Evesham’s in-house repairs

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As previously revealed, if you send an Evesham laptop back to Eveshambles for repair, they are no longer sent to Micronano who previously did their repairs for them.

Thanks to another dissatisfied customer and a Micronano insider, I now know why – Eveshambles ordered 250 laptop keyboards from Micronano days before going into voluntary administration and the new not-Evesham-if-you’ve-got-a-bill-that-needs-paying-but-is-Evesham-if you-want-to-buy-something company haven’t paid the bill.

It is for this reason, and not cost-cutting measures, that Eveshambles are now carrying out sub-standard repairs in-house using stock that Micronano haven’t been paid for!

The question now is what are Eveshambles going to do when the stock they got from Micronano runs out?  They don’t have a contract with Mitac, the company who made the laptops, any more because they haven’t paid them either.

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