Britishness Brown outlines plans for PM’ship

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Britishness Brown is expected to outline his plans for “Britain” under his premiership.

He has already made statements and speeches about how power will be devolved in “Britain” from central government to “independent” boards and today he will tell the Labour Stazi faithful that he is the centre-ground.

When he says “Britain”, of course, what he actually means is “England” (or the regions as he likes to call them).  British MP’s actually have very little say in anything that goes on outside England yet foreign MP’s somehow think it acceptable to govern England as their own personal feifdom.

Nothing can change the fact that the Ignorant Jock is elected to a North British constituency by North Britons on his manifesto relating solely to reserved matters.  He is not elected on his policies that only affect England (80% of the work of the British government) and therefore has no mandate to govern England.

The Tartan Taxman is unaccountable to the English electorate – 85% of the population – and is unacceptable both morally and democratically as a British Prime Minister.  The only way an MP not elected to an English constituency will be accepted as a British Prime Minister is when England has her own Parliament with at least the same powers of the North British Parliament.

Until then Mr Brown, NO MANDATE!

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