Postapoo withdraw racist St Georges advert

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Postapoo have withdrawn their racist advert inviting people to send a plastic poo to their least favourite Englishman for St Georges Day. Campaign Withdrawal and Apology
Issued 03 April 2007, 2145GMT

We at would like to offer our sincere apologies for the offence that was caused as a result of the recent “Send your favourite Englishman a Poo” campaign.

At no stage was this campaign racially motivated – we are sorry that a number of English people saw it as such. The campaign was just one of a series that coincide with Saints’ days – previous campaigns have been run for both St. Patrick and St. Andrew, amongst others. St. George’s time had simply come.

Again, sincere apologies to those people that felt intended to incite racial hatred – this was certainly not the case, and we apologise for the hurt caused. We hope that we can put this unsavoury incident behind us, so we can all move on with our lives. Management

I’ve not been able to find any mention of previous campaigns anywhere on Google but that’s not to say they don’t.  Their campaign would have been fine if it had just encouraged people to send a poo for St Georges Day – why does it have to target English people specifically?  If it had said “Send a poo to your least favourite black person on the anniversary of the abolition of slavery” then nobody would have questioned its legality and, lets be realistic here, they would never have contemplated putting it on their website.  If they’d said “Celebrate the St Georges Day by sending a poo to someone deserving” who could have complained?  They’re not targetting English people specifically for random, unprovoked and unsolicited acts of racism.

Anyway, they’ve withdrawn the offending advert and that’s that.  Hopefully it would discourage other companies from treating the English with the same level of contempt.


  1. Tyke (1 comments) says:

    On the anniversary of the Union, English people should drop in at their HQ, crap on their desks and say, “That’s a thank you from my ancestors and myself for the last 300 years of being crapped on from you lot in northern britain. But its just a joke, OK?”

  2. JimJam (4 comments) says:

    I don’t understand what the big deal was. it seems just like a joke, no?

  3. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Could be but joke or not it was racist.

  4. JimJam (4 comments) says:

    Prejudice certainly, but not racist. What makes it racist in your opinion?

  5. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Because, according to the Commission for Racial Equality, you can be racist on the grounds of nationality as well as race. English and Scottish have already been established as distinct nationalities in law.  Textbook case if you ask me.

  6. JimJam (4 comments) says:

    If it was a campaign against Jews, Muslims or blacks, then I would agree with you. Sco v Eng ribbing (like Eng v Sco ribbing) is only ever light hearted. It is remarkable that the ‘racism card’ was played in this instance. It was unneccesary in my opinion.

  7. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Tell you what JimJam, search google for cre racism english scottish and find an example of them criticising an English person for racism against a Scottish person.

    Was it light-hearted? Yes, I don’t doubt that it was but light-hearted or not it was still racism. If it was anti-semetism or anti-black and light-hearted would you say the same thing?

  8. JimJam (4 comments) says:

    I did the search. There is only ONE story of anti-English racism (repeated three times). And the story is a non-entity – during the 2006 football World Cup the CRE received 13 anti-English related complaints. Things like shops selling t-shirts that said “Anyone But England” on them. Like the post a poo thing, this is light hearted ribbing. It’s all a storm in a tea cup!

  9. RootyRoo (2 comments) says:

    As a regular (well, twice) Post a poo customer I feel I can clarify the above point in saying that from what I remember from previous campaigns, St George’s day was not the only one to be noted in the “post a poo calendar”, in fact I think I can remember a National Secretary’s Day reference.

    I think you are taking this far too seriously, and if you look on the Post a Poo website under the “your top 5” category you can see that the 5th most popular turd recipient is a St Paddy’s Day celebrant.

    I think you are a bit sad for getting so annoyed about this – can you not take a joke?! We are talking about a plastic poo!!!!

  10. RootyRoo (2 comments) says:

    Sorry – I should maybe mention that the poo I ordered was sent to my brother and the other to my friend. Luckily they have a sense of humour and are still talking to me.

  11. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    I didn’t say I was annoyed. It was racist, the CRE confirmed that it was and spoke to Postapoo.

    Can I assume that you would be saying the same thing if Postapoo had the equally racist statement “What better gift to send your least favourite Pakistani at Eid …”?

    Or are you saying that there are degrees of racism? That you can be more racist to some people but not to others? The idea is that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law and that the law applies equally to everyone. You can’t start saying that it’s ok to be racist to an English person but not to a black person.

  12. Ross (7 comments) says:


    This page contains statements made by you that contain inaccuracies. I would like to address them.

    1. “Postapoo have withdrawn their racist advert inviting people”

    Only racist according to you and the TWO people that complained. Postapoo and a LOT more other people do not regard the advert as racist (including LOTS of English people).

