St George or Shakespeare?

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Patricia Hewitt and John Reid have suggested that England should have a national Shakespeare day just like North Britain‘s Burns Night.

They’ve suggested April 23rd as a suitable date which, coincidently, is the date of St Georges Day.

So, if the British government are happy to have April 23rd as a special occassion to celebrate Shakespeare then why can’t it be a special occassion for St George?  Simple really.  St George and the St George’s Cross are both symbols that bind the English together and as far as the Scottish Raj are concerned, England is a group of 9 regions.

This is cultural genocide.


  1. Chris (8 comments) says:

    Lets get one thing clear. Robert J Williamson of the British Shakespeare Company is the person who has called for there to be a day to recognise the life and work of William Shakespeare. See:

    John Reid is one of a number of cabinet ministers who is backing the call.
    The fact he is a Scotsman is irrelevant. Tessa Jowell, minister for culture, also backs the day (not Patricia Hewitt).

    Having a day for our greatest literary genius is better than celebrating a mythogical dragon slaying.

  2. Sean Lynch (80 comments) says:

    This is all very nice and anything that illuminates English culture is to be welcomed, but as with anything this sly and treacherous government does, there is a hidden agenda, from ID cards to regionalisation.
    I and others suspect in this case it is ‘anything but St.George’… and that flag of course.
    Cynicism breeds more and this government is full of it.

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