Eveshambles go bust

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Eveshambles have finally gone into administration after much prevaricating and assurances from the last surviving director that all was well.

The news is hardly a surprise thanks to the Evesham employees who have been spilling the beans on Evesham in the comments on this blog.  People spending their hard-earned cash with Evesham might have been better warned if PC Pro magazine had taken my warning seriously weeks ago when I told them what had been said but Evesham managed to convince them that it wasn’t going to happen.  As it happens, people have found themselves waiting for deliveries from a company that is now in administration.

It’s not a straightforward case of a company going into administration though.  Eveshambles has gone into administration but in the meantime, the sole director of Evesham set up a new business with two former directors of the old TIME Computers that went bankrupt a few years ago.  This new company has come to an agreement with the Administrator to take over the Evesham name and continue trading in the future using the Evesham name.  The new company intends to start shipping stock from Evesham Technology to customers of Evesham Technology and will be honouring the existing warranties.

This is a very strange deal that’s been done with the Administrator.

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  1. Alfie (28 comments) says:

    God, Time computers….. I shudder everytime I hear that name. I used to walk round their stores, marvelling at how expensive their kit was – and how lo-tech it was as well.

    I bought a pc from Aldi last week. 400 quid, 3 year warranty, goes like a greyhound in a Ferrari. It is bloody excellent.

    I mentioned to a mate of mine who is a programmer and computer bod of huge experience that I had heard the Aldi ones were OK for the money and that they would have some in on the Wednesday. He looked at the spec’ and told me to get round there first thing because they’d be sold out by half nine.

    He was wrong – they all went by 5 past. There was a bloody huge queue outside at quarter past 8 in the morning – so we were pretty lucky really.

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