy that English taxpayers pay to the rest of the UK covers the cost of expensive medical treatments along with the many other perks that our neighbours have become accustomed to at the expense of the same benefits and life-saving treatments being made available to the English.

The situation with these bowel cancer drugs is the same as with Herceptin and means that English sufferers are denied the most effective drugs because the drugs are worth more than an English life. Like Herceptin, these two bowel cancer drugs are available in every EU member state except England.

The British government, when considering funding for expensive medical treatments, has to consider the impact it will have on Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The devolved administrations in those countries only have to consider themselves. If we were allowed an English parliament then we might be allowed the same life-saving drugs that our taxes fund for the rest of the UK.

Stuart Parr, Telford

SNP call for abolition of unfair fees … for the English!

The SNP have called for the abolition of the discriminatory university fees regime in North Britain that forces English students studying north of the border paying up to £4k more than a North Briton or EU student for the same course.

The Labour and the Lib Dum controlled North British Parliament introduced the racist fees when their North British MP’s imposed top-up fees on England against the will of MP’s elected in England.

It’s really quite depressing when you think that over half of the MP’s in the British parliament are elected in English constituencies yet the only political party opposing anti-English discrimination (with the obvious exception of the English Democrats) is the SNP.

Astounding Discovery

Intrepid explorer, Wonko The Sane, has returned from an expedition to Tescoland with an astaunding discovery – a box of mushrooms with a label saying their origin is … ENGLAND!

I didn’t even want them, I just brought them because they said England on.