    2. “It was racist, the CRE confirmed that it was and spoke to Postapoo.”

    – At no time has the CRE publicly stated that this was a racist incident
    – At no time has the CRE spoken to Postapoo

  13. Ross (7 comments) says:

    Whilst PostaPoo was pleased to accept the unexpected publicity (yes, these campaigns DO run all the time), we preferred to put an end to this particular episode in order to stifle the publicity being gained by the instigators of the ‘incident’: The E.D.P. (and by association, the C.E.P.).

    Why? The E.D.P. are bedfellows of the Third Way. This organisation grew out of the Strasserite wing of the old (and unlamented) NF of the early 1980s. The NF!!!

    Although not racist, another of the E.D.P.’s chums are clearly mentally unstable – the Anglo Saxon Society. I would encourage you and your readers to examine their ’20 Questions for an English Patriot’. There are some great ones on the list. I think # 19 is my favourite. It pains me to link to them, but the questions are priceless. Here you go:

    I regard you and your associated organisations as facist nutters, occupying the only policital ground that remains to you – the lunatic fringes.

  14. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:


    Regarding your first point. I know of at least 4 or 5 complaints sent to the CRE. I have seen the complaints, where do you get your figures from?

    I have seen a reply from the CRE to one of the complaints confirming that they considered it to be inciting racism.

    The CEP and EDP are two separate organisations. The EDP was established by CEP members who wanted to be be more politically active by standing for elections. Having a link to an organisation (the Third Way) on your website under a list of “other sites” doesn’t mean your organisation is linked to them. The CEP has over 100 links on their website, are they associated with them all intimately?

    Do you know what a facist is Ross? Are Scottish nationalists part of the lunatic fringe as well?

    Could you also clarify how you “know” that only 2 people complained if the CRE haven’t been in touch?

  15. Ross (7 comments) says:

    Two complaints were received. No more, no less. The ‘missing three’ can probably be accounted for by some of your friends over at the An.glo Sax.on So.ciety – “Hey Wonko, yeah I complained, I complained! Isn’t it cool being in the news for once?! I almost forgot, oh yeah, of course it’s racist!”.

    It is odd that you claim to have had sight of a C.R..E response to the incident when the CRE have NEVER contacted Postapoo directly.

    Re the E.D..P / Wa.y link up – IF the E..D.P distanced themselves from the n.ati.ona.l f.r.on.t then they would not provide a link to the 3.rd w.ay. However, they do provide a link, thereby promoting them.

    But what about your friend’s campaign as part of your campaign for English independence? The ASS (like many other things, they didn’t think about their abbreviation) “Why is Guitar based music suppressed in advertising and TV and all other music styles promoted.”

    Now that is a question that gets to the CORE of English Nationalism!!! Or maybe not…

    Finally, don’t patronise me by asking me what a facist is. WHy don’t you just grow up and stop bleating?

  16. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    1. I’ve never seen the Anglo Saxon Society. I’ve heard of them but I’ve never seen their website. Until last night I didn’t know they had one. They are not “my friends”.

    2. I was copied on two complaints. Those, plus my own, makes three that I know for a fact were sent to the CRE.

    3. I’m asking this for the second time – if the CRE haven’t been in touch, how do you “know” how many complaints they received?

    4. Do the Tories, Liebour or Lib Dums have any tenuous links to Third Way or NF by your criteria? Or haven’t you bothered looking because they’re not English? I have links to a Tory councillor’s blog and he’s got a link to the Conservative website. Does that mean I have links to the Conservatives?

    5. What the f**k are you talking about with guitars?

    6. I’m not patronising you by asking you what a fascist is, it’s a simple question. I was once called a liberal fascist by the BNP’s knuckledragger of a lawyer who clearly didn’t know what a fascist was otherwise he’d have realised you can’t be a liberal and a fascist. The Liebour Party in the West Midlands are that shit-scared of UKIP in the upcoming elections they’re sending emails round calling them fascists – I’ve seen the email – they clearly don’t know what fascists are either. It’s a simple question.

  17. Priscilla Cullen (1 comments) says:

    I wrote to the CRE (Scotland) and the Edinburgh police who replied that they had spoken to the author of this execrable advertisement. Apparently the author stated that they didn’t think it would cause offence and that they had a promotion for other national saint’s days. However it was not stated whether on the other national saints days they encouraged people to post a poo to the relevant nationals. I expect that insult was reserved for the English but I wait to be corrected. Such Scottish “banter” is neither acceptable to us nor would it be to any other nation.

  18. Aaron (72 comments) says:

    I complained also.

  19. Ross (7 comments) says:

    Yeah but Aaron, the extra ‘a’ in your name stands for asshole.

  20. lancelot (3 comments) says:

    Ock-aye Mr Gingerhead !

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